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Chapter 13: Casualties

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Search the room for [2 MATCHES], the [JOURNAL ENTRY - SEPTEMBER 2012]. The room on the left contains [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and the vending machine will spit out [500 GREEN GEL] and [300 GREEN GEL x2]. Enter the save hub via the mirror to collect the [MANSION BURNS DOWN] newspaper.

When you're done exploring, head down into the hall to the right of the mirror. An acid trap has been set up here, but you can dismantle it; these traps just take a little longer to disassemble. Search the vending machine for [500 + 300 GREEN GEL] and [2 PARTS]. Look for [1 PARTS] in the hall. Head through the hall and look for [3 HANDGUN AMMO] on the floor right before you shoot the elevator's wire. Head down, move through the shaft and drop down. Inspect the vending machine for [500 GREEN GEL], then hop over the concrete pillar and search the cabinet to your right for [2 MATCHES].

Continue through the hall and search the first room you come across for [300 + 1000 GREEN GEL], [1 PARTS] and [5 HANDGUN AMMO]. There's an enemy up ahead, as well as a trap. When he starts moving away from you, disarm the trap and follow him. You might catch a glimpse of the 'fake' Ruvik in the hall to your left, arming an acid trap, but ignore him for now. Take out the enemy with a stealth kill first.

NOTE: Although it's possible to kill the fake Ruvik, you can save some ammo by sneaking past him.

Hide in the hall you came from, but stay close to the room where you killed the enemy. Ruvik will soon enter and go around the room, then move through the back and exit via the left hall again. You can follow him in the exact same fashion once he exits the room. Keep an eye on him and when he turns away, continue through the hall. The 'corpse' up ahead should be burned ASAP. Proceed through the hall and stealth kill the enemy in the room to your right. After this, inspect the small storage room adjacent to the hall to find [500 + 300 GREEN GEL]. Continue down the hall and head downstairs. [C]

Look to the right of the hall to find [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], then continue and sneak around the right corner to spot The Keeper in the next room. When he goes away, disarm all his traps, including the acid trap, then head back to the hall and look for [500 + 1000 GREEN GEL] in the carts in the back. The destroyed room adjacent to the one you saw The Keeper in also contains [1000 GREEN GEL] and [2 MATCHES], plus [1 PARTS] in the bathroom. Move through the hall and go through the shaft to reach another hall. Look to your right to spot [300 + 300 + 500 GREEN GEL]. [C]

Continue to descend and collect the [500 GREEN GEL] along the way. When you reach the body, inspect the silver case to find [3 MAGNUM ROUNDS]. In the hall, inspect the red door to enter the save hub, in which you can find the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - JOSEPH].

Exit the hub when you're done and look in the corner of this small room for [300 + 500 GREEN GEL]. The door in the hall now opens. Move through and inspect the red cabinet for [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS]. Drop down and search the room for [1 PARTS], [100 GREEN GEL], [300 GREEN GEL] and a [SYRINGE].

Enter the hall and disarm the trap to your right; there's also a crate here. As you approach the crouched enemy in the distance it becomes apparent that he is rigged with two explosives and thus cannot be stealth killed. Instead, shoot him from a safe distance, but keep in mind that a second enemy - also rigged with explosives (why not?) - comes through the first, previously locked door in this hall, so you'll need to shoot him too, or move away from him in any case.

With these two out of the way, enter the room through the door that opened and look for [MAP FRAGMENT 25] on the nearby desk. There are also [1 PARTS] on the floor and [500 + 300 GREEN GEL] in the shelves. You can find [1 PARTS] and [1000 GREEN GEL] near the body, and the next room contains [300 + 30 GREEN GEL] and [5 HANDGUN AMMO]. Back in the main hall, walk to the end, then move through the shaft to reach another storage room.

Inside you can find [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS], [500 GREEN GEL], [1 MATCH], a crate, [1 PARTS] and a [FREEZE BOLT]. The next room also contains a crate and [500 GREEN GEL]. Continue to trigger a short event.

Afterwards, disarm the two traps, collect the [SPARK BOLT] and smash the statue on the end of the (right) table for an [ORDINARY KEY]. The circling blades can be put out effectively with spark bolts. You will want to move through the left path and disable the trap here before moving through the fire, since the path on the right has the trap placed AFTER the fire, which is inconvenient. There's also a second [SPARK BOLT] on the middle table. Once you're past the fire, stay crouched as there are a ton of traps here; dismantle them for parts. There will be spikes coming from the ceiling and at the other side of the room, also from the wall. To the right of the latter you can find [300 + 1000 GREEN GEL], and near the end of the room (after dismantling another trap and moving through the last fire) there are also some [PARTS]. Dismantle the acid trap and exit.

Turn right to find [500 GREEN GEL], [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], [5 HANDGUN AMMO] and a [SYRINGE] in the room at the end of the hall. Head down the other direction to meet The Keeper again. You will need to 'defeat' it twice, that is, make it collapse and respawn twice. To do this, start by throwing a grenade at it and follow up with a couple of shotgun blasts. When he respawns, throw another grenade at him (if you have one) and finish him off as quickly as possible, then run for the corner where the shutter has opened. You'll also need to avoid the green spinning wheel in the second phase, but this is the least of your concerns. Collect any Green Gel and ammo in the room during the fight, but be sure to exit the area when the light turns green.

In this room you can find [300 + 500 GREEN GEL] and [1 PARTS]. Down the hall, right before going down the stairs you can find [1 MATCH]. Exit the hall to trigger a scene.

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6 comments, latest first.
Jan 12th 2015 Guest
Yea I shot the statue when I was upstairs and the key fell below but when I got down there its gone well upset
ID #500664
Nov 23rd 2014 kellynjess2012
If u look above the room where the keeper was nealed down u can see the statue
ID #475243
Nov 23rd 2014 kellynjess2012
There is a statue in the corner of a room blocked by I beams shoot it and it goes down to the lower level the statue is in a room near a acid trap
ID #475233
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
In the hallway where you come across the suicide haunters where the map fragment is, check on top of the crates to the right of the door you first exit in the hallway for a statue. The crates have a bear trap in front of them.
ID #466639
Oct 25th 2014 Guest
Yes there is a key in the elevator shift right when you exit the elevator shift at the end of this level
ID #463063
Oct 18th 2014 Guest
you missed a key at the very end
ID #460169
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