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Ordinary Keys

Thank you for printing this page from Remember to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for The Evil Within

We'll list all of the keys you can find in the game here. This list is very useful for cleaning up any keys you may have missed during the main game, although it can be very hard to know which ones you are missing after the fact (one good reason to follow the main guide). Hopefully you have a good memory!

There is a total of 45 keys you can find in the game, although a few chapters don't have any (Chapters 1, 12, 15). Many are very hard to find, so I imagine this section will get a lot of use, especially since a trophy is tied to opening all of the lockers (Bronze! Are you serious!?).

(-NOTE-) Keys DO NOT respawn upon re-playing visited chapters...

This list is divided by chapters and by chronological key number. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: An Emergency Call


Chapter 2: Remnants

o Key #1: After you get the melee tutorial and are chasing after Leslie you will come to a metal gate. There is a goddess statue nearby with the key. Get this BEFORE going through the gate and triggering the lighthouse cut-scene.

o Key #2: Inside the first town area, head up the path until it splits. The right path will lead up to a house (the same house with Map Fragment 2 in it). Enter the house and then the hallway in the back (watch out for the trap!). The key is in the first room on the right. Watch out for the enemy playing dead here!

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

o Key #3: When you enter the barn head up to the 2nd floor. Up here by the stairs leading outside is a ladder leading even further up into the barn's roof. Climb it and you'll find the key hanging out up here.

o Key #4: This key is in the town on top of a stone wall underneath where the sniper shows up (alternately you can go past the wagon and look to your left to find the statue chilling up on a stone wall).

o Key #5: This key is near Key #4. It can be found by the sniper as well. There is a set of wires going between the sniper's building and the one across from him (power wires, maybe?). The statue is dangling from these wires and can be shot down for the key.

o Key #6: In the town, there is a watchtower in the middle of the area. Very hard to miss. The statue is on a wooden beam of the watchtower. You can see it as you climb up if you look to the left. Shoot it down to claim the key.

Chapter 4: The Patient

o Key #7: After you meet Valerio (and Valerio meets your shotgun, as my partner in crime would say...), cut open the body he was slaving over to claim this gruesome key...

o Key #8: Once you are in the bloody area near the end of the chapter, you will have to survive the hooded-man's ambush. On the opposite wall of the exit door is a lever that you can pull to dump bodies down the nearby chutes. Pull it until the statue arrives to claim your key.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses

o Key #9: Once you get past the creepy bathroom you'll have to drop down through the hole in the floor. This is the room with the creepy doll (everything is creepy!). Nearby is a rat with a statue tied to its back that you can shoot.

o Key #10: Once you have input the code to free Kidman, you need to turn around and re-visit the cell block area (vice jumping off the ledge after your comrades). Now check the (now empty) cells to find that one of them has a statue! Worth it!

o Key #11: Later in the chapter your only love (the one with the long dark hair and too many arms) will come out of a wall at you. Once you drive her away, go back to the room she came from and open the locker. This frees a bird with a statue tied to its back. Shoot it out of the sky! This chapter is all about shooting animals with statues, apparently...

Chapter 6: Losing Grip On Ourselves

o Key #12: At the start of the chapter you will find yourself out on a cliff near several destroyed houses. This is before meeting Joseph again. One of them has a corpse hanging down by a window. The statue is hidden behind the corpse. Tricky.

o Key #13: After you get the Sniper Rifle use it to look at the far building with the elevator boxes in the distance. Above those boxes on a metal beam is a statue. Shoot it down. Later on you can find the key on the ground near the door that the Sadist bursts out of. This one was VERY well hidden.

o Key #14: Once you get to the marketplace, smash the crates and items on the right side of the area to find a small hole you can squeeze through. This leads to a small hidden area that has the statue and key.

o Key #15: Late in the chapter you will come to an area that is, well... used for sacrificing bodies. This is the area where you have to use the levers to open up the hallway. On the left side are bodies being taken off somewhere. One of them will have a statue connected to it that you can get as it passes by (make sure you break it when you can reach it!).

Chapter 7: The Keeper

o Key #16: After removing the first lithograph in the chapter, check the safe box on the table to the left to find this key inside! What's in the box!?

o Key #17: Take the right path in the lithograph key hub-area and in the first room is a lever that brings down some spikes. Use it and ride it up, then examine the top of the pillar closest to the lever to find this statue doing its best to blend in with the environment.

o Key #18: After clearing the left path of the lithograph area, head right and you'll get to the area where you must kill all the double-headed enemies that appear when you try to open a gate. Go into their room and now that the gas is clear follow the corridors down to a dead end where you can find a statue in the middle of some skeletons.

o Key #19: This one is near the gas room where you start for Key 18. From the gate you have to open after the double-head enemy ambush you'll come to another spike lever (and two more double-headed enemies). Ride this spike platform up to a hidden room up above where you will find the key waiting for you on a table.

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow

o Key #20: This key is at the start of the chapter. When you are getting the first gate open, this statue will come down with the chain. Very hard to miss!

o Key #21: In the area with the waterfalls, look behind each one of them to find this statue (it is on the right side). A very nice place for it.

o Key #22: Once you are back inside the hospital and done with the cut-scenes, you will find yourself in a circular room. This is the room with two other document-type collectables in it. Find the blocked double doors here and then shoot the statue stuck in the top pipe to get the key to fall down for you.

Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions

o Key #23: When you are in front of the mansion go search the tree to the right. You will find a statue stuck in the branches. Tricky!

o Key #24: Once you are in the mansion proper, head through the downstairs door on the left (the dining room) and back to the kitchen area. Now search the top shelves back here to find a statue sitting on one of them (the one by the door).

o Key #25: Once you are in the mansion, head upstairs and go through the middle double doors. In this room, look up at the ceiling. In the center (where the ceiling is cut out) a statue will be laying over a corner. Shoot it down.

o Key #26: After you overcome the wall-trap in the mansion's upstairs hall (you know / will know which one: it is past the bathroom), you will find a door leading to a bedroom. Inside the bedroom on the top of a cabinet is the statue. Right out in the open and easy to miss.

o Key #27: At the end of the chapter you'll find yourself in a barn. Make your way to the exit but do NOT try to leave. Instead, burn the hay to the right of the exit to uncover a statue. Very tricky!

Chapter 10: The Craftsman's Tools

o Key #28: At the start of the chapter you'll go down a ladder. Enter the next door on the left and break the crates to find a statue in the corner with the key.

o Key #29: In the hub area with the lever that requires power (meaning you need to go find the second power cell), there will be a small room on the left with a spike trap... and a statue. Shoot the statue and then quickly go nab the key from the room (before the spikes make you go splat!).

o Key #30: After you start the traps and are making your way back, you'll have to face an ogre. The lever nearby opens up the way back (and makes some spinning blades nearby go up and down). Directly past that is a fire iron trap that will shoot out. BEHIND it is the statue. You can get behind the trap when it shoots out to collect the key.

o Key #31: THIS one is tricky and may best be done on a second play-through. To get it, you must kill Laura before heading to the final elevator, which takes smarts and overwhelming firepower but can be done even on normal mode. Once you do this, you can examine the right side of the elevator (instead of rushing to it in fear) to find several items and this key.

Chapter 11: Reunion

o Key #32: Near the start of the chapter there is a carousel that has a statue riding on the back of a horse. Heh. Shoot it and get near the ride so you can grab the key that fell as it passes.

o Key #33: After you are forcibly dropped into the water, look behind you to see a statue floating nearby. Push it to the nearby car so you can stand up and shoot it to collect the key.

o Key #34: When you enter the office building you'll see a "Brain" vending machine. Hit it twice to have the statue fall out. It is a good idea to hit all of the vending machines for the gel, by the way! Watch out for bombs!

o Key #35: Once you rescue Kidman you'll head through some double doors that have a stairwell and elevator nearby. Call up the elevator to have the statue waiting for you.

o Key #36: This one is very tricky, and may be the reason you are looking at this guide (hi!). At the last save room equip your sniper rifle, round the corner and go up the stairs. In the distance is a number of cranes. The closest one has a statue hanging from it. Shoot it down. Cross the destroyed catwalk and search by the doorway to find the key.

Chapter 12: The Ride


Chapter 13: Casualties

o Key #37: When you are in the area with the fake Ruvik, head past his acid trap and down the hallway is a room on the right with an enemy as well as several traps. Here you can also find a statue on the left (in the room) that you can shoot that drops a key.

Head downstairs and wait for the Keeper to leave the room he is setting up traps in. The key you shot down will be by the small table / doorway in this room. Alternately you can just shoot the statue from this room and have the key fall down.

o Key #38: When you first come across the first foe with traps on his body, look to the right for a trap to disarm and, up on the nearby crate sticking out just slightly is a statue with the key.

o Key #39: Once you get to the trap-filled kitchen, from the path-split, head left and check the table behind you to find the statue just chilling there.

o Key #40: After you get through the meat locker section (oh, you'll remember that part!), exit the dumb waiter and search the nearby dumb waiter in the area you end up in to find the statue inside it.

Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives

o Key #41: Near the start of the chapter you'll be in a subway tunnel. Look for the sign hanging down with the bathroom / arrow signals and from there look up and around for a statue sitting up on a white ledge.

o Key #42: After you inspect the metro-bridge thing, turn around and kill the enemy that shows up. Enter the metro car he came from and search to the right to find the statue in a window.

o Key #43: In the water-filled brick subway area one of the side paths (the right side-path) will have a film of organic tissue you can burn to get past. This leads to a cubby with a bomb, gel and the all important statue!

o Key #44: After fighting the boss at the end of the chapter, start the generator but BEFORE you go into the elevator head to the right and duck under the electricity to reach this statue.

o Key #45: On you way to the metro-bridge, BEFORE you drop down smash this statue which will be chilling out amidst the debris on the right. It is actually very hard to miss.

Chapter 15: An Evil Within


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