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Chapter 1 - 5

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This chapter, as you know, is mostly cut-scenes. Play through it until you get to the part where you have to sneak around the Sadist (everything up until that part is the same).

THIS is where this chapter changes. Instead of a clear line to the exit, the second room will be blocked by boxes that you cannot break (remember, you have no melee ability here). Here's what to do:

In the first room as the Sadist is walking away from the first door, sneak in and get behind the boxes on the left. There is a bottle here. Grab it and wait until he moves to the door you came from, then chuck the bottle through the door on the opposite wall (the one the Sadist isn't looking at). This will make him run through the door he IS looking at to examine the noise...

From there move to the second room and stick to the left wall. There is another bottle here. Grab it. Now, WAIT here behind the counter until the Sadist shows up and destroys the set of boxes by the back wall and the set of boxes to the right of the counter. He'll then start to patrol back here. When he's not looking, chuck the bottle into the first room and wait for him to go over to inspect. You can now run to the cutscene just like the main game.

One chapter down!

Chapter 2: REMNANTS (TIPS)


Boy, things can get rough here.

The chapter is very similar to Survival until the small village area. Once you get there, the challenge is on. By the initial haystack are two bottles. It's not a HORRIBLE idea to kill both enemies here, as there is a syringe and parts in the first house. If you can live without the health, try to get by them un-noticed. Killing them though gives you the benefit of being able to fall back to the house when needed.

At the path split you can get a checkpoint. Very important. To the left by the hay is a new additional enemy you can stealth kill. Once you get him you can hope the fence and kill the path-split enemy. This will also get you a torch.

To the right is the house with the key in it. There's a foe you can stealth out front that drops a torch. Use the torch to kill the second foe who moves in and out of the house. When you do this though, FOUR NEW ENEMIES appear in the house out of NOWHERE. Seriously, the trigger for them (as far as we can tell in our limited testing) is killing the enemy that enters and exits the house. Run away at this point, as the enemies will give up chasing you after a while and will also DESPAWN.

NOTE: They may not all despawn. In our test runs, they all despawned at times but we've also seen one stay behind in the house, guarding the hallway before as well, so be careful no matter what happens.

In the house itself break the boxes, get the parts and then in the key room consider grabbing the key and running away afterward. No reason to fight the alive "corpse" in this room if you don't have to.

Back in the small village, the left-hand side is still the way to go. You can kill the enemy guarding the first house door the same way and find the syringe in there like in normal, then continue up the left-hand side (watch out for multiple bear traps). The green gel in the second house (which has an enemy inside) is somehow more potent then most green gel up to now (it gave us 700 Green Gel when we got it, which means it isn't affected by the green gel value reduction, so it may be worth your time to nab).

Leave the explosive near the gate / house and burn the bodies by the gate. Note that there is an additional body to the left now, but you still want to burn the set of two fake corpses on the road, then run away and stealth the additional body when you can. From there it is easy to open the gate and end this chapter. What a wake up!



The big helper here is the SAVE ROOM in the first right house that can be used to save and be brave from. Gather up what you can in the initial area and note the abundance of bottles in the right house. We recommend collecting the bombs in this house as they aren't in good positions to kill enemies with. Go see Jiminez like normal.

Lift the gates and retreat to the save house. Use the bottle up here to kill the first enemy that comes up and use his torch to kill the second (who has a gun, so be careful). This clears this house as SAFE. It is best to ignore the left house.

Sneak to the barn next and collect the items up on the top for the key. Kill the enemy that shows up while you are up here with a bottle and head down. Take the alley outside but be ready for the two enemies that get up (remember to use the axe in the barn to kill one easy). From here we will make our way to the sniper house. Note that there is a RUVIK CLONE patrolling outside of this house.

From the sniper house clear the inside, using the trap to help yourself out. Be ready for the enemies coming in from outside and from above. You should net the SHOTGUN and AGONY CROSSBOW in this house, which really opens up our offensive capabilities. Loot the house and get ready for the sniper. Now, with the shotgun we are going to face the sniper and Ruvik (save if you wish / can). The sniper is easy enough, but to handle Ruvik (and we really want him out of the way here for the Sadist fight), lure him up the stairs. His claw attack has great distance but can't ascend very well. Use this knowledge to put 2-3 shotgun rounds in his face and end him.

Our next goal is to get the remaining 3 keys in the area. Remember? We should already have the barn key, the leaves the watchtower key (get those items!) and the two keys by the sniper. Use bottles for those if you can. Now, when you head outside you will also face the enemy from the room near the watchtower as well as the hanging enemies. This is easily another 3-4 foes, so take them out. Try to either stealth them or lump them together for explosive bolts. Now you can go save and use all the keys you've acquired.

TIP: Using this wealth of keys is important. Remember to upgrade some critical chance on the handgun / shotgun as well as sprint up to level 3 at least. You should hit at least 15,000-20,000 of gel from the 6 keys up to now, hopefully, which can make this possible.

Now clear out the building with Jiminez in it and be sure you get that health pack. We are ready for the Sadist fight now. Go examine the exit and then go meet the Sadist. The trick here is to lead him INTO the Jiminez house and then utilize the lever in the dining room WHILE he is in the hallway nearby to skewer him over and over. It will take more than one go. Use the lever and skewer him, then wait for him to follow you. Now use the nearby window to lead him outside and do it all over again. He'll fall to the spears without you needing to waste any ammo.

From there be sure to get his chest and gel then exit the chapter.



Not too hard of a chapter, actually. From the start, go get the chest in the left house if you want to kill the fat enemy. Toss up on whether it is worth it. From there be sure to visit the house on the right (where the ghost lady comes out of) as it is enemy free and has items. The only other thing we will recommend here is to visit Valerio and kill him. Collect his key, and then go ahead and visit the save room if you wish and enter the room where Leslie is.

The invisible enemy here is a PAIN. If you are fast you can burn him after a shotgun blast, but it will likely take a few shots. Gather up the items and then follow Ruvik like normal.

Ah, here we are, the hard part of the chapter. The fight at the end. This fight isn't too bad with a little set-up, and a trick. Gather up the items in this area which includes the 2nd key of the chapter from the lever / chute. Once you are ready, find the ladder in the sludge that leads up to the catwalk above a door. We will be running here after our first salvo. Now, put a bomb where the enemies show up (trap) and then go to the door. Put up another trap by the railing (2-3 zombies are going to scale this). Approach the door to start the fight.

This fight is rough. The initial bombs and traps here will help us. Once the zombies scale the tall, put a grenade by them (there's always one on the floor, so you should have one). After that BK likes to blind the group with an upgraded bolt to melee a few of them. A second wave will soon show up though,

which includes a Ruvik Clone... Great! This is the point where you should jump the fence and go up the ladder. From here Ruvik can't hurt you (remember: the claws have no altitude) and you are relatively safe. Your only goal up on the ladder is to shoot faces as they climb up. This includes Ruvik. You can finish the fight from this vantage point though, so have fun.

From there it is an escape from Laura. Grab the initial gel and run. Through the halls, hit the button on the door, collect the items and down the ladder. Dismantle the first trap but duck under the second and run to safety. Now go down the stairs to meet Ruvik. Don't waste ammo and head back up to end the chapter. Overall easier than Chapter 3 I think...



This chapter is your hardest challenge yet!

As you will likely remember, the first part of the chapter is all about the invisible enemies in the mental ward place. Visit all the rooms and collect items. We'll need them. At the end of the hallway is invisible jerk #1. Let him eat cake (Cake or Death?). These enemies, like all Nightmare foes, take more damage and get up faster, but at the very lease every invisible foe here does give 1,000 Green Gel.

Head through the bathroom and drop down. Shoot the rat for the key and in the next room is invisible jerk #2. You MAY be tempted to run past them all. BK tried. Oh, he tried. It just isn't worth it. If they do grab you and you are lowish on health it is over. If you have full health you will be near dead on Nightmare (or dead on Akumu). Instead, lay traps and follow up with well placed pistol or shotgun shots. They like to move from side to side here which hurts the old crossbow line method (your crossbow line should aim at their body), but you can try it. Stay on the move if you think they are close whatever you do as they show themselves when they try to grab at you, even if they miss!

With that in mind, kill the two foes on your way to the keycard and then the third on your way back. Thank god there aren't any additional foes. From there the chapter proceeds somewhat NORMALLY until you recover Joseph, so move on and get him.

Once you have him and heal him you'll have to go through the room with all of the "dead" foes. Joseph helps a bit here with his gun, but don't rely on him: these foes are too fast. Instead, try to wake up multiple foes and hit them with a flash bolt if you've upgraded it. If not, you can wake up one at a time (or two) with single shots from afar. Also don't forget the oil stain outside the room as that can take care of one or two of them while saving ammo.

Past the hospital room is the door on the left that in Survival has nothing but items. It has items this time too, but the enemy here comes alive as well, so just be ready. Head down and watch the scene, then climb the ladder to the second save room and the first REALLY hard part of the chapter.

HERE WE ARE! The fight to save Kidman. Getting through this is rough, as the enemies are FAST and STRONG. At the start chuck a grenade at the 2-3 enemies on the left and get down there. Get on Joseph's back and kill things while trying to protect him. When the enemies come from the north, greet them with a flash bolt and 2-3 stealth kills. From there use up your shotgun shells and try to make sure Joseph is healed. Remember: it is all over if he dies.

You'll get a checkpoint when the dynamite starts showing up, so that is good. If you can get to that checkpoint, you will likely be able to finish this off. Pop dynamite from a distance (let it kill the holder) and watch out for any flying knives. After the wave from above is a wave from the south room. If you have a grenade, chuck it over there. If not, do your best to drop these foes and burn them as they have metal masks on. I was surprised there was no Ruvik Clone this time around...

Once you are done, go save Kidman like normal and then get the cell key and loot the entire place before dropping down. Continue on rather normally and kill the foes in the tunnels until the Laura cutscene.

Continue on until you meet Laura again and burn her to her room. This leads to the Laura fight at the end of the chapter and is very much the second "HARD POINT" of the chapter.

The Laura fight is brutal. Absolutely brutal. She is FAST and will warp / appear from corpses to get close to you. If she catches you it is over of course (just like Survivor, really), but with her enhanced speed and how fast she re-appears this is tough. BK died at least 6-7 times here while working this out.

To start, hit her with a match on her central corpse, then step back and put a grenade at her as she burns. She doesn't burn long, but you can get at least one grenade in. From there, head left and down into the fire trap room. Here it is wise to put a shock trap in the room and lead her into it. Once she is shocked you have time to run to the nearby lever and hit it to burn her good. Note that running to ladders and using levers WILL NOT WORK here as Laura is just too darn fast this time around.

That still isn't enough to kill her though. However, she is nearly dead. Now we can run around and shoot explosive traps while we evade her. 1-2 of those combined with the two torches laying around should do the trick. All in all, it is around four burnings and 3-4 good explosions to do her in. Whenever she is burning, unload with shotgun and handgun shells as well. Also, be ready to die. It isn't "Easy Mode" after all...

After that is done you are in the clear. Proceed ot the end of the chapter and get the enemies here to fall down and unplug them. They are fast and get up fast, but it is pretty much just like normal. And with that ends one very hard chapter...

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In the room with the sleeping zombies on the patient beds with one monster patrolling, after you've saved Joeseph, there is a way clear this room silently- watch out for the broken glass bottles on the ground, as they will make noise and alert the patrolling zombie and wake the others. The bottles are arranged in a fashion that will force you to make a zig zag pattern around them. Do so, and silently kill the patrolling zombie and then burn the rest of the monsters in their beds while they sleep.
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