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Chapter 7: The Keeper

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Chapter 7, part 1

Inspect the left side of the church to find [5 MATCHES] on a bench. There are also [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] on one of the many benches a little more to the front. Talk to Joseph to trigger another scene.

After this, move through the hall and enter the large room. In the corner to your right are large grey vases; these are the new crates if you will, which contain [RANDOM ITEMS]. There are many of them in this room. You can also find [500 GREEN GEL] at the far other side, but beware of the nearby trap. Lastly, there are [2 PARTS] to be found on the altar.

Move to the large painting and head upstairs. There are three enemies up ahead, including a fat one. Take them out and explore the room for [1000 GREEN GEL] and [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS]. There are also vases with [RANDOM ITEMS]. Move around the corner of the hall and grab the [7 HANDGUN BULLETS] and some vases with [RANDOM ITEMS]. Head back and inspect the [OLD LITHOGRAPH] to continue. The room behind it contains [2 PARTS] and [800 GREEN GEL], as well as the [CATACOMB NOTE], which has a very cheerful message. Head downstairs, break the vases on both sides, then smash the lock open and place the litho inside the middle slot, which will open the two gates. First walk to the red door in the upper right corner and inspect the floor for [300 GREEN GEL]. The room contains [LILY'S BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT]. Enter the save hub to find the [CATACOMBS FOUND] newspaper, as well as the [MISSING PERSON POSTER - CHRIS] (from the billboard).

Back in the 'real' world, head down the stairs on the (initial) right, which lead to a room with a large spiked device. You can find [500 GREEN GEL] and [3 PARTS] here, as well as some vases with [RANDOM ITEMS]. The table contains [AUDIO TAPE - GUARDIAN].

Continue through the hall, dismantle the trap, and don't drop down the hole. Instead, while standing in the hall, shoot the two cogwheels to make the trap drop. Catch a piggyback ride to the top and defeat a two-headed monster to open the door. Move on and destroy the vases to reveal a hidden passage. Crawl through, collect the [300 GREEN GEL], disarm the trap up ahead and defeat the two-headed monster that comes to live. There's an [AXE] in the debris near the wall-pillar, should you need it. Open the gate with the wheel, but immediately stop doing it when a bunch of two-headed monsters come out of the double doors nearby. This is quite the group, so you might want to grab a spark bolt, aim it at the floor, wait until they're all stunned and hurl a grenade at them. This should do the trick. The room they came out of contains [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. The poisonous gas below isn't too healthy, but the game first displays a meter for how long you can manage without losing health.

Chapter 7, part 2

In any case, open the gate and continue. Three more of those creatures will come alive. One efficient way to deal with them is to have the third one drop down as well, then climb into the hall and pull the lever to waste them with the trap. Continue and you'll end up in the center room. Place the litho in the rightmost slot, then take the left path (or save your game).

Turn the valve to cut off the gas leak and head through the doors. Around the corner of the next hall are several two-headed creatures. Move slighty into the hall so that one of them will show up, then shoot the one hanging from the ceiling a couple of times, triggering a spike trap, probably killing the first. You can kill the one in the cell any way you want. Search the cells for [4 MATCHES] and [5 HANDGUN AMMO], plus an [AXE]. Ignore the gate on the far right for now.

Head upstairs, sneak past the bomb and pull the lever on your right to waste the creatures below. Head back to the gate you passed by and go down to collect [2 PARTS], [500 GREEN GEL], [3 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS], [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and a [SYRINGE]. Go back to the hall and enter the room straight ahead, with the torture chair in the middle. Stay crouched, because there's a bomb at the back. Nonetheless you can collect a [GRENADE] from behind it too.

Now continue down the hall. Note how the safe on the ground moved just a little when you moved by... Head down the ladder and The Keeper will show its head, well, not literally of course (with the safe and all). Quickly move to the first valve and turn it, then go to the second valve. A creature appears so kill it first, then turn the second valve. Grab the [3 HANDGUN AMMO] near the ladder at the end of the walkway, then climb down. [C]

Head down the hall and three creatures will appear. Shoot the bomb with your handgun for a decent effect, waste any stragglers any way you wish. You'll reach an intersection afterwards. The gate to the left is closed (but watch the bomb), so head right and go around the corner to find a wheel. When the gate is open, do NOT rush around the corner, because there's a tripwire-bomb, a new type that is fairly tricky to spot. Crouch and disarm it, then continue. There are a couple of crawling creatures ahead but they're fairly harmless; a few rounds will do them in. You can find [500 GREEN GEL] on the right side of the hall. Move to the end afterwards and turn the wheel.

Move through the hall and go up the long ladder. You can find a [HARPOON BOLT] sticking out of one of the corpses in this room. Continue and get the last litho. Place it in the final slot and be sure to save your game afterwards.

Chapter 7, part 3

Head down the stairs and the large gate will open. As you enter, The Keeper appears. Cut yourself loose and take a few steps back. When you step back in you must quickly run to the other end of the hall without stepping in any of the traps; that would mean instant death. We won't lie; it's not easy. Here's a rough guideline on which directions you should run in: Left (also left past the fourth mine that is lying relatively to the left side; but NOT the fifth mine, which is quite far to the left), Right, Left, Right, Middle.


TIP: You'll rely mostly on effective explosive bolts for this fight, so be sure create more of them via your inventory when you run out.

Free Leslie in the next room and collect the [6 HANDGUN AMMO] and [1 SHOTGUN SHELL], then use the lever. This will trigger a scene and start the boss fight with The Keeper. The easiest way to deal with him is to stay the hell away from him. He'll drop nasty traps in which you can get stuck, but try to avoid those. Circle around the cage and shoot an explosive bolt in the floor. Do this twice and it should drop him - temporarily. He's worth 1000 Green Gel. Now move to the other room (there's an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] in the hall, and take note of the valve) and quickly - that is as QUICKLY as you can - turn the valve.

If you're fast enough you can do this before The Keeper revives, allowing you to enter through the door and enter the next chamber. Here you can find [8 HANDGUN AMMO] and [3 PARTS]. You will have to use the valve again to close off the gas, and again The Keeper will come after you. Use explosive bolts to deal with him. When you manage to turn the valve, return to the previous chamber (with the first valve) and look to your left; a new path has appeared.

Unfortunately, The Keeper isn't too happy about it and destroys the valve you needed to turn. But... wasn't that a valve lying on the table in the hall connecting to the very first room? Yes, it was. Head back and collect the valve, waste The Keeper one more time, quickly turn the valve and head downstairs. A scene will play (and be prepared to wiggle the left stick).

Head outside and turn right; you'll find [800 GREEN GEL] at the end (head upstairs). Go all the way back and move in the other direction now. [500 GREEN GEL] can be found in the corner of the walkway, and another [500 GREEN GEL] is lying near the ladder at the end of the hall. Go down the ladder to finish the chapter.

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Comments for Chapter 7: The Keeper

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15 comments, latest first.
Aug 26th 2015 Guest
You need to shut off all the valves and then he will jump on your face out the box then you need to get him off your face then you throw the spikes at him this is For chapter 7 boxhead
ID #602721
Jun 3rd 2015 Yekaterina RUS
The best way to kill keeper is (straight away) to shoot him with a freeze shot and then rifle twice. In a second room I did not fight him, just dodged away after closing the valve. Third room is a bit of a run, but again, rifle and freezer work perfect.
ID #565216
Jun 3rd 2015 Yekaterina RUS
Also, when you meet the "keeper" during the run whole screen will turn backwards. You will have to run "looking backwards" when the spikes dropping down behind you.
ID #565192
Jun 3rd 2015 Guest
Yes. There is a chest-look alike object on the table in a book-room. When you approach it, there will have a "parts" sign to open the chest with a key. To get there, in that room: if you are in a main hall and looking at the puzzle box with all missing parts from doors, that room will be behind you, upstairs, where you came from at the beginning. Lots of books there.
Also if you done all catacombs and collected all missing puzzle pieces, there is no way you can get back into the the secret room with a miniature- statue (the key).
ID #565182
Feb 18th 2015 Guest
Taking left side at the lithograph section first works best. Also when you go down on the right side to the area with the first spike trap, trigger it and ride up for a statue on top of one of the pillars for a key. Don't think I saw that anywhere in the guide.
ID #517614
Jan 25th 2015 gusy22
Hii don't have enough ammo to kill the box some body can help me or what to do don't have no idea the only thing I do is run & shoot him with my hand gun
ID #507121
May 3rd 2015 Guest
This level is a pain not enough ammo to kill him so many times
ID #551137
Jan 16th 2015 Guest
Fantastic game
ID #502450
Jan 1st 2015 jul13n
Don't forget [MAP FRAGMENT 13] on the alter at the beginning of the chapters while still in the church. Also behind the alter you will find [300 GREEN GEL]
ID #494232
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
After you turn the crank that opens the gate, you enter another room where you can use the spikes to kill 3 guys. If you step onto the spikes as it raises back up, you can access a little passage with a key, gel and some bolts. You have to be fast or you'll get squished between the roof and the spikes.
ID #470886
Nov 6th 2014 Guest
No many bolts to take box dangus down?
ID #468160
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
Shock bolts can slow the keeper if you need to make some explosive bolts and not get hit if he is to close
ID #467328
Oct 21st 2014 Guest
The room that holds the green gels and figurine is accessed by a room that has stairs heading down full of gas. In the main area when you place the first lithograph which makes two doors on either side of you open, make sure you enter the left door first. Complete that side (which makes you turn the gas off). When you have obtained the second lithograph and back in the main area, take the door on the right. You will come to the room where there you have to turn a wheel to open a gate. After you start to open, some baddies come spilling from a room to your left. After taking them out, go into that room first before turning the wheel to open the gate. In that room, head down several stairs (watch out for the numerous traps) and it will lead you to the room with the gels and statue. If you don't turn the gas off by completing the left passage from the main area first, this section is filled with deadly gas and is inaccessible.
ID #461440
Oct 21st 2014 Guest
How do you get the 3 green gel and the figurine that is seen behind the iron grate before you climb the tall ladder to re - enter the main room?

ID #461306
Oct 20th 2014 Guest
In the hidden room with the catacombs note there is a safe on the table. Open it for parts and it contains a key.
ID #460798
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