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28: The Lizard

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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28: The Lizard

Character: Ethan Mars

Unlock the Gold Finger Trophy

This is the Lizard Trial.  Unlike the other trials this one is a significant divergence point in the game depending upon what happens at the end of it and it is a long chapter.  Depending on whether you allow Ethan to be arrested, or not you will branch off onto two separate forking paths. You can always come back later and replay the path you chose not to follow - in fact I think you have to in order to get all of the endings, so view this as an item on your to-do list, and just pick one of the paths.  I chose not arrested myself.

There are two trophies associated with this trial - "Gold Finger" and "Butcher" and both are bronze.  They are both for doing the same thing differently - cutting off your finger!  The first trophy you get for using either the ax, knife, or pliers, the disinfectant, and a hot metal rod to cauterize the wound.  The second you get for just using the saw or scissors and doing nothing to the wound.

The chapter opens with Ethan arriving in his car.  He climbs out and enters a rat-infested building where he finds porcelain lizards.  We pick each one up and shake it before smashing it on the ground looking for clues.  The third one has something it it, and when we break it open we find a key!  That works out well for us because down the hall is a door with a lizard on it that requires a key!

On the table is a video tablet with the play arrow blinking.  When we sit down we are told simply, make a sacrifice to help save your son - and in this case the sacrifice is one of your fingers!  You have five minutes to cut off your finger in front of the camera - do it and you get a reward.  Clearly we have to cut off the last section of one of our fingers - so man up and get cutting!

First Way:  Gather the stuff that you need - on the ground is a piece of wood you can bite down on with your teeth and a metal bar that you can take into the kitchen and heat up.  In the kitchen is a bottle of disinfectant and a knife - grab all of those one at a time and put them on the table, and be sure you heat up the metal bar using the stove in the kitchen. 

Now sit down at the table, put the piece of wood in your mouth (Right and Down), then pick up the knife (Left and Down), then breath in - breath out, breath in - breath out, and cut your finger off!  Roll on the floor screaming for a bit, and then go back to the table, use the metal rod to cauterize your wound with some more screaming.  As an alternative you can use the disinfectant to achieve the same end, and still get the trophy.

The voice tells you to look under the desk and when you do you break open the floor to get the next memory card.  You plug it into the phone and get the next set of clues, then stagger out of the room and fade-to-black.  During the chapter transition you unlock the trophy "Gold Finger" (bronze).

Second Way: As above, play the video, and then pick up the saw from the floor to the right and put it on the table.  Sit down and pick up the saw, and then saw that puppy off!  You do the breathing thing again twice and it works the same as before, you just do not do any of the things that might keep you from getting a nasty infection and dying.

After a lot of screaming and rolling around you are told that the reward is under the desk - you retrieve it and slot it into your phone and get the video and clues, then you stumble to your feet and leave.  As the chapter transition kicks in you unlock the trophy "Butcher" (bronze).

Outside Blake and Jayden have the building staked out - a patrol car spotted Ethan's car and the cops have set up a perimeter and are prepared to grab Ethan as he exits.  While they are chatting about it, Madison arrives on her motorcycle.  They do not realize that there is a connection between then, so Blake orders everyone to stand down - and Madison spots the cops!

Note: There are some other trophies that pivot on what happens here - you cannot unlock them if Ethan gets caught and ends up in jail.  If you want those, you have to help him escape.

You go inside and find Ethan - and warn him that the police are outside.  You tell him that you have to find another way out of there!  On the left side of the room inside you spot some boards that you can tear down - and you do that, revealing a window.  Unfortunately the window is too high, but there is a crate by the stairs you can push over.  After you do that you get the window open just as Blake has decided that it is time to take the door!

Across the street from the mouth of the alley is a subway station - but a uniformed cop has spotted you and radios to Blake, so you have to hurry!  Help Ethan stumble around the cars and down the stairs to the subway, and the scene shifts to the subway station.   You head to the entrance turnstile on the left and use your fair card to enter, then go down the stairs - and Blake is in hot pursuit!

The train that is at the platform pulls away, so you continue down towards the far end of the platform until another cop shows up blocking your way, so you decide that you have to cross to the other platform.  You help Ethan cross and thankfully there is a train there about to leave, so you both stumble on board just as the door is closing and are whisked out of the station!

The chapter ends and during the transition you unlock the trophy "Fugitive" (bronze).

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