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51: Killer's Place

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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51: Killer's Place

Character: Madison Paige

Unlock the trophy Cold as Ice

WARNING: Madison can die here!

Note: If Madison died in a previous chapter you will not play this chapter.

Madison approaches the door but it is locked.  Clearly Ann Sheppard told her the name of her other son and it was Scott.  You pull out your trusty lock picks and open the lock, gaining entrance to the office.  Inside you see that the place is empty - and you start looking around.  There are plenty of things to examine, but eventually you reach the wardrobe behind the desk and discover the cop's uniform!  That is how he was able to get the kids without any trouble - he did it dressed as a cop!

You slide aside the clothing and examine the back of the wardrobe for a secret panel - and it sounds hollow!  After a little probing you discover that it is a door to a hidden room!  Inside the room is the old typewriter that was used to write the letters, and a video feed of Shaun.  There is a notebook computer there but it is password protected...

You are prompted by a bunch of likely words but your first two tries are failures.  The word "Max" shows up - and you can now try that and it is the right word - and you discover where Shaun Mars is located!  On the way out you spot the growing system that Scott used to cultivate his orchids.  Man this guy was a geek killer for sure!

As you exit the secret room you are confronted by Scott!  You make an impassioned plea to him - let Shaun go!  No dice Madison - Scott forces you back into the secret room and locks you in.  Then he proceeds to torch the place with you inside!  If you fail to get out, you are going to die - and we cannot have that!

Start tapping the walls to find a hollow spot - and then use the computer device on the desk to smash through the wall where you found the hollow spot.  You slide through the opening you create and find yourself in the bathroom - forget the window here - you go out that and you are going to die from the fall!  Open the door and beware of the flames - you want to work your way through the bedroom - tip over the piece of furniture here to make a path, and get to the door. 

Open the door and work your way towards the windows in the main room - no do not jump out the window here - it is just another way to die!  Instead tip-over the filing cabinet, which will clear the way for you to jump over the flaming area and reach the kitchen door!  Go inside - this room is not on fire - yet.

Open the fridge and tear out the shelves and then empty it out and climb inside.  Close the door, and if you did this quick enough, you will be inside it when the fuel tank explodes!  You now stumble out of the burning building and pull out your phone - you have a choice to make. 

Call Jayden:  You call Norman and tip him off, but he already knows all of this and tells you so.

Call Ethan: You try to call Ethan but you cannot get through to his phone!

Alone:  You select the option "Alone" and head for the warehouse yourself to save Shaun.

Either way you end up climbing onto your bike and riding away - the scene pans to the burning building and we fade-to-black.

During the transition you will unlock the trophy "Cold as Ice" (bronze) and if you did not drink the poison during The Rat Trial the trophy "Clever Dad" (bronze).

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Apr 29th 2014 Guest
cant unlock the killers door?
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