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Follow the dark path or use the light

42: On the Loose

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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42: On the Loose

Character: Ethan Mars and Madison Paige

Unlock the trophy Escape Master

Note: If Ethan was killed you will not be playing this chapter.  If Madison was killed she will not be appearing in this chapter.

WARNING:  Ethan can be caught and imprisoned for the rest of the game in this chapter.

The scene opens with Ethan and Madison chatting.  Madison tells Ethan that this is not his fault, and that she can prove that he is not the Origami Killer.  You have the opportunity to get busy with Madison if you want to - just kiss the girl!  Actually if you want to advance the chapter in the direction of the two trophies you sort of have to kiss her...  This is a fairly complicated chapter that has three different branches so we will cover all three.

BRANCH 1: You choose not to kiss her and Madison is horrified and embarrassed and leaves.  As she exits Ethan's room you are now in control of her - she tells herself her business here is done and it is time to go home, but as you walk towards her motorcycle she spots the cops!  She has a choice - she can go inside the office and call Ethan on the house phone to warn him or get on her bike and leave.

- She gets on her bike and leaves: Madison is all done with this mess, puts her helmet on and rides off into the night leaving Ethan to deal with his own problem.  The police kick open the door and go to arrest him, but Ethan manages to grab his phone and escape to the balcony, starting the escape sequence covered later in this chapter.

- She goes inside to warn Ethan: Madison uses the house phone to warn Ethan and he grabs his phone off of the desk and escapes via the balcony, triggering the escape sequence that is covered later in this chapter.

BRANCH 2: Ethan Kisses Madison and then you go through a lengthy sequence in order to help each other get naked and have sex...  You do the deed partially out of sight on the floor next to a perfectly good bed, and then the scene cuts to you and Madison in bed together.  You wake up, and decide to get dressed - your clothes are on the floor on your side of the bed - and then you grab the coat off of the chair - Madison's coat,  and some stuff drops out including her phone with video of you, and her reporter's notepad.  Oh man, she is a journalist!  Everyone knows that journalists are evil, after only the story, and will do whatever it takes to get the story, right?

You go bonkers and start yelling at her - and she tries to explain.  You accuse her of being a dirty liar and author, and she admits that it is true.  She comes clean, but she also explains that she has feelings for you - well, that makes it all different, right? 

Right so at this point we have to make a decision - forgive her or not.  Keep in mind that this is a path where the plot splits, and the two trophies for this chapter split as well - if you forgive her you get one, and if you do not you get the other.  Decide what you are going to do for the story...

BRANCH 2A: You Forgive Her.  You have a tender moment with Madison as you prepare to leave on the final trial, and Madison leaves to get some food.  As she leaves the room you are now in control of Madison, and as you approach the office you see cops everywhere! 

Inside at the desk is Lt. Blake, and you realize that they are raiding the place looking for Ethan!  The camera focuses on the phone inside - you have to get to it and warn Ethan!  In the office you move to the phone in the right corner and pick it up, and remember that Ethan's room is 207 - you call and warn him. 

BRANCH 2B: You do NOT forgive her.  After she confesses that she is what you say, and offers a sincere apology you turn a cold shoulder to her, letting her know that you simply cannot forgive her deception.  She gets dressed and leaves.

You take control of Madison and head for your bike - and spot the cops preparing to raid the motel.  You can get on your bike or warn Ethan by using the phone in the office.  Either way the chapter now skips to the Escape Sequence.

ESCAPE SEQUENCE - The cops are coming through the door and you have only enough time to grab your phone from the desk and get outside.  If you were warned you do that straight away - if you were not warned, you have to hit the cops and then the door.  If you fail to make it to the balcony you are arrested and taken to jail.

- You Escape: You jump from balcony to balcony until you reach the end, go through the room there to the outside, and climb onto the roof.   A lengthy chase scene on the roof gets you cornered at the end of the motel - with Blake and a squad of uniformed cops surrounding you and moving closer and the spotlight from the Police Helicopter pinning you to the roof. 

If you give up, then you are going to spend the rest of the game in jail.  If you choose to jump, you escape to search another day!  You jump!  On the ground you are stunned but not hurt and you slowly manage to get to your feet and run into the street, where you see an approaching taxi and manage to get it to stop by nearly becoming its hood ornament!   As the driver opens his door to see if you are okay you carjack him, driving off in his taxi while the cops try to get back to the ground floor and chase after you!  Go Ethan!  You escaped an army of cops and somehow a police helicopter! 

As you drive off the chapter ends.

- You Get Caught:  Whether this happens in the room, on the balconies, or on the roof, you get caught, cuffed, and roughed up, and the chapter switches to  a variation of the opening of Chapter 31: Under Arrest.  In the interrogation room you become Agent Jayden.

After you fail to get Ethan to give up the location of his son Blake takes over, and begins tuning up on Ethan.  You try to intervene but that does not work, and Blake lets you know what he really thinks of you!  You threaten to report him, but that only gets Blake mad and he throws you out of the room.  In the hall you review your thoughts and decide that you have no choice but to go to the Captain!

The problem is that when you get to Captain Perry in his office, you discover that Perry is closer to Blake in his outlook than to you - and he has no intention of doing anything to stop Blake.  He pretty much throws you off of the case, and you storm back to your office and snort some drugs - or not - however you decide.

The scene changes to you getting up from your desk.  If you consult your thoughts you decide what to do...

- You Help Ethan Escape: Go into the interrogation room and tell the cop there to leave, and then talk to Ethan, and help him into a chair.  Go into the observation room and turn off the camera.  Use the intercom to talk to Gary and learn where the keys are for Ethan's cuffs, then grab the police uniform off of the chair and get the keys from Gary's desk, which is near Blake's desk

You return to the interrogation room and remove Ethan's cuffs and then give him the uniform.  Ethan puts it on and leaves the room.

- You fail to help Ethan Escape:  Failing to give Ethan the uniform gets him caught escaping and Ethan spends the rest of the game in jail.

As the chapter transition kicks in you should unlock your trophies - if you forgave Madison, you unlock "Lover Boy" (bronze), if you did not forgive her, you unlock "Unforgivable" (bronze), and if you escaped, you unlock "Escape Master" (bronze). 

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Comments for 42: On the Loose

2 comments, latest first.
Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
You have to play through the whole sequence of escaping. Once you get to the end, you will see a helicopter fly over head and it gives you the option to jump or give up aka be arrested. Hope this helps
ID #234405
Jan 15th 2011 Guest
When is the option there to jump off the roof? I always look out for something but i have never seen it, where about does he jump?

thanks Smilex
ID #25443