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12: Paparazzi

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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12: Paparazzi

Character: Ethan Mars

We are Ethan again - and enter this chapter sitting at our kitchen table with somber music playing to set the mood.   Now that we are the family of the latest victim of the Origami Killer the news media and a crowd is gathered outside of the crappy house that we live in. 

On the table is a letter - you really have no choice about reading it though, as you cannot leave the table until you do.  It is a pretty twisted letter - clearly meant to torment us.  Before you stand up after reading the letter check in the envelope to find a plastic locker key!   Okay was anyone really surprised about that?  I mean it had to happen - how else will we get the box?

With the news media out front we should probably use the back door - actually you have no choice really if you want the trophy for this chapter - but you can try the front door if you like - the reporters immediately pounce and you let us know what you think of them as you slam the door.  You have a choice to make here - you can brave the wall of reporters and exit by the front door, or you can quietly depart by the back door.

Front Door:  The reporters immediately swarm you demanding that you answer their questions.  You need to fight your way through them to the right where you car is - actually there is not much indication that you are succeeding in moving through them - the crowd pretty much moves with you in one big mass and it is easy to think you are not making any progress, but if you keep the JS pressed you will eventually get into your car.  Now you drive off for the train station.

Back Door:  After we exit via the back door - say, how come a few reporters did not cover the back door?  I mean seriously that is a pretty obvious thing it being the only other exit - if I was reporting on that story I would be at the back door, that is all I am saying...    Anyway, as we exit we are shown the alley by the house next door so this was obviously the correct choice. 

Hop the low fence and head for the alley - fortunately our car is parked right where the alley opens out onto the street, and none of the news people are looking in our direction to notice us!  Jump in your car and drive off, and we fade-to-black for the transition.  If you chose the back door when the chapter changes you will unlock the trophy "VIP" (bronze).

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