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44: Face-to-Face

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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44: Face-to-Face

Character: Scott Shelby

Unlock two trophies

The chapter begins with Scott sitting in Lauren's car in the road outside of Kramer's estate.  You put the car in gear and slam through the gate, and then head into the house.  A gunfight ensues with Kramer's henchmen - if you can react quick enough and not get shot throughout this entire battle there is a trophy you will unlock as your reward.  There is a second trophy for saving Kramer from death by heart attack  so if you want both you need to not get shot, and give him his medicine.

The gunfight starts the way gunfights usually do - with someone shooting at you!  No, it was not the goon in Kramer's pool room who you turned into a hood ornament - him you simply pop a cap on when he stands back up!  Man you are hell on cars - I seriously doubt that hers is drivable after this!

Now kick open the door and shoot a good, then another by being quick on the buttons.  As you exit the hall someone takes a shot at you - there are two targets, one upstairs on the balcony, one downstairs below it.  I took out the guy downstairs then the one up, but you can do it how you like.

You have to react fast now - the timer on the buttons gets shorter, and if you want that trophy you need to not get shot!  Actually that is not really hard, just make sure you watch the prompts - there are about a clip full of henchmen to shoot, and then you kick open the door to Kramer's office, where he is trying to figure out how to get the purse gun he pulled out of the desk to work.  Before he can do that you grab him and start roughing him up!

As you tune up on Kramer you interrogate him - demanding that he confess that his son Gordi is the Origami Killer!  You would think that Kramer would cave at this point - if Gordi is the killer - but he does not, instead he continues to deny it! 

You finally get Kramer talking when you threaten to strangle him.  Kramer admits that Gordi did have something to do with the killings after all - sort of.  Apparently Gordi was a copy-cat.  He was responsible for at least one of the killings, though Kramer claims that the kid that Gordi killed would never be missed.

Scott asks about the flowers on the grave, and Kramer confesses that he owned the construction company that built the building that Sheppard died at and that he has been putting flowers on the grave ever since!  Scott asks about the brother and Kramer tells him the name of the boys mother - Ann Sheppard - and then has a heart attack.

The pills are in the desk drawer - you can either ignore Kramer and leave, or give him the pills.  If you give him the pills you pick up a second trophy - it is your call!  Either way the chapter ends here, and during the transition you can unlock the trophies "Invincible Scott" (bronze) and "Kind Hearted" (bronze) if all went well and you were feeling charitable.

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