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Chapter 6: Losing Grip On Ourselves

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Chapter 6, part 1

Collect the [CHURCH FLOOR COLLAPSES] newspaper from the table in the room you start out in, then inspect the photographs. Move to the lobby, then enter the long hall and follow the nurse to the right. Keep moving through the halls until you finally come back to reality.

Move over the wall and collect a [HARPOON BOLT] from the silver case, then go upstairs. Follow the path until you spot a destroyed building to your left side. Climb the ladder, look around for [2 HANDGUN AMMO], then shoot the two crates for two [RANDOM ITEMS]. The next house up ahead contains a [GRENADE]. Beat the body to find an [ORDINARY KEY]. Make your way to the gate up ahead when you're done exploring.

You're in trouble - again. Hold off the enemies while Joseph dismantles the bomb. Easier said than done, so try and lure several enemies towards the flammable barrel and down the rest with your shotgun or handgun. Follow Joseph and drop down. You can find [300 GREEN GEL] if you turn around, and there's a [SYRINGE] and a [FREEZE BOLT] in the corner. The cabinet in the next room contains [2 EXPLOSIVE BOLTS] and [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Again, Joseph needs to dismantle the bomb on the next door while you hold the enemies off. Use the barrels to your advantage and try to hit several enemies at once with your shotgun, allowing you to burn two or three of them at once. They'll keep coming, so when Joseph's done, quickly follow him.

The good news is that you'll find a [SYRINGE] and the [SNIPER RIFLE] here, in the silver case. Fancy mirror, by the way. If you want to go to the save hub you'll have to do it right away, because once you move away and enemies appear, the mirror will break.

In any case, when you're all set, head left and crouch near the steps. Be sure your light is switched off. You can stealh kill the enemy here fairly easily, and the same applies for the one in the room behind the door, just open the door gently and move to the left immediately so he doesn't see you. Don't go upstairs and take note of the bomb nearby. It's a rather tricky one to dismantle, so sneak downstairs instead and take down the third enemy here. Be sure to *sneak* back up so you don't trigger the bomb. The shelves here hold [4 HANDGUN AMMO] and a [HARPOON BOLT]. Be sure to flip the switch for the generator and collect the [5 MATCHES] on the small table.

When you head upstairs, you're discovered and you'll have to use your sniper rifle to take out the gunner at the far end of the area. Many more enemies are soon headed your way, so stay on the move. You can find [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] on this first roof.

TIP: In the following section, be sure to let Joseph do some of the hard work with his axe, as long as you keep him pampered with health.

The next part is a little bit hectic. You might just want to shoot the trap in the corner of the next roof. In any case, snipe the gunner who keeps shooting spikes at the bridge, then move on to the next few roofs. There are several enemies here, and from the last roof you can shoot the third gunner. You can also find a [SPARK BOLT] somewhere around here. Drop down or climb down and hit the left switch to open up the yellow door on the left. You can find the following in the two chests and on the floor: [1000 GREEN GEL], [2 PARTS], [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], [2 SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].

You can also find [3 SNIPER RIFLE AMMO] in the destroyed part opposite to the two yellow doors, but beware of the trap there. Continue onward in the direction of the tower, slay any remaining foes, climb down the ladder and kick/walk-move the flammable barrel in the next area. This will come in handy soon. Rush through and turn left to get a better vantage point for the last gunner.

When you approach the door, an old friend comes to say hello. And you, in turn, will have him say hello to the flammable barrel. Better yet, you will have him say hello to the second flammable barrel in this area too, which is located near the edge of the platform. And while we're at it, have your old friend say hello to a couple of harpoon or explosive bolts as well. When he's done visiting you, inspect (when facing the door) the left side of the area to collect [7 HANDGUN AMMO], [2 HARPOON BOLTS] and [300 GREEN GEL]. Don't forget the 5000 Green Gel from your old friend either.

Chapter 6, part 2

Head upstairs and pick up [5 MATCHES] near where the elevator's stuck. Burn the body and check next to the elevator for [MAP FRAGMENT 11]. You can also enter the save hub via the door to the right; this room also contains [300 GREEN GEL] and [JOURNAL ENTRY - MAY 2006]. The save hub has a new newspaper: [KCPD OFFICER MISSING]. When you're all done, board the elevator.

At the top, search the left and right sides of the elevator to find [300 GREEN GEL] and a [SYRINGE]. Move over the bridge to trigger a scene. Afterwards, quickly shoot the two enemies who are carrying Joseph. You can use your handgun for this, although it requires precise shooting. Alternatively just use your sniper; there are [3 SNIPER RIFLE ROUND] nearby. Wait for Joseph to create a makeshift bridge and walk over to trigger another scene. After that, do what any sane person would do and remove the plank.. Oh, no of course not! You MUST face them! Well, the chapter IS called 'losing grip on ourselves' for a reason. This time it's only a matter of holding out, so run around a little, killing only a couple enemies.

With that horrible goof-up past us, move downstairs and through the gate. There are MANY crates and barrels in this area, so smash them all up for various [RANDOM ITEMS]. Check out the right side of the market to find [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and the [AUDIO TAPE - ERNESTO VICTORIANO]. There are also [1 PARTS] nearby. Be sure to smash all the barrels and crates here as well. After smashing up one particular batch against the right wall you should be able to spot an opening you can move through. This leads to a small statue with an [ORDINARY KEY]. There's also [1000 GREEN GEL] to be found behind the stacked tree trunks. Now inspect the chest behind the large statue in the middle of the square. It's rigged, so be careful; it contains a [MEDICAL KIT].

Move through the gate and walk a few steps to trigger a scene. After this, search the room for the [MAP FRAGMENT 12], [4 MATCHES] and a [SYRINGE] (the latter two in the cabinets). Exit the room and enter the save hub, which holds a new newspaper at the stand: [CHURCH INVESTIGATION]. There's also a new [MISSING PERSON POSTER - PASTOR GRACIANO] at the notice board. Use the ordinary key and upgrade any skills you might need. Weapon Upgrades such as increased damage are always useful.

Exit the building to trigger another scene. The save hub is blocked again. Move around the corner and hide behind the tombstones, then wait for Joseph to deal with the sniper. Continue but beware; Castellanos wades RIDICULOUSLY slow through the barely knee-deep water, and three enemies spawn. Backtrack a little and have Joseph deal with them while you avoid their slashes. The large tombstone up ahead has an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] lying on top of it. Step on the stone in front of the gate to continue.

Chapter 6, part 3

There are some smashable crates to your right, and [4 HANDGUN AMMO] down the path. When you continue, two Ogres are set loose! Great. They're quite the bullet sponges, so stick to powerful (explosive) bolts. You'll first want to move past the 1st Ogre; keep moving until you reach a small square. You can move through the tombstone to collect a [SPARK BOLT] and a [SYRINGE], but unfortunately Joseph 'can't finish them on his own'. Try hitting both Ogres with one explosive round at a time to save ammo. You can find [5 SNIPER ROUNDS] on the left side of the area, and the second path adjacent to the square is home to [2 EXPLOSIVE BOLTS] and a smashable crate. Finish the Ogres off and be sure to collect 3500 Green Gel a piece off their sorry asses.

Move to the end of the second path and look for the [GRAVEYARD NOTE] in front of the two horse statues. Move to Joseph when you're done, and you'll be brought back to the save hub once again. There's not much to do this time.

When you wake up, move to the next room and lower the two big bodies onto the stones, while leaving the small bag off (which is numbered '7'). Smash the moving body. You can also find an [ORDINARY KEY] by smashing the small statue attached to one of the moving body bags on the left side. The right part of the room contains [2 HARPOON BOLTS] and several crates that hold [RANDOM ITEMS]. Move through the hall and inspect one of the body piles in the circular room to collect [300 GREEN GEL]. Ride tthe elevator up.

In the room at the end of the hall, collect [300 GREEN GEL] and [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], as well as the [CEMETARY LAB NOTE #1], a [SYRINGE] and [4 HANDGUN AMMO]. On the desk are also notes on what have presumably evolved into the two Ogres you fought earlier. Continue down the hall and search one of the bodies in the next room for the [CEMETARY LAB NOTE #2].

Move past the mutated dog (which is called Sentinel) and head down the next hall. Step on the protruding stone to open the door and attempt to head through the gate to trigger a scene; Sentinel is set loose.

A boss fight basically ensues. The Sentinel is fast when coming at you from long distances, but the beast turns quite slowly, making the Shotgun an excellent weapon for this fight. When the Sentinel hides in the bush, sprint in any direction that isn't its ramming course and you should be fine. Aim at its head when you're relatively close, and keep pumping shells in it until it collapses. After this a scene plays and you will have to fetch Joseph's glasses, marked by blue. This isn't too hard; don't waste any more ammo on the Sentinel and sprint back when you've found it. Just don't let your stamina run out.

Head up the big stairs and inspect the corner of the left part of this area for [1000 GREEN GEL]. Approach the door to finish the chapter.

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13 comments, latest first.
Apr 19th 2015 Guest
In the middle of the market on top of the big statue is green gel!! How do u get it??
ID #545236
Mar 18th 2015 Guest
I was stuck in the dark for awhile. Then I turned my lantern on and felt a little silly.
ID #530182
Feb 14th 2015 Guest
Stuck with the boss. Have only five bullets left and nothing , I mean nothing else. Can't get past him. Is there a way to start chapter six over?
ID #515899
Jun 20th 2015 Fruitypebbles
Yes. In your menu after a save there is a restart chapter querie. (I think..its there somewhere) Smile
ID #573211
Jan 21st 2015 Guest
There's a statue above the doorway after you snipe the gunners. Equip sniper rifle then aim along the roof.
ID #505159
Jan 6th 2015 Guest
I think its excellent, this walk through
ID #497410
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
This game is reel easy guys
ID #495666
Dec 2nd 2014 Guest
Its easy we kill the batman
ID #479650
Nov 30th 2014 princecasual007
I have no torch .. It's dark.. What do I do??!
ID #478943
Nov 9th 2014 Guest
To Guest on November 07th, 2014.

When all the lights go out you have to go to where Sebastian's room is in the hall and walk to the end. You should see the nurse at the mirror and she will say something. She either ventures down a new hallway or mutters something about admissions. Either way you would follow her down the hall or enter the first door on the left if heading back to the save. Not sure which at that part.
ID #469687
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
This isnt the chapter 6 that i am on! I wake up in the hospital, look at the newspaper & photographs of the church floor collapse. All the lights go out & I cant see or do anything at all.... except maybe take this back to to shop demanding a refund!!
ID #468451
Jul 27th 2015 Guest
Turn your lantern on ...
ID #590072
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
Explosive rounds work a treat against the dog creature. It can never get back up. 4 shots Bam! Smile
ID #463510
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