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23: The Butterfly

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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23: The Butterfly

Character: Ethan Mars

Unlock the Electrified Trophy

This is the second trial, called The Butterfly.  There are two trophies associated with this - one for failing and one for succeeding.  You can always come back later to pick up the one for failing if you like - succeeding gets you more information so that should be your goal.

You begin the chapter sitting in your car outside a large factory building - actually it is an old power plant that is supposed to be abandoned.  When you get out you get a revealing CS, and then you try to open the gate - and fail.  If you follow the wall to the left and around the corner you will come to a place in the chain link fence that has a hole that has been blocked by barbed wire.  You can get through it using a sequence but not without getting clipped by the barbed wire - ouch!

If you head forward to the side of the building and then towards the back you will see a large white butterfly painted on the wall next to a door.  As Shaggy would say - "It's a clue Scoob!"  Of course then Scooby would say "Ruh Roh!"

Inside is a metal door with a wheel - turning the wheel opens it and it tuns out to be what looks like an oven to me.  There is a box of matches on the ledge and you light one but you cannot see anything, so of course you climb in!  As you enter the door closes behind you.  Spooky!  Crawling through the dark tunnel you encounter broken glass as sharp as a razor.  Ruh Roh!  Instead of brushing it aside you decide you have to crawl through it.

Now here is the thing about this challenge - you have to pay attention to the advice that it gives.  The good news is if you do not pay attention, you are going to fail this, and get the trophy for failing right off the bat!  Yeah I know, not good news.  If you fail, simply go back to the start menu, select chapters, and reload this chapter, telling it that you do want to save. 

Once the level restarts remember what he said - he needs to move through the tunnel and glass slowly.  I know it says that you want to go to the source of the wind but what it really means is to follow the direction that the wind is blowing in - so the direction that the flame is blowing in, you see?

I am not certain that it is the same every time but for me it was Right, Left, Left - some rats and a sparky bit and then light at the end of the tunnel!  If you never get the "I'm going to faint" blurb than you did the tunnel slow enough, mate. 

Once you drop down out of the tunnel the fun has not ended!  Ahead of you is a pipe you need to slide down - but first you have to slot yourself into it - so do that and then slide down through some more broken glass to - oh this is good!  This is a mad scientist paradise!  If you look you see rows of lovely sparking transformers.  To the right is the coward's door - and if you have not failed this and want to you could exit via that - though why you would want to go through that tunnel again in order to not fail I cannot fathom.  No, just let's head through the transformers shall we?

Changes he buttons up on you a bit going through here - the third sequence is a real challenge that would make having a second thumb on your right hand just brilliant!   Timing from here on out is critical as if you do not press the prompted button right away you get shocked!  You notice the red fringe around the edges of the screen?  That is you on your way to death, so let's try not to have that happen shall we?

The last bit basically wants you to hold R1 and Circle and then once Circle is good and charged up you let go and roll over the last wire commando style.  Excellent!  You have passed through the transformer field and are that much closer to the Butterfly - if a bit singed and near death!

On the table here is a memory unit - slot that into your phone and you get more video of your son and some more letters to add to the clue!  Excellent job!  You now head for the unseen but nearby exit as the camera pans up for a cinematic end with complimentary music and we fade-to-black.  During the chapter transition we unlock the trophy "Electrified" (bronze) and we are on our way to the next chapter of the game!

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