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52: The Old Warehouse

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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52: The Old Warehouse

Character: -

Unlocking the alternate trophies

Note:  Depending upon who lived and who died, who went to jail and who did not, your play in this chapter may be very different than mine!  If you followed this walkthrough though, it should be as follows...

Ethan: Drives up in his stolen taxi and enters the warehouse.  As he reaches the grate he is confronted by Scott Shelby, who has a lot to say...   After he has his say Ethan demands that he give him his son - and Scott directs Ethan to open the grate.  When Ethan turns to do that Scott draws his pistol, but before he can shoot Ethan, Norman Jayden tackles Scott, and then Scott runs away.

Grab the bar nearby on the ground and use it to pry off the plate holding the grate shut, and then open the grate and pull it up and push it over.  Now reach in and grab Shaun and pull him out, laying him on the floor nearby.

Norman Jayden:  You follow Scott outside on to the roof near a conveyor system - as you approach the edge Scott appears behind you and tackles you, causing you both to land below on the conveyor belt!  A fight ensues and you do battle with Scott on the moving conveyor belt!

Madison:  Arrives on her motorcycle as the screen splits to show Blake ordering the troops to shoot to kill, and verifying that the snipers are in position!  You jump off of your bike and run towards the warehouse, encountering Blake at his car.

You try to tell him what you know - but he does not want to hear that.  He orders one of his men to escort you away and you make one last ditch effort to get through to him, with the threat of the press backing you up.

Norman:  Back on the conveyor belt the fight continues!  Scott has a weight advantage on you and has the upper hand, but you manage to wrest that pipe out of his grip and now you have a weapon to even things up!  Hit him a few times to give back some of the hurt he dished out on you!

Ethan:  You have to save Shaun!  He is not breathing, so you start CPR!  Things are looking pretty grim there for a minute, and then Shaun starts coughing and you realize he is alive!  He tells you that he knew that you would come and save him!

Madison:  You tried but the message is not getting through to Blake, so when his underling grabs you you knee the guy and make a run for your bike.  Once on your bike you ride around for a bit - I am not sure exactly why - before durfing right beside Ethan's stolen cab and running into the warehouse.

Blake orders all personnel to hold their fire as you enter the warehouse,  and you run over to Ethan to explain what is happening - that the cops are outside and that they want him dead!  You tell him that you have the evidence, and that you should all go out together with your hands up.  Hopefully they will not shoot anyone, and she can present the evidence that will clear your name!

Norman:  And we are back on the conveyor fighting Scott again!  Somehow the man got hold of a sledge hammer!  First a sword, now this - but you have a shield and you block him, then he steps off the belt onto the catwalk and you hit him in the face with some scrap.  He falls off the edge of the catwalk only just catching it in time to hold on!  As you look at him he begs you to save him...  Save him?  Really?  I mean, really?

So, you are a Fed - are you going to let the perp die?  Remember what I said about paperwork being preferable to testifying in court?  I let him fall into the grinder - you do what you like.

Ethan and Madison:  They exit the warehouse, Ethan is carrying Shaun, the music plays, and fade-to-black!

As the chapter transition completed we unlock the trophies "Saved the Kid" (silver), "Four Heroes" (silver), and "Heavy Rain Hero" (bronze).

The following Epilogues Play out:

General: News Report

Ethan: A New Life

Norman:  Case Closed

Scott: Origami's Grave

After the three Epilogues play out, the credits start.  You have completed Heavy Rain!  Good on ya mate!  What a roller coaster ride that turned out to be!

At this point you have the option of saying well done, and being done, or you can go back to strategic chapters and reply them to trigger different outcomes to the game.  Your call mate!

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