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16: Nathaniel

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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16: Nathaniel

Character: Norman Jayden

Unlock the Blunder Trophy

The scene cuts to the door of one of the potential suspects as you and Blake climb the stairs - but nobody is answering your knock.  After you decide to leave, Blake kicks in the door - and despite your concerns, he enters the apartment.  Inside you find a lot of religious symbolism - and the detective tells you about the guys background - clearly he has some history with Nathaniel Williams. 

As you examine the clues in the room you draw your own conclusions that are clearly different than those of Blake.  Clearly he has a preconceived notion about Nathaniel and his involvement in the case, and he wants to believe that this suspect is your man.  A little wish fulfillment is pretty typical of how burned-out cops can get, but you know that finding the right unsub is the solution, not simply finding a perp who could be the unsub.

Nathanial finally shows up after you have given his apartment a good once-over, and before he can run Blake blocks is retreat.  You introduce yourself and try to talk calmly to Nathaniel, checking his alibi, learning a little about him, but Blake had no interest in coddling the man or treating him civilly.

Nathanial denies everything of course, and before you can take the questions any further Blake begins taunting him.  You try to intervene but that does not do much good, as Blake is convinced he is right - and as he begins tuning up on him, a tactic that you clearly do not approve of.

Nathanial suddenly pulls a gun, having had enough of Blake's abuse, and so he points the gun at Blake.      We have arrived at another one of the major decision tree points here - and a trophy point as well - actually two trophy points, since how you react here will earn you one trophy or the other.

Talk Nathaniel Down:  Using your best diplomatic charms you talk Nathaniel down, first reasoning with him and then calming him until he is willing to follow your commands.  At that point you order him to step back, put the gun down, raise his hands and turn around, and Blake goes to cuff him.  In one last surprise - and stupid - move, Nathaniel jams his hand into his jacket and pulls out a crucifix, holding it out to Blake and casting his demon out.  You kept your cool and did not shoot him, right?

Blake cuffs Nathanial and notifies him that he is under arrest, and then leads him out of the apartment, commenting to you that he would have just shot him - to which you reply that a gun does not solve every problem.  For your coolness and control you earn the trophy "Self Control" (bronze) and the scene fades-to-black.

Shoot Nathaniel:  You try to talk him down but he grows erratic and so you have to shoot him!  Or you do talk him down but then he appears to go for a weapon and you have to shoot him - either way you shoot him - and pick up a trophy called "Blunder" (bronze) which in case you miss the point, is a consolation prize, not really a reward.  The scene fades-to-black and you are out of there!

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Comments for 16: Nathaniel

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Oct 27th 2011 Guest
You don't have to shoot him. If you don't, you get a different trophy for holding back. Turns out, he was going to pull out a cross, not a gun.
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