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Heavy Rain Guide and Walkthrough

Heavy Rain Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Heavy Rain Guide

Unoffical Heavy Rain Guide by Chris Boots-Faubert for

Heavy Rain starts off slow - very slow - and it could be easy to give up on it early before it starts to both get interesting and earn your attention.  It is not an exaggeration to say that you have to play through several hours of weak game before the tension and excitement ramp up to the point that you finally understand why you have been playing this game for the past few hours!   Honestly it is worth the slow run-up, and once you get into the game it is very hard to stop playing. 

This title is a departure from the normal gaming experience for most players in many ways, starting with the unique control interface in the game.  At points early on the game has you doing things that you will probably resent or even feel insulted by - like shaving or brushing your character's teeth - but there is a reason why you are doing those things!  The point is not to bore you or make you feel like you are playing a game that too closely mimics the mundane chores of life, but rather the point is to illustrate the control system, and get you used to the various different ways that the game has you using the controller so that you become adept at it.

The control system - called interactive cinema technology - uses the Havok Engine and takes advantage of the motion sensors in the PS3 controller in a way that few other games do, and in addition to getting you accustomed to doing odd things with the controller, you also need to get used to making quick decisions in the game.  The difficulty settings that you select at the start of the game are almost entirely related to the timing for controller input rather than elements of the game itself, something to keep in mind.

There are some control-related bugs in this game so please read the Bugs Section so that you are aware of what can happen and what the solution is to fix a given bug if it crops up!

You should also be aware that  failure to make a decision and issue a command in a relatively short period of time can have unintended consequences, which is why you have to pay attention intently to what is happening on the screen and reply to dialogue prompts and actions.  Failing to reply or make a decision in the allotted time either causes the character you are playing to do nothing, or worse, the game picks a response form the available commands at random, which can send the game in a direction you did not intend it to go in!

As you play the game, remind yourself to pay attention to what is going on, and be aware that the characters you play CAN die.  And if they do die, it will alter the game ending in significant ways!  In fact how you play the game really turns this into more than a dozen different games, but that is part of the attraction for this title.

Note: I have tried not to add information to a chapter that could spoil the game for you, so that you can use this guide on a chapter-to-chapter basis in case you get stuck, but every now and then I end up giving more away than I intended.  Sorry about that!

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Nov 14th 2023 zFPWdwPk
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    ID #780959
    Aug 3rd 2012 Guest
    Ok so i guess im an idiot cause when he goes to brush hes teeth or dry his hair he stands there nd does nothing... so maybe someone could help explain what yo do
    ID #171768
    Jun 23rd 2010 Guest
    I have completed the game three times and each one gives you a different ending based on decisions made during the game. Starts off slow but will keep you playing to the end.
    ID #1650
    Jun 19th 2010 Guest
    im crazy
    ID #1055
    Jun 17th 2010 Guest
    ID #889
    Jun 12th 2010 siswpretty
    i hope there be a heavy rain part2
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