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Bug Note

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Bug Note

There are quite a few areas in the game that are affected by bugs - mostly movement bugs - that may or may not be connected to the patch that they released on the same day that the game was published.  The jury is still out on that - but you should be aware that the following bugs can (probably will) happen to you at some point in the game - I have experienced each one myself.

(1) Movement Bug - you will walk to a certain part of the area - for instance on the Crime Scene if you walk too close to the fence to the left of the body - and you will no longer be able to walk.  You hold down R2 and move the JS and nothing happens.

Fix:  Reboot your console, replay the section of the chapter you already played since the save, and do not go into that area again.

(2) Post-CS Movement Bug - every now and then when you come out of a CS you cannot walk.  This appears to be purely random - as far as anyone can tell it just happens, and it is not something that you are doing or can do anything to prevent.

Fix: Exit the chapter and reload it at your checkpoint.  With this bug you usually do not have to reboot the PS3 but if restarting the chapter does not fix it (the occurrence of this bug in the Blue Lagoon requires a reboot) you will have to reboot the PS3.

(3) Localization or Load Failure - you will be playing a chapter and one of the NPC's is supposed to do something - either walk to a specific location and use an item or device or pick something up - and the screen goes strange or the item disappears and the NPC just stands there.  At this point the chapter cannot progress no matter what you do.

Fix: Reboot the PS3, reload the chapter or hit continue, and then replay the parts that you played before the bug hit since the checkpoint.  There is nothing else that you can do - this did not happen because you did something or caused it, it is simply a random bug.

(4) Save Corruption - This only happened to me once (thank God) but basically if the game freezes during a save there is a chance that your save file will be corrupted.  The game does not use alternate save options, so if this happens to you, well, you are basically hosed. 

It happened to me half-way through my first play-through, which is why this walkthrough is so late getting to press.  I had no choice but to replay the entire half of the game to get to where I was which cost me two and a half days of play :(

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