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40: Sexy Girl

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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40: Sexy Girl

Character: Madison Paige

Unlock the Pride Saved Trophy

Note:  If Madison was killed by the Doctor you will not play this chapter.

Just to keep you current on the clues we have - the Doctor mentioned Paco during our encounter, and we acquired the pass to the club in his house when we searched the drawers.  Norman Jayden also learned about Paco and the Club in his brief interaction with Mad Jack.  Okay, we are now up to speed clue-wise here.

The chapter opens with an outside shot of the Blue Lagoon - and then we move inside.  It has a very 90's feel to it, I have seen a few clubs like this in New York City - actually I have been to a few clubs like this in Paris too, so maybe they have a universal appeal in decoration?

If you paid attention to the way the camera panned on our entrance you know where Paco is and you spotted the member of club security standing on the left side of the dance floor.  Go over to him and ask about Paco, and he will point him out and ask if you know the man - when you admit you do not but that you want to meet him, the guard tells you that is not possible - that Mister Mendez does not wish to be disturbed.

All you need to do is stand and watch the screen and soon it will go into split-screen mode and you will see Paco send one of his goons to get a woman dancing on one of the raised blocks - clearly Paco likes his bimbos all tarted up - that should give you the clue that you need to progress this chapter!  No?  Fine, see the door near where Paco is sitting?  That is the Ladies Room - go there now.

To the left of where he is sitting you will spot the neon signs with the female and male symbols, and Madison will comment that Paco likes his women sexy!  Ay caramba!  We need to go get tarted up! 

At the counter you have several choices for tarting-up so let's get to it!  A little lipstick, some eye shadow, unbutton a button, and hey!  Tear half your skirt off!  Excellent!  Now you are the finest kind of tart!  Check the pistol in your purse, make sure it is tarty too, and then head back onto the dance floor baby!

Remember the raised platform on which the tart was dancing before Paco chose her?  That is our next location of the day!  Head up and do a little Dance Dance Revolution to impress the man - you knew that we would eventually have to dance here, right?  Just hit the sequence as it prompts and soon the security staff comes to tell you that tonight is your lucky night!

As Tony Montana.. Err, sorry, wrong video game - Paco Mendez I meant - greets you and invites you to join him you get the definite sense that here is a man that knows he is in charge.  Well, sort of.  You waste no time in making your move and convince him you should go where it is more private.  Just follow him to the left of the dance floor and then up the stairs.

After you pass the security goon and enter the private office you check your gun to make sure it didn't go off for drinks with a broker or actor while you were dancing, and then you calm your nerves by assuring yourself that you will be okay - you will have Tony - err - Paco talk to your little friend, and then get out of there!

Paco has a nice office - but before you can put your plan into motion he disarms you and then tells you he wants a strip show.  There is actually a trophy connected to this chapter - you can unlock it if you take off no more than one item of clothing during your striptease. 

Paco wants you to show him your stuff - you on the other hand do not want to do that - and asking for a drink or to talk does not work here so you try to bow out gracefully and leave - and Paco shows you HIS little friend, and tells you that No is not an answer he will accept! 

As you begin your dance pick an item of clothing to take off - I chose the shirt because hey, that is the kind of bloke I am - and Madison unbuttoned but did not take off that covering.  At this point you will see that the Lamp is one of the options you can choose - so go ahead and choose it!  Madison works out a strategy to get next to the lamp that involves a little hip swinging butt grinding that draws Paco in closer, and then BAM!  We brain him with the lamp! 

The scene changes and you now have Paco tied to his chair - in the foreground you see a roll of duct tape so clearly you have been watching MacGyver.   A few love taps to wake Paco up, and we can now ask him the questions that we have came here to ask!  As you interrogate him he makes a little too much noise and one of his thugs starts banging on the door - but you tell him the truth and he goes away happy.

As you apply pressure to Paco he begins to talk - yes he rented the apartment but he did it for someone else - a man named John Sheppard.  You got what you came for - not sure how much value that information has to you - and now it is time to bail.  Exit the office and head down the stairs and out the front door!

As the chapter transition starts you should have unlocked the trophy "Pride Saved" (bronze) for only removing one garment.

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