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Chapter 2: Remnants

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Walkthrough Chapter 2

When you wake up, collect the newspaper [BODIES FOUND] and the [GREEN GEL BOTTLE] from the table. Follow the nurse and 'sign in' (save), then move to the next room. Before sitting down, inspect the floor behind the seat to find the [MAP FRAGMENT 1]. Sit down and apply the Green Gel to start the next chapter.

Collect the [SYRINGE] from the nearby flipped-over cabinet and you'll be able to access the inventory from this point onward. There's also [200 GREEN GEL] next to the medical bed/cart, and another [300 GREEN GEL] behind the ambulance's left side. If you start with your back facing the ambulance, move to the left side of the area and search behind a large tree to find a [MATCH]. If you follow the blood trail you'll come across an animal carcass with a wooden box next to it, which contains [300 GREEN GEL]. Move to the end of the forest area and grab the [LANTERN] to trigger a short cutscene. [C]

Approach the man to automatically collect the [HANDGUN] with [6 ROUNDS], which you may then empty on your first regular enemy, which turns around in a rather tacky/'classic' fashion; original Resident Evil fans will definitely recognize it. Don't waste your match on burning the corpse, however. Inside the tent are wooden boxes, one of which contains [100 GREEN GEL]. There's also [200 GREEN GEL] lying around in the corner of the tent.

Enter the cave on the left side of the area and collect the [200 GREEN GEL] at the end of the left intersection. Move to the right, meet Leslie again and disable the trap for some [TRAP PARTS]. You can use those to craft bolts for the Agony Crossbow later in the game. Move through the cave and approach the cart a little further down the field to find [300 GREEN GEL] and a wooden box on it. Don't bother burning down the nearby corpse.

In the cabin on the far left side of the field you can find [300 GREEN GEL] and the [JOURNAL OF SEBASTIAN CASTELLANOS - NOVEMBER 2004]. Inspect the mirror to go back to the savegame/upgrade hub. While you're there, inspect the newspaper stand in the lobby to collect the [SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE] item. You can save your game, of course, or head inside the chamber with the device that Castellanos seemed to despice just moments ago. He's quite sensitive to addiction as he comfortably gets seated right away!

You can upgrade three domains of skills: Abilities, Stock and Weapons. Right now there aren't that many great skills you can improve, so you might want to wait and stock up on more Green Gel. Life Upgrades, as well as inventory stock upgrades and damage upgrades gain priority over other skills at this point.

TIP: It's highly recommended to upgrade the amount of handgun ammo and matches you can carry, since you'll soon exceed the maximum carrying capacity already. The same applies to syringes.

Use the nearby mirror to head back to 'reality'.

Make your way through the field and hide behind a small wall to the left. An enemy is banging on a door that Leslie went through just now. Do NOT approach him right away while he's still banging the door. Wait for him to turn around and when he starts moving to the right, sneak towards him by curving to the left first to make absolutely sure he can't see you, then sneak towards him as fast as you can to stab him in the back. Collect the [SYRINGE] he drops, but don't bother burning the corpse. Since you're still low on health, consider using the syringe.

Move through the cabin and make your way through the area up ahead until you reach a campfire. There's a little (Maria) statue standing on the nearby wall; smash it to find a [ORDINARY KEY]. Once you enter through the gate by smashing it open, there's no turning back. [C]

After the cutscene, hide behind the stack of hay (but don't burn it). Wait for the first enemy to start moving away from you and sneak up to perform a stealth kill. Hide behind the nearby steps and locate the second enemy near the fire. Wait for him to move behind the nearby building and start following him once he does to perform another stealth kill. Enter the building to find [5 MATCHES] inside. You can find a [SYRINGE] on the bed in the adjacent room. There's also a locker here in which you can hide if there are enemies on your tail. Exit the house via the other side and dismantle the trap for [TRAP PARTS].

Move to the end of the pier to have a look at the watchtower; nothing much to see besides it though. There are a total of four more enemies up ahead. The first is standing guard in the middle of the road, so you'll want to take a stealthy detour. One efficient way to do this is to move to the left side of the road, hide behind the cart and move further to the left side of the area. As you proceed, take note of the house up ahead. A second enemy will come through the doorway sooner or later. We'll take care of this second enemy first.

Move a little further to the left side of the area so that you can enter the house from the left side. You'll find a [BOTTLE] at the entrance, but you can leave it for now. In the first room you can find a [SYRINGE] Move through the house but be careful, because the enemy we spotted just now is moving close to the doorway/exit to the far right. Approach the doorway, wait for him to move away from you (preferably to the right side), then sneak up on it to perform a perfect stealth kill. It will drop a [TORCH] and [4 HANDGUN AMMO]. The torch is a powerful (melee) weapon which will instantly set one enemy on fire, but it can only be used once in this fashion. (You can also swing it at blocks of hay to burn them down, which won't use up your torch.)

Now's an excellent time to backtrack a little down the main trail and stealth kill the first enemy we saw; a piece of cake coming from this direction. He too drops [6 HANDGUN AMMO]. Better yet, the nearby cabin contains [1 HANDGUN AMMO], [3 MATCHES] and [1 PARTS].

TIP: If you can't carry any more handgun ammo, be sure to first reload your gun. That way you might be able to carry a few more additional rounds.

There are now two directions you can go in; first of all, the direction we were already headed in, namely where you killed the other enemy. Alternatively you can head down the path initially to your right.

The path to the right is optional and leads to a house with some goodies. There's an enemy up ahead, so hide behind the wall. On the left side of the wall you can find a bottle which you can use to distract it. Alternatively you can try to sneak up on it without using the bottle; it drops a [TORCH].

Enter the building through the door and smash the wooden boxes in the corners to find [1 PART]. There's another wooden box near the corpse that contains [200 GREEN GEL]. Don't bother using a match on this corpse; it's only there to have you waste your matches. The wooden barrels in the other corner also contain [1 PART]. The adjacent hallwall is rigged with a trap, good for [1 PARTS]. Smash the wooden planks barricading the small room. This enemy will come alive, so either destroy it with your torch or kill it in a different fashion. It will leave [100 GREEN GEL] behind, and the room itself contains [200 GREEN GEL] and a [ORDINARY KEY]. The other room contains [5 HANDGUN AMMO] and [500 GREEN GEL]. Again, don't bother wasting a match on this corpse. It doesn't leave anything behind and it's only placed here so that you might be tempted to waste a match on it.

You can now return to the area's main intersection.

It's advisable to stick to the left side of the area until you reach a second (pretty much destroyed) house. There's an open window on the very left side of it, and inside is an enemy. You should get the trick by now. Wait a couple of seconds to see how it moves around. When it turns its back on you, hop into the first room and hide behind the small wall separating the two doorways. It will move through the doorway furthest away from you, and when it does, carefully circle around it through the first doorway so you can sneak up on it and waste it. This one should drop [300 GREEN GEL]. There is additional [700 GREEN GEL] in this room as well.

This leaves us with one last enemy to deal with, at least within close vicinity. First dismantle the trap in this burnt-down house for [TRAP PARTS]. The last enemy is walking down the path just up ahead. It's not a bad idea to use the torch that we still have, but an alternative way is to collect a bottle (for example the one near the entrance of the first house we passed) and throw it a few meters in front of it so it'll go investigate for a moment. Be sure to already be close enough to sneak up on it and stealth kill it. In any case, either way of destroying it works.

We can now collect [3 TRAP PARTS] from the three nearby bear claws, as well as dismantle two additional traps; one in the first house, the second behind the second house. The cabinet in the first house (close to the trap) contains [300 GREEN GEL]. If you hadn't already done so, you can also dismantle the two bear traps on the initial far left side of the area for [2 TRAP PARTS].

Head further down the trail to spot two 'corpses'. You should still have one torch (there were two enemies who dropped them). If you stand close to the corpses, use the melee prompt to kick one of them. They'll get up, so burn them both with one swipe. One of them should drop [300 GREEN GEL]. Open the gate with the crank. Once you enter through the gate, naturally it magically closes behind you. [C]

You'll want to digress from the main path by heading to the far left. You'll come across a cabin that contains a [SYRINGE] and the [MAP FRAGMENT 3]. You can optionally return to the main path and stealthily follow it until you come across a horde of enemies. There's a cabin nearby that contains [200 GREEN GEL]. Do not take on the horde but backtrack to the beginning of the area again and move to the left side again. From here, push onward until you reach a bridge. Quickly run past the horde, to the end of the bridge to finish the chapter.

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Dec 27th 2014 jul13n
This walkthrough must be on easy because I'm not getting all this extra ammo that the video has.
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Nov 4th 2014 Guest
Also map fragment two is in the optional cabin with the enemy playing dead behind the wood it's on your left as you enter the door to the cabin
ID #467292
Oct 22nd 2014 Guest
chap 2 - when you wake up - green gell - in the toilet -

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