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Chapter 6 - 10

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If you thought the last chapter is rough, this one will be pure hell. I predict that the first part of this chapter will make the majority of people quit Nightmare / Akumu mode.

The start of the chapter is nice and peaceful like always. Gather the key and any items you can. Be SURE to have at least one flash bolt ready and, if you can, upgraded freeze and shock bolts would be wonderful. Get ready for hell...

"HELL" consists of living through the assault on your position. Not fun or easy. If you remember you have to defend the top room and then the bottom room. This is pretty fun in Survivor, but HELL on Nightmare. If you die, you start over from the first room, and dying is VERY easy. Getting grabbed with anything short of full health is death. Joseph dying is death. All the while more and more enemies will come in and we'll be tasked with killing them.

This whole ordeal took me 30+ tries. I was VERY close to calling it quits on the whole damn thing. Somehow though, I made it. It was such a good moment, I recorded it and put it up on my YouTube page. You can check it out below:

Now... to help you! A good opening gambit (if the closest enemy doesn't rush you) is to go into the left corner and shoot the barrel as the two enemies come at you. This lets you kill them AND gather up the Flash Bolt, matches and ammo.

From there things get hard. Three enemies will pour in from here. A shotgun to their faces helps. Two come in from the left and one from the right. They do this at the same time, so shoot them as they come. Also, use the hatchet that one of the first enemies drops. From there it is wise to put up traps if you can, but after that I'd let 3-5 come in while you run around and use the last barrel to great effect if you can (to save ammo). Beware that enemies CAN hurt you while they are on fire. Near the end you can always use a Flash Bolt for free time, depending on how you've upgraded it. This helps a TON.

All of this is easier said then done. Trust me, I know. Once you do make it past the first door our job is halfway done. The enemies don't start coming in RIGHT away until you drop down, so heal up if you wish and drop down and quickly collect the gel, freeze bolt, syringe, explosive bolt x2 and shotgun ammo. This time you have two more barrels and Joseph in a corner. It is a bit easier to put up traps to protect him like this, and we got some room to run around. Focus on taking out the foes ASAP as they only drop down in ones or twos for the start. Burn them if you can. Once they start dropping down in force, bring out the explosive bolts, use the barrels and when things get too bad use that flash bolt! Keep running around and staying alive while killing who you can until Joseph is finished, then exit!

Gah, that was rough. I even admit, I was ready to quit. So hard. Our reward is the Sniper Rifle. Don't forget about the key here. This area is also rough, but you have the benefit of OP Joseph. Seriously, he can take on 2-3 of these enemies by himself with good timing. Just be sure to keep him healed. Make your way through this area like normal. Watch for extra traps here. The only real notes we have here are watch out for the bridge area (it is EXTRA easy for ol' Joseph to fall down now) and nail your sniper shots. Charge across the brige to minimize your time on it and potential fighting on it. Also note that the room with the two treasure chests now has an enemy with dynamite in it AS WELL, so be careful of him (it is still worth it for the two chests).

Gather up everything you can and kick the barrel into the Sadist room, then fight him. Freeze Bolts and Explosive Bolts (as well as the two barrels) can help a ton here. Gather up the key and continue on.

Things continue normally until you get to the ending chapter boss fight. Sentinel is... a pain. Not as bad as the start of the chapter, but a pain for sure. The biggest change here (besides Sentinel's improved health) is the fact that there are MANY new bear traps in the arena. There is one in the middle of the area as well as by the shotgun shells. Also, beware of the grassy sections.

Onto the fight itself. Electric Bolts can be used to stop Sentinel and should be followed up by shotgun blasts or grenades. As you have some experience with Sentinel, you likely know his attacks already. Being able to circle around him while he tries to charge into you is key to getting in some free and easy hits. The game does take pity on us here, as a charge from Sentinel isn't very powerful, and does the same damage as a default syringe (which is less damage than getting stabbed with a knife... somehow...).

This fight will still likely take you a few tries. Do your best to grab the items in the arena itself (the shotgun shells and electric bolt help a ton) and then lay into Sentinel. 2-3 explosions and 6-8 shotgun blasts will fell the beast and move you onto the "retrieving the glasses" phase of the fight. From there the chapter is done.

Chapter 7: THE KEEPER (TIPS)


Not too hard of a chapter, and the four keys here will help us out a ton in the sections to come (ugh.. Chapter 10...). Continue normally and kill the foes in the hallway however you can. Use the bomb by the tomb if you wish to lead them back there. Once you get to the lithograph puzzle room go save and use your keys if you wish.

Take the left path first of course. It is very similar to the normal mode. I would snipe the two-head enemies you see so you can disarm the bombs and kill all the enemies in the trap room. When you get to the gas area, you MUST HURRY. It goes up MUCH FASTER than Survivor, meaning that any dawdling will get you killed. Kill off the enemy and turn the two valves to save yourself. Use the bomb in the tunnel to try and kill some of the two-heads. You can try to outrun them if you lead them to the ladder, but personally we just bombed and killed them.

OK, onto the right path. This one is a bit different as well. For starters, after you nab the key by the lever and go into hallway you will want to run to the wire, disarm it, and shoot the gears in the distance ASAP. A rolling trap is coming our way and will kill us in a single hit. This trap is of course on Nightmare Mode only. Lovely.

Kill the two head on the spikes and then in the next room burn the two-head who is crawling by the tunnel at the far end. From there, go try to open the way forward and make the monsters come out. Use the trap in this room to kill them all while saving on ammo (go past the trap, let them follow, shoot the red lever). Now go into the gas room and disarm traps along the way while you get the third key. Outrun the two-head that shows up and continue on.

Kill the two-heads in the pit with the trap and the one by the lithograph manually, then get the fourth key. Head back, save, and head onward to the Keeper.

The Keeper Fight is.... not very rough! You can get through it almost in the exact same way as Survivor Mode. Two shots from the rifle should kill him, even un-upgraded. Very nice. Kill him once, get the gel, get the items in the room not pouring out smoke and go hit the lever. Run to the door and then get the next lever. Kill him the second (and last) time, then run to the exit room. Go get the lever and then freeze him as he follows you, then go put the lever on and escape. Easy stuff, right? Compared to last chapter...

This should be the end of things for you. Onward!



This chapter is very easy compared to some of the Hell we've been through up to now. The start may have you tempted to sneak by them all (like the trophy for this chapter), but that is very, VERY risky as on Nightmare these two-head foes put out their stomach tentacle super early and easily. Snipe the first few and use head pistol shots (there is ammo in this first room), then continue to the lever room and kill those two two-headed foes. Get the key here as well. Note that these are the only foes we have to fight.

Continue on through the chapter like normal. In the baby room, if you don't need the flash bolt and pistol ammo just use the gate. Some of the babies can make you pay with how aggressive they are, but running over them still kills instantly.

Continue to the waterfall and 2nd key, then onto the trap room (run by everything else). Use the non-bloody side and continue. Get the third key from the pipe in the room and continue to the end of the chapter. See, very easy compared to most chapters. Wish I could say the same for what is coming up...



Oh man. The Mansion. I honestly wasn't looking forward to this, mainly due to Ruvik spawning and his one-hit kill ability. Not much we can do about it. You should know that during your time in the mansion, Ruvik will behave slightly more aggressive than Survivor. For example, he will teleport closer to you if you get to far away when he shows up, which can and will result in some unfortunate souls running into him for instant-death. He also has a tendency to speed-walk to you (it honestly looks a little funny). When he does show up, it is best to get to a semi-open area and run/walk in circles. DO NOT get too far ahead of him. Lead him, but don't out-pace him. Just keep him going right behind you until he disappears...

Other than that the mansion is really very similar to Survival. Be sure to get all of the keys here, as they will help arm us up for a grueling Chapter 10. There's an additional bomb in the kitchen area, but the puzzles are all the same for the brain-prodding and the music room key. Getting through the brain door isn't hard or very different at all.

Next we come to the creepy dolls and trap room. The room and path to get through it are exactly the same. Nightmare Mode does add additional traps, however. Watch your feet for bear traps and listen in for bombs (which are easy enough to outrun and/or sneak after 2-3 beeps).

The final challenge of the chapter comes from the barn fight. This fight isn't too bad, but may get you if you aren't quick on the draw. Like before, we must kill enemies as "Ruvik" spawns them. The first 2-3 are quite easy as they come somewhat slowly, but after that you will quickly have 3-4 in a group. While you MAY be tempted to use a flash bolt here, we recommend you do NOT, as the time it takes Sebastian to melee an enemy may result in your death. This is due to Ruvik's blood form wandering around while you are in the middle of the killing animation. Remember: if it touches you, you are dead.

Instead, consider hitting a group with a shock bolt and see if you can burn multiple foes at once from there (or perhaps a grenade if they are too far apart or something). Also do your best to run around and gather up the ammo and bolts that are around, as you won't get a chance to nab these once you defeat enough enemies. After 6-7 kills you will be done with the chapter.



The chapter I've been dreading since I started Nightmare Mode... although, I must admit, in hindsight the beginning of Chapter 6 was much harder (for me). Get the first key and proceed onward. The chapter is actually fairly normal until after the 1st power supply. Note that there is an extra sniper in the carousel section. You will likely also face two enemies sneaking out of the door to the first generator, so try to shoot them as the blade comes by for an easy one-shot kill.

In our small hub area go ahead and reload and get the 2nd key. The room to the left has a nice surprise for you as there is not only a ton of enemies but also a Ruvik Clone. Lovely. A good strategy here is to enter and let the common enemy see you, then exit and kill it out in the hub area. Ruvik patrols from the room on the left back to the battery room. You can sneak up on him and nail him with a powerful attack to take him out quickly (BK is using max-level harpoon shots by this point... gotta love that special fire effect!), but beware of an enemy in the corner if you do this (it is still worth taking Ruvik by surprise).

Clear out the room and proceed back to the generator. Start it up and head outside (love the checkpoint!), kill the enemies and get ready for the ogre. It is fairly easy to kill this one: throw a grenade as the door opens and lead him back to the area outside the generator where you can lead him around the wall/partition. This lets you "kite" him and take easy and cheap shots at him. You can do this until he dies.

Hit the lever and watch out for two enemies that fall down. You can outrun them if you want, but remember that third key. Keep going to the two ogre room. Ugh.. challenge number one of this chapter. You will want to have 1-2 spark bolts (hopefully upgraded) and an ice bolt. Basically, you want ammo that can stun these guys as they come at you. Try to fight in the back room, as there are numerous bombs and bear traps out where the ogres patrol. Once you freeze / shock them unload with sniper shots and grenades. After that, use explosive bolts and you will very likely kill them both. This may very well take a few tries, especially if your shots go off target. Beware of the regular enemies here as well. You can alternately try your luck at using the various bombs in the room as your weapons, although that is tricky given some of their locations and the ogre's tendency to charge you. Loot the room afterwards, and don't forget the traps!

Next up is the Laura chase. You were looking forward to that, right? Challenge number two. It is pretty normal until the fire section, where you should watch for additional bear traps on the floor as you proceed through rooms, as well as additional bombs. Collect items and use fire traps on her until you get to the last room. If you REALLY wanted to you could kill her, but that is overkill for one key... better to conserve ammo and escape. Your call really, depending on how well you are doing of course. As usual, watch out for the bomb by the final lever after shooting the fire switches. Aside from the increased number of traps in the rooms you are "stuck" in with Laura, she is also slightly more aggressive and has a tendency to run faster at you. As long as you keep your distance and get her on fire when you need to (through corpses, harpoon or fire streams) you'll be OK.

The last test of the chapter of course comes in the parking garage fight. This will likely kill you off a couple of times. Our plan here is good sniping, smart use of the item rooms, and once again shock and freeze bolts. If you are really hurting for ammo, use some keys before hand when you have a chance. Oh, you will also want to make sure you are at least sprint level 3 by now. I think that you likely are though...

At the start, take out your sniper rifle and snipe the eye that is looking around. This is a critical hit and will plain drop the beast, time which you can use to throw 1-2 grenades under it. Just this starting gambit helps greatly. From there, it is wise to run to the back and get ready to snipe the monster when it comes back to look for you.

From there, you can run to the item room. Quickly loot the room and then you can shoot at the beast for free. After 1-2 swipes inside the room it will rear back and give you a chance to escape. You can either shock it after 1-2 swipes for prolonged punishment or just run away. More sniping and the second room should follow.

More importantly, when the beast does go into its second phase, you want to be ready. Have that electric bolt ready to shock him, and then snipe. It likely won't be long enough, so follow up with freezing and more sniping or shotgun shells. The beast will be close to death by then, but don't quit firing until the gel appears and remember that the "eye" in the middle of the purple glow (easily seen when the monster is frozen or shocked) is the weak spot and what you should be aiming for.

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