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Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

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Walkthrough Chapter 3, Part 1

TIP: Before moving, aim at one of the crows and shoot it. They're worth [300 GREEN GEL] a piece.

There's a [SYRINGE] lying on the table next to a lantern. Smash the boxes to collect [RANDOM ITEMS]], then head down the trail and smash the wooden barrel near the stairs for another [RANDOM ITEM]. Head upstairs. If your hobby is burning corpses, you're in luck, as you'll find [3 MATCHES] and a stack of bodies. Burn them, then head upstairs to reach the next area.

Enter the house on the left and destroy the crate(s) for a [RANDOM ITEM]. The backroom contains a bomb, so be careful. You can either throw a bottle at the bomb or try to dismantle it.

DISARMING BOMBS: This is a little bit tricky and takes some experience to perfect the art. An arrow will move in a circle that is mainly colored red, with a small portion colored blue. The idea is to stop the arrow from moving exactly at the right time so it stops in the blue/safe zone. As a rule of thumb, it's generally better to press stop *slightly before* the arrow hits the blue zone. If you can't get the hang of it, don't worry for now. Bombs can be avoided by crouching/sneaking past them. Otherwise you can [2 PARTS] from them.

Smash the crates, then hop through the window and smash another crate for a [RANDOM ITEM]. There's also [300 GREEN GEL] on the table here. If you move through the alley, you'll trigger a trap at the end, although you shouldn't be hurt by it; it just prevents you from going that way right now.

Inspect the cabin on the far right side for a [SYRINGE] and [300 GREEN GEL]. Move to the house up ahead and enter via the door. Leave the large room to the right alone for now - it contains two bombs - and instead head through the red door on the left. You'll find a [JOURNAL ENTRY - DECEMBER 2004] and the [MAP FRAGMENT 4] inside this room, and you can enter the (save) hub via the mirror.

Look at the newspaper stand to collect the [SERIAL KILLINGS CONTINUE] issue. The nurse will show you a new area inside the hub where you can use Ordinary Keys to open up lockers, in which you'll find items such as Green Gel and Ammo.

Upgrade your skills; it's again advisable to focus on increasing your inventory stock. Especially ammo, syringes and matches will be useful to have around. Save and exit when you're done.

You can now choose to either grab one of the bottles and hurl them at the bombs in the next room, or you can choose to dismantle them. This room also contains [2 MATCHES] on the cabinet to the left, and [500 GREEN GEL] inside the cabinet under the stairs.

Head upstairs, smash any boxes you come across and exit through the door at the far end of the room to meet doctor Marcelo Jimenez. He'll ask you to take a look at what lies ahead, after which you'll need to use the nearby crank to open the gate.

Quietly open the nearby door and enemies will soon appear. Quickly enter the second room and hide underneath the bed or behind the wall. If only one enemy appears in the hall, you can do the following (because then you should also hear a trap go off nearby, meaning one of the others is already dead): When you get the chance, stealthily dispatch the first enemy in the hall as she passes by. Note that if the second enemy appears as well, you'll have to take it out as well.

You can find [2 MATCHES] in the cabinet of this (second) room, and the rack in the hall contains [300 GREEN GEL]. Stay quiet and sneak on. If you curve to the right you can find [1 MATCH]. Head downstairs and grab the [AXE] sticking out the wall, but don't move around the corner just yet; in fact, stay away from the corner for now, as there's another enemy in this room. When he moves away, quietly sneak behind him for a stealth kill.

Move through the window in the next room and head right. You should be able to spot another enemy in the distance. Quietly sneak after him; he'll turn right at some point, which is a good place to down him. There are two bear claws next to this building (which is the same building that contains the save hub/mirror). Dismantle them for [2 PARTS] and look to the right at the end of this small path to find [300 GREEN GEL] and a box with a [RANDOM ITEM] inside, but be warned, since the corpse will come alive. If you still have the axe, now's a good time to use it.

You can enter the building, and if you sneak upstairs right away you can easily stealth kill the enemy upstairs, granting you a torch. This is optional though. Keep in mind that you seem to lose your torch/melee weapon when you enter the save hub. In any case, head back downstairs, go outside and approach the cart in the middle of the area to find a [TORCH] and [300 GREEN GEL] underneath it. Don't continue any further, since there's a sniper up ahead. Yes, apparently they exist in this realm too.

Instead, head up the stairs of the building to the left of this cart. You can find [2 MATCHES] on the table as you enter. There's a [SYRINGE] on the small round table to the right, and the small cupboard contains [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. There's a bomb on the other side, so either sneak past or dismantle it. Smash the boxes next to the steps for more items, perhaps a [GRENADE] and [GREEN GEL]. Go up the long ladder to find several goodies: [1000 GREEN GEL], [2 MATCHES], [2 PARTS] and a [ORDINARY KEY] (smash the statue).

Move up the small steps, dismantle the bear trap for [1 PART] and kick the ladder down outside, but don't head down. Instead, stay in the shack and move down the small steps on the other side. There are three boxes next to these small steps in which you can probably find a [RANDOM ITEM]. Inpect the far end of the walkway to find [3 MATCHES].

Head down the ladder to find an [AXE] near the lantern (if you want it). You can hear your old friend the executioner chained away in the back of the shack as well. Either disarm or avoid the bomb on the right side of the shack and head outside. Disarm the bear trap for [1 PART] and open the nearby chest. Open it only partially to avoid triggering a trap inside. It contains a [GRENADE], an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] (for a yet to be gotten crossbow) and [4 SHOTGUN SHELLS] (for - you've guessed it). The disarmed trap contains, of course, [2 PARTS]. There are also boxes and a barrel to be smashed nearby for a [RANDOM ITEM].

If you move to the other side of the alley, two enemies will come alive. Should you still have the torch, well, good for you! That takes care of the first nice gentleman. The second can easily be dealt with by running back inside the shack, fetching the axe near the ladder, and handing it to Eugene, the second nice fellow to follow you inside. Alternatively, you might have to resort to your gun. [C]

Move around the corner and ignore the stairs for now. Sneak up to the trap and dismantle it, then perform a stealth kill on the [AXE]-wielding enemy up ahead, but don't push onward; the same old sniper is still guarding the area. Do take note of the small statue standing on the wall to your right.

In any case, head back and go upstairs. Check your immediate right, climb up the roof and collect the [2 PARTS] here. Continue down the alley and collect the [500 GREEN GEL] and leave the [BOTTLE] for now (since you should have the axe).

Enter the building, but prepare to fight several enemies. One of them will come down the stairs; flip the switch when he's just down the stairs to spike him. It's quite possible that soon enough, two more enemies will come running through the door nearby the switch; use your axe on the first, and collect the torch from the first enemy you killed, then run to the switch on the stairs. You can use it in the same fashion to kill the third enemy, and a fourth will come downstairs around this time. Since you still have your torch ready, it shouldn't be much of a problem. Head upstairs to find [3 MATCHES] on a cabinet, two [HARPOON BOLTS] near the open doorway and the [AGONY CROSSBOW] at the far end of the walkway. Go back downstairs (or stealth kill the sniper on the balcony now).

The small cabinet in the room downstairs contains [500 GREEN GEL]. The silver case in the adjacent hall (still downstairs) contains the [SHOTGUN]. Dismantle the trap for [1 PART] and smash the box in the next room for a [RANDOM ITEM]. Smash out the window and sneak up the wooden stairs to your right. At the end of this walkway is the sniper, so sneak up on him and take him out. Now you finally have the Sniper Rif... Actually, no! You don't get ****. However, if you still have a bottle (backtrack to collect one otherwise), you can hurl it at the small statue from this vantage point. Move back down and search the wall where it fell for a [ORDINARY KEY].

Walkthrough Chapter 3, Part 2

When you move back to the cart outside in the middle of the square, several more enemies spawn. Stay away for now and you'll notice that one enters the shack, one goes upstairs (same old shack), and the last moves up and down behind the carriage. First take care of the one that moved inside the shack (whenever he moves away from you and the other enemy near the cart is also moving away) with a stealth kill. You can take out the one near the cart relatively easily with another stealth kill. The third one upstairs doesn't even need to be killed.


Now's a good time to go back to the save hub and upgrade your skills, mainly your stock capacity. Some suggestions: Grenade capacity +2, Shotgun Shells +1-2, Agony Bolts +1. And if you still have points left after that (use the two Ordinary Keys you've found to open new safes), consider upgrading your Handgun Ammo capacity to level 4. Head back to the 'real' world after saving.

The last building you need to visit now is the one on the far right. Silently open the double doors and sneak through the hallway. Wait for the enemy in the next room to move away from you, but be careful, he'll move to the (left) side for an instant, taking a close look at the fire, although he'll just move on like normal after that; take it down there. The table contains [300 GREEN GEL]. The switch triggers another spike trap (for in the hall). Go down the first few steps and collect the [HARPOON BOLT] from the wall.

TIP: You can create bolts from the inventory by going to the Agony Bow. Creating a bolt costs three parts, but it's advisable not to max out your stock right away, since you never know when you come across some additional bolts in the game. Consider Parts a big stock of bolts.

Head upstairs. There's an enemy standing by the window in the room with the open doorway, but be careful you're not seen by the patrolling enemy on the walkway outside, who passes this window every now and then. After taking out the enemy in this room, wait for the one outside to move away and perform a second stealth kill. You can no go back inside to collect a few items. The cabinet near the stairs, with the burning candle, contains [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. The rack in the nearby room (where you killed the enemy near the window) contains another [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. The cabinet near the window contains a [SYRINGE].

Enter the last room and collect [500 GREEN GEL] near the small cabinet, and the [MEDICAL KIT] on the bed. Medkits are powerful healing instruments but they will blur the screen for about half a minute. They also increase your health permanently, so they're the ideal item to use when you're low on health and no enemies are around. Also be sure to listen to the tape recorder which contains [EXPERIMENT NO. 4].

Head back down and go outside. Move to the main gate and inspect the big iron chain. Looks like you literally need a chainsaw, so who else to visit but our favorite executioner in town? That's right, enter the shack and he'll break loose.

He is FAST, so be sure never to run out of breath, that is, never use up your full stamina bar or you're toast. Well-thrown grenades are effective, as are full shotgun blasts to his body. Be sure to move back away from him while repeatedly shooting him with your shotgun and you should be able to do him in after a short while. He leaves the [CHAINSAW] and [5000 GREEN GEL] behind. Visit the area in the shack where he was chained and loot the chest there for [6 HANDGUN AMMO] and [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. If you've lost a good portion of your health, now is a good time to use the medkit to compensate it.

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Apr 5th 2015 Guest
ID #538282
Feb 26th 2015 Guest
What about the room with the blinking light?
ID #521643
Feb 16th 2015 Guest
Where is this roof?!
ID #516849
Jan 19th 2015 Guest
I tried the roof thing but only used the shotgun. He was angry enough to climb up after about three or four shots. Two were to the head.
ID #503865
Dec 8th 2014 Guest
Found a easy way to kill chainsaw boss. If you go along the right side of the bar there is a roof that you can climb up on. ( it also has a box of gears ) After letting the boss free, run to the roof ahead of him and he will follow you up to the edge but he can't climb it and kill you. I shot him in the head point blank with 3 harpoon bolts to take him out.
ID #482240
May 5th 2015 Guest
You are my small GOD . Thank you sir ! However he can still climb up the roof, but until he does you have your time to shot him with crossbow. Thank you !
ID #552322
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
Just a tip level the crow bow up once you get it especially the charge time and harpoon bolt I caught on too late wish I would have done that far sooner the harpoon bolt is vicious. But I am also playing on survival mode first go-round so ammo is scarce.
ID #476381
Nov 12th 2014 Guest
is pc version is in slow motion
ID #470662
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
If i torch the guy with the chainsaw will it damnage the chainsaw.
ID #468540
Nov 6th 2014 Guest
Has anyone noticed what happens when you shoot the crow through the window, from inside the room at the top of the barn, after climbing both ladders? A short cut-scene shows 4 more crows appearing. It took a few attempts for me to notice all 4, so may be more. I try to shoot them all but have difficulty completing before some dissapear. Not sure if timed or needs to be done in a specific order, or if just a teaser. I've searched online and found nothing about this. I've tried a few different strategies and am curious if anyone has any information on the topic.
ID #467856
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