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Chapter 11: Reunion

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Swim across the building, then make your way through the apocalyptic landscape. At the very end, a bus will fall down; enter this building and move through the next two rooms. In the destroyed lobby, search the small cabinet in the corner for [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS], and look for a [FLASH ROUND] on the small round table. There are [3 MATCHES] next to the jukebox. Before entering the hall, inspect the adjacent room in the right corner to find the [MAGNUM] in the silver case, and the [MAP FRAGMENT 21] on the wall. The cabinet contains [350 GREEN GEL].

Move through the hall and the alley until you reach an area with two mannequins; look for a [MEDICAL KIT] on the table. You can also find [300 GREEN GEL] and [2 MATCHES] in the corner, near the shutter and the cart with two blue square baskets. When you continue around the corner, an enemy will attack you. Finish it, then head around the corner. Kill the enemy near the fence, then climb the fence up ahead but wait with going over it; first have a look to your left and right; you can spot an enemy on each side. Be sure to pop their heads off from this vantage point, then head over the fence. The door on your right is locked, so don't bother.

First move to the left to spot a crouched enemy in the distance; again, pop its head off and move closer, then turn right to spot another enemy. When you've dealt with these nuisances, search the corner for a [GRENADE], and the corner on the other side (with a blue trashbin) for crates with [RANDOM ITEMS]. You can also find [2 HANDGUN AMMO] on top of the green container (move over the fence). Try to continue by attempting to open the door to the right of the silver container with ladders; this will trigger three enemies to come through the previously locked door. Their behavior is quite agressive and they move fast, so this is your typical shotgun-time-and-attempting-to-burn-multiple-bodies-at-once moment. Yes it is. Move through the now unlocked door and search the ground for [2 MATCHES]. The body holds the [OLD-FASHIONED KEY], and near it are also [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS].

Once you grab the key, a whole batch of enemies will assault you, including ones with machine guns. Yes, machine guns. Grab your shotgun and/or freeze bolts and waste them, but wait with moving through the doorway; one last enemy (with machine gun) is standing on the container at the far end of the area. Grab out your sniper rifle and waste it before continuing.

With the key now in your posession, open the door and move across the street. Enter the building's balcony via the red 'Krimson Bank' board and head upstairs to find [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. Move across the street until you fall down the water. Swim towards a pipe, move through, but don't drop into the water on the other side. A new type of creature is lurking in this pool and if it reaches you it means instant death.

What you need to do is shoot one of the hanging bodies so that it drops into the water; quickly swim across the pool and climb over the car wreck. Continue swimming until you're back on firm ground. Do the same for the pool up ahead; shoot the body/bodies and swim across. In the next streets, first head up to find two crates, then go down and search the right side for 2 crates and [1 MATCH].

When you continue, Ruvik appears at the end of the street, along with several other enemies. Defeat him by using a grenade and/or explosive bolts (which you can always shoot at the ground and lure him in. His main attack consists of grabbing hands quickly approaching you from the ground; simply time your dashes well and you should be fine; never let your stamina run out, as always. Be sure to inspect the silver case near the baby carriage on the right side of the area (near the flipped-over green car) for [5 MAGNUM ROUNDS], and the baby carriage itself for [2 MATCHES]. There are also [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the wrecked blue car nearby.

Enter the building and look to your left to find a [SYRINGE] and [3 PARTS]. Move on and you'll automatically enter the save hub. Look around for the [BODY FOUND IN SEWER] newspaper and the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER – INSPECTOR BROWN] at their usual locations. Back in the real world, move underneath the open shutter at the end of the walkway to continue.

Pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the enemy in the distance. You cannot shoot the ones in the cage, so don't bother. There are several crates on the walkway up ahead, along with [2 MATCHES] and a [SPARK BOLT]. When you approach the shutter on the left, several enemies come out in batches, one batch at the time. The last batch has machine guns, so hide behind the railing. The room behind the shutter contains [5 HANDGUN AMMO] and [300 GREEN GEL]. Climb the ladder and make your way over the walkway, then drop down. Search one of the pipes for [300 GREEN GEL] and look near the concrete roadblocks up ahead for [4 HANDGUN AMMO]. There are crates near the stairs, good for [RANDOM ITEMS], and there's a [SYRINGE] near the door (of which the lock can be destroyed, from the other side). Either climb the ladder or the stairs and look for [1 MATCH] here.

Use the crank to activate the generator and several enemies will appear. Place an explosive bolt or spark bolt near the ladder and use the fence for cover; one of the enemies on the other platform will shoot at you, so when the ones in your close vicinity have been dealt with, pull out your sniper rifle and waste him. Before rushing over to the red ladder in order to access that platform, note that there is one last enemy hiding behind a concrete road block. With him out of the way, climb the red ladder and flip the switch to find a lot of items: [3 PARTS], [7 HANDGUN AMMO], [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [3 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS].

You'll automatically ride the cable car, and although the resistance is big, it isn't much to worry about. Stay crouched and shoot the enemies with torches first; most enemies will fall down with only one shot. Use the flammable barrels to your advantage too. When the havoc ends, drop down and turn right first to find [1000 GREEN GEL] at the end of the walkway. Then head the other way and drop down the path up ahead. Immediately turn around to find a collectible, the [MAP FRAGMENT 22].

Continue by heading through the window and moving over the pipes to access the building across the street. [C] You can hit the 'Brain' vending machine on the right TWO times to get [300 GREEN GEL] and an [ORDINARY KEY]. Do NOT hit the machine a third time, or a bomb will pop out that is nearly impossible to dismantle. There's another vending machine up ahead that you can hit THREE times instead, for [300 GREEN GEL x3]. Pushing it fourth time will again release a bomb. There's also [1 SHOTGUN SHELL] and [3 HANDGUN AMMO] on the table to thee left. Also search the large office room you just passed through for the [AUDIO TAPE - SEARCHING]. It's in the (intial) upper left corner).

Head back to the office and go through the red door to collect the [JOURNAL ENTRY - JULY 2012]. There's nothing to be found in the save hub this time. Back in 'reality', look for [1 SNIPER RIFLE ROUND] on the tables to the right of the vending machine, then continue down the hall. There's [1 MATCH] in the next office. Head through the door to enter a storage room with [1000 GREEN GEL] inside. The next office contains [2 MATCHES].

Exit the building by dropping down on the bus, which triggers a short scene. Before you dive into the water, wait for the door on the right side of the area to open; it will only temporarily be open, so the instant it opens you should swim towards it. In the next area, head upstairs and collect [2 HANDGUN AMMO]. Walk to the end of the walkway and look down; you should be able to spot a sniper. It's quite smart to kill him now, so do so, then head (partially) back downstairs. Shoot the body hanging around in the corner of the area, then quickly dive into the water and swim around the corner. Ignore the wooden platforms and climb on the wrecked car instead, where you can find [2 HANDGUN AMMO]. The idea is now to again wait for the door up ahead to open, except this time you'll need to shoot both bodies that are hanging around. If you already aim your gun at one of the bodies, you can shoot it faster, as soon as you hear the beeping sound of the door opening.

When you've made it through, head upstairs and look for a crate and [2 MATCHES] in this room. Defeat the enemies in the room up ahead to free Kidman. More enemies will enter the room afterwards; be especially careful with the last one in the other room, who was a former member of SWAT. With all of them taken care of, search the shelves for [1 MATCH], then head downstairs and collect the [1 MATCH] and [500 GREEN GEL] nearby.

Exit the building and go downstairs at the end of the catwalk. Look for [500 GREEN GEL] near the dumpster and a crate in the corner, the go through the door on the right side of the street. Move around the corner and search one of the red containers to the left of the stairs for [500 GREEN GEL], then go up and enter the building to trigger a scene. Continue until you reach a room filled with strange gas.

Move around the corner and crouch to the next corner; you'll notice another ogre-like creature in the next room. You can sneak past it, so don't waste any ammo on it. It has a fixed patrol pattern, so when you get the chance, move through the hole in the shelves and climb the ladder at the end of the path. There are a couple of regular enemies in the next room, but they're no substantial threat. Move to the corner and close the valve attached to the yellow pipe, then slash your way through the nearby mannequins to find [1000 GREEN GEL] and a [SYRINGE]. You can ignore the enemies by the fence; they're bullet sponges.

Inspect the open blue container and defeat the two enemies inside, then collect the [FACTORY KEYCARD] from one of them. You can use this to open the shutter in the corner of this room. Climb the ladder and exit the building. Enter the red door near the yellow truck and collect the [JOURNAL ENTRY - AUGUST 2012] inside this room, then visit the save hub. You can find the [INVESTIGATOR MISSING] newspaper here.

Back in 'reality', head outside and search the blue container for [1 HANDGUN AMMO], [1 SNIPER RIFLE ROUND] and [1 SHOTGUN SHELL]. There are also crates nearby with [RANDOM ITEMS]. Head upstairs and enter the room on the opposite side of the street. You can find [2 MATCHES] and [500 GREEN GEL] inside. Move over the destroyed catwalk and look for [500 GREEN GEL] on one of the red benches. Continue to finish the chapter.

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10 comments, latest first.
Oct 5th 2015 Guest
The part with two bodies to shoot when the door is opening, when you get on top of the car with the handgun ammo, shoot the body closest to the door, then swim to the car the sniper was on. Once on that car, aim at the other body and shoot after the door starts beeping. Shoot that body and swim through the gate/door.
ID #614101
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
on the soda machines in the office building you can get green gels from them and a statue if you press circle on them. However watch out they both have a trap bomb in them so be ready to press and hold R1 to avoid getting bombed. When they start dispensing bombs that's when they are out of gels
ID #535230
Jan 31st 2015 Guest
After you ride the cable car across and get the gel swing left and be careful to go over the gap by getting close to the wall and pick up ammo I got 2 for the magnum
ID #509790
Dec 3rd 2014 Guest
After opening the door with the card key and exit the manikin building; just as you step onto the catwalk turn right and use the sniper rifle to aim at the crane top. There is a statue hanging from it. If you stepped off the cat walk, you can still shoot the statue, but its a harder angle from below, just get to the edge of the city.
ID #480109
Nov 22nd 2014 Guest
There is a statue on the carasel
ID #474893
Nov 16th 2014 Guest
In the part where u meet ruvik throwthrow a flame bolt when all 3 r close to each other they will die instantly
ID #472628
Nov 10th 2014 Guest
after you free kidman, you mention the 500 gel in a red container. behind the red containers beside the stairs is 1000 gel.
ID #470089
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
After you meet up with Kidman and defeat the enemies near the elevator and stairs, press the elevator button and get the statue.
ID #466535
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
Before you confront the creature swimming in the water, after you fall into the water, swim to the right side and around there is a statue with a safe key. Just swim push it into the pipe so you can break and grab.
ID #466342
Oct 20th 2014 Guest
Best walkthroughs ever...THANKS! :-)
ID #461106
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