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Chapter 5: Inner Recesses

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Chapter 5, part 1

Turn around and inspect the corner to find [MAP FRAGMENT 8]. Head through the nearby (red) door to and collect an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] from the silver case, as well as the [JOURNAL ENTRY - MARCH 2005] closeby. Enter the save hub.

This time the newspaper is on the counter instead: [INVESTGATION STALLS]. You also have one more ordinary key to spend. As fas as skill updates go, the first Shotgun reload time decrease is quite vast, at a good cost. Other shotgun Upgrades can be considered too.

Head through the hall and enter the first room to your right to find [2 HANDGUN AMMO]. Further down the hall, enter the room on the left and collect [300 GREEN GEL x2] inside, as well as [5 MATCHES]. Equip your shotgun and head further down the hall. There's an invisible enemy waiting for you, who will turn around and cloak itself when you move further down the hall. Fortunately, there's a pool of water here, as well as several movable objects. When the creature gets closer you will see the objects move, or at least see its footsteps in the water. Use these cues to aim your shotgun at the creature and hopefully hit it. Shoot it a second (or third time) and burn the body with a match. Don't forget to collect the 1000 Green Gel it leaves behind.

The room on the right contains [300 GREEN GEL], the other room is empty. Move through the flooded restroom and grab the [1000 GREEN GEL] in the far left corner. Drop down in the next room and look around for a rat with a statue on its back; shoot it to collect an [ORDINARY KEY]. The round table contains [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and [300 GREEN GEL]. The metal closet on the side contains [5 MATCHES]; smash its window first. Move through the next room. [C] The door straight ahead is locked, so you'll need to find the key(card). Great.

Briefly enter the room to your right to lure another invisible enemy. There's not much water around in this area, so you might want to backtrack to the other room where there's at least some movable objects so you have at least some idea where the creature is. Align yourself roughly a few meters behind a movable object and equip the crossbow (explosive rounds, preferably). When the creature bumps into a movable object, shoot the round into the ground; you have a better chance of hitting it with the blast. Retreat to the room you came from (which has a lot of movable objects) and repeat two-three times to defeat it. You can also shoot the explosive bolt near the movable object and lure the creature towards it (again by aligning yourself behind it at a safe distance).

It's wise to enter the menu and craft two or three new explosive bolts after this. Move to the far end of the room with the beds and briefly wait at the double doors there, but don't open them yet. Back away a couple of meters, shoot an explosive round at the floor right before the door and wait for another invisible enemy to come banging on the door at first, until it breaks through and walks into the explosive bolt. It's probably not dead right away, so retreat and repeat the same method in the other room. When you've defeated it, head back to these double doors. Before entering to the next room, check out the small red cabinet to the right for a [SHOTGUN SHELL].

Move through the next room and go through the door to enter an office. You can find [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [300 GREEN GEL] on the table to your right, and another [300 GREEN GEL] and a [SYRINGE] on the desk. The [HOSPITAL KEYCARD] is lying next to the corpse. Head back to the previous room, but beware as the next door opens; it's another invisible enemy. Fortunately there's a pool of water in the middle of the room, so stand at a safe distance and wait for the creature to step in it and walk towards you; blast a few rounds in it at that point.

Backtrack to the keycard door and unlock it. The two metal closets in front of you contain [300 GREEN GEL x2]. The small red closet at the end of the hall contains [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. Head down the stairs and enjoy the bathroom wall tiles' aesthetics while you're here anyway. Maybe call IKEA for an order? [C]

On three sides, one tile will soon disappear. Look through the first to spot, so it seems, Leslie drawing on the wall. Head inside press the LEFT button (the one with the subflower and spikes eject in the corpse. You can know that you have to press the sunflower button because it shows on the wall. If you press the other (wrong) button, spikes eject out of the floor and you instantly die. Inspect the next tile in the white room to view a concrete, sober room with a figure sobbing at another corpse. Head inside, smash all the crates for a [RANDOM ITEM] and grab the [UNDERGROUND FACILITY NOTE] from the small round table. Again, push the LEFT button, depicting the picture on the wall with only three gear wheels instead of four. Inspect the last peekhole and enter the room. The shelves hold [300 GREEN GEL] and the desk contains the [AUDIO TAPE – ASSIMILATED CONSCIOUSNESS]. Inspect the 'scientific' painting on the wall and note that a neuron is depicted with one overgrown synapse. Thus you now know which button to press, namely the RIGHT one.

This unlocks a fourth, final door. Go through, don't forget to grab the [1000 GREEN GEL] from the rack on your left and head through the next door. After the scene, search the room for [300 GREEN GEL] and heal Joseph (which doesn't cost any healing items whatsoever - thank ****). [C]

Head through the double doors and turn right. Take note of the oil spot here and enter the storage room. The lockers contain [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], [300 GREEN GEL], [2 HANDGUN AMMO], [300 GREEN GEL], and factually speaking, something else. Exit the room and move to the other side of the area. Several regular enemies will come alive. Rush back to the oil spot and stand behind it. Set it on fire when the enemy closest to you is still a couple meters away, and if all goes well at least a couple are set on fire. Kill the others with your handgun and matches. Move the back of the medical room and smash the closet to collect [4 HANDGUN AMMO].

Enter the dark area, note the flammable barrel, and enter the door on your left. Immediately check your left and burn the 'corpse' hanging from the ceiling. The small red closet contains [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and the white closet a [HARPOON BOLT]. The back of the room contains [300 GREEN GEL] and a [SYRINGE]. (If your syringes are maxed out, but your health bar isn't full, now's a good moment to heal up with one of your boosts). Head downstairs and have Joseph dismantle the bomb, then enter the room to trigger a scene.

Climb the long ladder and inspect the next room for [3 MATCHES] and [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS] in the cabinets and an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] on the table. Enter the save hub, use any Ordinary Keys you have left, and upgrade some skills. Grab the newspaper [PATIENTS CLAIM ABUSE] from the stand.


The crossbow will be a weapon you'll use fairly often in the future, so you may want to increase its stock to the last level, so you can hold 4 of each bolt. You may also want to increase the crossbow's charge time and reload time to level 2, for somewhat faster aiming and reloading. Any spare points could go, for example, to upgrading your handgun's damage output and clip.

Back in the 'real' world, go through the double doors to trigger a cutscene. The setup of the fight that ensues is as follows: several regular enemies will first have at you, followed by a couple of dynamite-wielding and throwing enemies. Some fat enemies are thrown into the mix after that. The area houses a lot of items that you'll want or need to collect during the fight. Joseph helps you, but if he dies it's game over, so keep an eye on his health. When he says something along the lines of "This is getting a little hard", rush over and heal him immediately. You do not need to worry about Kidman during this phase.

TIP: If a fat enemy runs towards you, the best tactic is to shoot it in the leg with your handgun, rush over towards it and set it on fire with a match.

o The table in the corner of the area contains a [SYRINGE] and [8 HANDGUN AMMO].

o The table in the middle of the area contains [5 MATCHES] and [5 HANDGUN AMMO].

o There's [5 HANDGUN AMMO] lying on the floor near the destroyed wall in the corner, a couple of meters away from the table.

o You can smash the crates in these two corners for [RANDOM ITEMS].

o The storage room contains a [SYRINGE] and a [SPARK BOLT] on the table and [300 GREEN GEL] and [10 HANDGUN AMMO] on the shelves.

o There are flipped-over tables in the main area. Search the floor around there for [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [GRENADE].

o There's another storage room at the far end of the area. It contains [300 GREEN GEL] and [1000 GREEN GEL] on the shelves.

o The barred part of the area in the middle, on the side, leads to a small room with [5 MATCHES] inside.

Chapter 5, part 2

After you've defeated the enemies, an icon of the water tank with Kidman will appear on screen. Equip the shotgun and rush through the depicted hall. A dynamite-wielding enemy will come around the corner, so keep your distance and blast him - preferably with his dynamite lit. Rush to the end of the cell block, ignoring the cells for now. Waste the second and last dynamite-throwing enemy at the end, then crawl through the hole inside the cell to reach your destination. Inspect the control panel and Joseph will tell you exactly what to do.

After this, backtrack through the cellblock and smash the locks from the locked cells to find an [ORDINARY KEY] (smash the statue) and [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. Drop down the hole in the main room afterwards. Here, find the crack in the wall, grab the torch, set the approaching enemy on fire with it, waste the second, and be on your way. There's a room to the left side of the path up ahead that contains [2 PARTS] and some crates with a [RANDOM ITEM].

Make your way to the end of the halls. When the two 'corpses' drop from the ceiling, immediately set them on fire. Joseph and Kidman are in the next room, fighting off several enemies, including a fat one. Try downing him while he's running by shooting his legs. Afterwards, talk to Kidman, then inspect the big door. Follow them to trigger a scene.

In the next area, head through the red door and grab the [WEDDING INVITATION] from the bed. There's a new newspaper in the stand at the save hub too: [PARISHIONER FOUND]. Use any Ordinary Keys you have left, perhaps upgrade the power of your explosive bolts, save your game and leave.

Back in the 'real' world, move through the hall and enter the room to your right, which contains a crate, [1 PART] and [4 HANDGUN AMMO]. Head down the ladder. This hall contains a spike trap that is activated via the switch at the end. Kill the enemy here and climb up the ladder at the other end. This leads to the previously inaccessible room, which contains some crates, [300 GREEN GEL] and a rigged treasure chest that contains a [FREEZE BOLT] and [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS].

Go back to the main hall and dismantle the trap. There are two regular enemies standing around the corner. Lure them towards you, burn the pile of bodies and see if you're in luck. Move through the hole in the fence around the corner and open the nearby locker for [2 PARTS]. Also look around for [300 GREEN GEL] laying around on the floor in this hall.

In the next hallway, note the oil spot in the corner. The next room contains a [SYRINGE] (how kind) in the small red cabinet. Approach the bloody wall and the long-haired, multi-armed creature appears again. You must now do two things. 1. **** your pants. 2. Run back into the hall you came from, move past the oil spot, count to one and a half, use a match on the oil and wait. This will do the trick.

Head back to the room and collect the [2 PARTS] from the corner. The locker contains [300 GREEN GEL] and a bird with a statue. Take some distance and pull out your shotgun to shoot it, collecting the [ORDINARY KEY] it holds.

You can now go back to the save hub, where you can collect the [MISSING PERSON POSTER - FERNANDO] from the notice board next to the big clock in the lobby.

Boss Fight Long-Haired Creature

Continue by heading back to the area where you fought the multi-armed creature. Follow her into the large room to start a boss fight. What you need to know is the following: Fire is the only really effective way to kill her, and it also saves you a lot of ammunition. There are two flammable barrels and two torches around, so use them to your advantage. If those don't do the trick, you will have to lure the creature to one of the ovens on either side of the area. When she's on the fence, quickly head for the switch (either in the adjacent hallway or up the ladder) and flip it to inflict serious damage. After all those blows she'll collapse.

Go through the double doors and smash the crates in the hall for some [RANDOM ITEMS]. In the next room you'll have to defeat three special enemies, preferably with your shotgun. Whenever you down one, rip the cord from their spine to unplug them. The chapter ends when you defeat all three of them.

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Apr 27th 2015 Guest
Following your guide, earlier on u listed where Map Fragments were, just got to end of this Chapter 5 and read in comments I missed Map #10, which now I see I'm missing 6-10. Be great if u could add those in for future ppl using this. Besides this, u put together a great guide and I very much appreciate it.
ID #548907
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
I've played this game with two different discs and after I pass chapter 5 it won't load chapter 6. Does it take a long while to load chapter 6??? Please help.
ID #520394
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
I've played this game with two different discs and after I pass chapter 5 it won't load chapter 6. Does it take a long while to load chapter 6??? Please help.
ID #520391
Feb 21st 2015 Guest
after you kill her she will drop a green gel 8000
ID #519410
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Cant kill her, I'm losing interest. Have done everything.
ID #514671
Jan 30th 2015 Guest
Holy crap that helped tons!!!
ID #509403
Jan 5th 2015 Guest
You can also drop a match as she's climbing out of a body. Time it right and she lights up :D
ID #496711
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
You must have the difficulty on the lowest setting, cause I've set her on fire with all the torches, barrels, and dropped her in the oven once, and she still won't die...I'm stuck...
ID #495712
Dec 13th 2014 GravityXpose
I cant even get into the room with the ladder it's blocked off by two drums and a gurney
ID #484307
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
You can also use flash bolts to stun invisible enemies and sneak kill them as well
ID #468445
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
Hmm... video isn't great it cuts off before the end of the chapter....
ID #462861
Oct 21st 2014 Guest
In the same room where you find the Wedding Invitation on the bed and a mirror to the save hub, down on the ground in the corner by the door is [MAP FRAGMENT 10].
ID #461119
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