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13: Lexington Station

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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13: Lexington Station

Character: Ethan Mars

Unlock the Lucky Locker Trophy

At the station we start to stress, and Ethan tells himself how he is feeling.  You get a good bit of heavy breathing and the beginnings of a panic attack - but go ahead and move forward.  When you get halfway through the open area you get a brief CS and Ethan complaining to himself again, and then you have to shake the game pad.  Why?  No clue - I guess the developer thought that it had been too long since we have shaken the controller or something.

Now we stop, hold R1 and L1 and shake the controller some more as everyone around us ignores the fact that we are holding our throat and gasping...  Then our view of the world changes slightly to let us know that something odd has happened.  All of the people have frozen in place while we can still move - maybe we are having the start to one of our blackout attacks - then again maybe not.  Either way we start to spaz-out, we reach out to touch a guy who looks like a young Steven Spielberg, and the guy falls to the ground!

Note: This is one of the spots in the game where you can pick up a trophy - what you need to do is knock 50 people over - but you do not have a lot of time to do it in, so you want to aim yourself at the tighter crowds of people and start knocking them down!  The trophy is called "Agoraphobia" (bronze), and I am not sure if it is supposed to pop right away or not - I did not get it until I completed the chapter but YMMV.

As we are moving through the crowds knocking people down we hear our son calling us - but it is not Shaun, it is Jason!  How messed up is that?  You do not actually have to chase after him - in fact if you do chase after the balloon you are not going to get the trophy - but it is okay, this part is actually on a timer, so just go knock a bunch of people down and get your trophy and eventually you will snap out of it crouched down on the floor by the area where the lockers are.

That was pretty surreal wasn't it?  Now we pass though security and enter the locker area, and pause to examine the ticket - it is for Line 18, Box 3.  Note that this is a opportunity to obtain the second trophy for this chapter - a bronze one called "Lucky Locker" - which you are awarded for picking the correct locker first go.  Basically all that you need to do is find Line 18 (go to Line 17 and turn left into that row, as Line 18 is in the back area of it), and then select the locker that is labeled 3.

Not too hard to find, and after we punch in the code and open the locker, we find a box...  As we removed the box from the locker, we fade-to-black - good on ya!

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