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22: Kramer's Party

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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22: Kramer's Party

Character: Scott Shelby

You get a CS of driving in the rain.  After you both get out, you pass through a gate with a pair of guards and head for the mansion.  You are here to see Gordi Kramer, the son of a mobbed-up construction tycoon.  Lauren has a lot of questions - man I knew letting her partner up with us would have a down-side!

After you walk up the drive and enter the house you find that the party is in full-swing - and Lauren starts to pepper you with questions that might annoy a lesser being, but you sir, are a saint.  A saint I tell you!   Once inside you tell Lauren to wait there while you talk to Gordi - on the left there is an archway but it is guarded.  When you try to pass the guard basically tells you where to head in.

You can go outside and look at the pool - but that does not help much.  You can go over to the right side of the room where the bar is set up and ask after Gordi, then grab a shot if whiskey.  That did not help much either but it made us feel better!

There is a bathroom near the entrance - good thing too as we needed that.  You did wash your hands before checking yourself out in the mirror, right?  Near the guards blocking your way is a woman that confirms that Gordi is upstairs, so now that you know that for certain, walk over to the couch where Lauren is sitting and fill her in.  When she offers to handle them, say yes.

Lauren goes over to the goons and does a nice little bump-and-grind to get both of their attention, and then walks a few feet away and pretends to pass out.  When the goons go to see if she is dead, you slip past them and head up the stairs.  Say, she is a lot more useful than I thought she would be!

From the balcony above you can look down at the goons and Lauren, and if you walk to the far side you can look out at the pool.  There is a set of double doors to the right from where you came onto the balcony, and those are the ones you want.  Inside is Gordi's little hide-away - and when you go in, you see two women necking and Gordi absorbed in the TV - a really nice TV that I would not mind owning myself...

When you ask about little Joseph Brown, Gordi orders the pair of tarts to leave the room, and asks what you want.  You give him the facts - and he tells you that it was nothing to be excited about.  I got a little aggressive on him, letting him know what I know.  His response is to confess that he is the Origami Killer.  Whether that is a sincere confession or not is a question, but before you can explore that any further the goons show up and a fight ensues.

You might want to be accurate in your sequence here as one of them has a gun!  After you kick some serious butt you get another brief chat with Kramer in which he warns you that you should be afraid, reminding you who his father is.  You know, his father probably has the juice that the kid thinks he does, but Gordi is still a pervert and he could be the Origami Killer...  Or not.

With that out of the way you head for the door and the chapter fades-to-black.  During the transition you should unlock the trophy "Tough Guy" (bronze).

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