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32: Manfred

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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32: Manfred

Character: Scott Shelby

Covering your tracks

You and Lauren enter Manfred's Antiques Shop and you call out for him but get no answer.  You look in the case at the old typewriters, and then head into the back of the shop where you find Manfred.  You talk to him but it takes him a moment to remember you - but once he does, clearly the memory is fond.  It has been ten years since you last saw him and you quickly catch up.  You introduce Lauren and then Manfred decides a toast is in order.

The phone starts ringing and Manfred asks you to tell them he is not available and to call back later that afternoon - if you don't get to the phone quickly enough, Lauren answers it and gives the caller the message.  Now go knock one back with Manfred, and then show him the envelope.

After you hand him the envelope Manfred asks you to grab his magnifying glass from behind the counter - which you do - and then he gives you the skinny on the envelope, declaring that the typewriter used to write it is a Royal Five - and he tells you that in 1964 he bought out the spare parts form the company - and he knows practically everyone that has one of them.

Lauren asks if he knows a Gorden Kramer - and Manfred says it sounds familiar but he does not recall specifically.  Fortunately he keeps a record of all of his clients - and Manfred offers to set you up with the information you need.   Manfred goes in the back to get the list, and Lauren looks around the shop. 

When you head back into the rear of the shop you find Manfred has been bludgeoned and someone dialed 911 on the phone - probably the killer?  You check to verify that he is dead, and then you take a look out of the open window - and close it for some odd reason.  As an ex-cop you should know better!

Lauren comes in and finds Manfred and you work out what your plan is.  You are wiping your prints from the shop but instead of watching the door like you said, Lauren is checking out the account books.  You wipe all the stuff you two touched and then you leave.

If you miss any of the prints you end up at the police station being interviewed.  After you finish up with the desk cop, Blake stops you and tells you he will take care of your little problem.  Blake asks if you have anything and you are noncommittal on that. 

If you get all of the prints, then you do not end up at the police station and skip to the next paragraph immediately.

You transition to your car, and you argue with Lauren - telling her you are taking her home.  She is very angry - and grabs the wheel to force you to stop the car, and then gets out, declaring that she will go it on her own if you will not let her help.  You struggle with your thoughts and then you get out and go after her - she is standing in the road in front of your car...

You have another conversation with her and then you both head back to the car, and the chapter ends.

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