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Chapter 10: The Craftman's Tool

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Head down the ladder; in the room up ahead, search the desk for the [MANSION BASEMENT NOTE] and a [FREEZE BOLT]. The crates contain [RANDOM ITEMS]. Enter the save hub behind the red door and visit the cell next to you for some information. You can find a new newspaper [CAR ACCIDENT; TWO DEAD] at the stand.

Back in the 'real' world, head downstairs, search for [2 HANDGUN AMMO] near the barrel in the corner, then climb down the ladder. Turn on your lantern and crouch. There's a trap nearby, so dismantle it. The room to the left contains various crates with [RANDOM ITEMS], but also a statue with an [ORDINARY KEY], plus [1000 GREEN GEL] and an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT]. Continue down the hall. The doors to your left and right are locked, but you can find [500 GREEN GEL] near the left one.

Continue through the dark hall to reach a big dark area. There's an enemy up ahead, so stay down. Be sure your light is on, nonetheless, so you can spot the two tripwires up ahead; dismantle these. Approach the enemy when he turns away, but be sure to circle a little to the left, as he has the tendency to look to the right. You can find [2 HARPOON BOLTS] if you hop over the small wall on the left side. In any case, grab the enemy's torch and move to the next hall.

A sniper will shoot at you and the area is lit. A quite insane apparatus is revealed, with an enormous blade going round and round. An enemy will soon approach you, so use your torch. Sneak through the hall until you reach the end, then grab your sniper rifle. You can spot the sniper by looking for the reflection of his scope. When you've located his position, kill him. You can find [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS] in the room you're now in.

Optionally, you can enter the main room (crouched) and hop over the left wall to find a [SYRINGE] here. If you're already maxed out on health and syringes, then this isn't required.

Head back to the previous room and go around the corner to find a ladder. Climb it and make your way through the hall, but crouch when you're about halfway. Two enemies make their entrance up ahead. It's perfectly possible to both sneak kill them, but do keep in mind there's also a bomb here. When they both walk away, kill the one on the RIGHT first; leave the (fat) one going outside for now. Hide behind the wall near to where you kill the first enemy, so that the second (now coming back inside) can't see you. Move behind it for another sneak kill. Stay crouched and sneak outside, but don't approach the 'corpse'. When you're far away enough so the bomb doesn't trigger, pull out your handgun and pop the head of the 'corpse'. This is also a great vantage point to kill a second sniper (who's at the same height as you). You can even do this with your handgun. Search the sandbags on this balcony for [2 HANDGUN AMMO].

Head back inside (stay crouched) and look around for a [FLASH BOLT]. Now backtrack a little, since we skipped the storage room in the hall to get to the enemies faster; you can find [1 SHOTGUN SHELL] and [RANDOM ITEMS] from the crates. Now head to the next room and search around for [500 GREEN GEL] and the [BATTERY PACK] key item.

Head back downstairs and enter the main area again. When you hop over the small wall to the right, proceed just slightly to trigger the appearance of two more enemies. When the blade has just moved over you, hop back over the wall and retreat into the room you came out of. From here you can easily defeat these two; stunning them with a bullet when the blade is close will mean instant death for them too.

With them taken care of, hop back over the wall and look to the right to find [500 GREEN GEL]. Head into the room to your right. There are several enemies here; one effective way to deal with them is simply to lure them back to the spinning blade, which will chop off their heads without mercy. You can find [3 MATCHES] on the blue barrel in this room and there are several crates in the back which old [RANDOM ITEMS]. There are also [2 HARPOON BOLTS] sticking out of the wall near the window. In any case, plug the battery pack in the generator to open the double doors in the main area. Head back, be careful not to trigger the trap at foot-height, search the low wall's left side for [300 GREEN GEL] and head through the double doors.

In the room up ahead you'll find that the door to your left is locked. The storage room contains [2 HANDGUN AMMO], [MAP FRAGMENT 18] and [500 GREEN GEL]. Ignore the bodies and head down the ladder. You can find a [SPARK BOLT] at the blue barrel in the corner of this hall. Move upstairs and look for [3 MATCHES] lying on the shelves around the corner. [C]

Look to your left to spot a small statue; shoot it with your handgun. Once you step inside, you only have a couple of seconds to collect the [ORDINARY KEY], and there's also [500 GREEN GEL] in the left corner. If you're fast you can grab them both. There are a couple crates with [RANDOM ITEMS] in the room, as well as [3 HANDGUN AMMO] on the blue barrel near the steps, and a [SYRINGE] on the floor beyond the steps. You can't pull the lever, so head through the blue door on the side.

There are four enemies in this area. You can shoot the bomb up ahead to waste several at once. A [GRENADE] is lying in the upper right corner near a blue barrel. Dismantle the trap near the hole, then inspect the larger area for crates with [RANDOM ITEMS]. The fat enemy in the corner will come to live, so either kill it right away or use the nearby bomb to your advantage. You can find a [FREEZE BOLT] on the blue barrel he was lying next to in the corner. The shelves nearby hold another [BATTERY PACK], and yes, the nearby 'corpse' will also come to live. Look for [300 GREEN GEL] in the corner of this room, again near a blue barrel.

Continue through the adjacent hall to find [2 MATCHES] in the shelves at the end. Move through the next room, into an even darker room. There are some crates here with [RANDOM ITEMS]. Continue through the ridiculously dark area until you reach an area with spiked devices. Grab the [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS] from the blue barrel in the corner, as well as [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS] from behind the left spiky device and continue through the hall. [C] Crouch through the hole in the fence and insert the battery pack into the generator's slot.

Will all hell break loose? Well, sort of. Three regular enemies will have to be dealt with in the previous room, and when you approach the middle of the room, the shutter opens and a huge creature with hooks attached to its arms will rush towards you. Head back a little, lure the creature to the other side of the wall with some fence in it, then rush to the lever in the area that the open shutter reveals. You can now continue to backtrack, but be careful of the spiky device which comes down at fixed intervals. The heated bars will also eject to the side but this time the game spares you.

Proceed through the next room, but don't tread too far in the next, which has several heated bars ejecting to the other side. When they're all ejected, move through by crouching; you can find [500 GREEN GEL] in the corner. Climb up the ladder afterwards. There's an [EXPLOSIVE BOLT] in the next hall; move through and smash the crates at the end for [RANDOM ITEMS], then crawl through the hole. You can find [3 MATCHES] inside the ventilation shaft as you make your way to the other side and drop down. [C]

A relatively tough fight ensues. There's one regular enemy standing with his back towards you in the area up ahead, so you should definitely sneak kill it. The other two creatures obviously cannot be dealt with this way, so you'll have to resort to other measures. You can find several crates with [RANDOM ITEMS], plus [3 HANDGUN AMMO], [4 HANDGUN AMMO], [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [2 HARPOON BOLTS] in this area. One way to deal with the two ogre-like creatures is to have them close together, blast a freeze bolt at them, followed by four to five grenades and/or explosive bolts. This does significant damage, probably killing them both. You can't smash them to pieces, of course, but it's a great way to damage them both at once.

Open the gate with the wheel and search the small room adjacent to the next hall to find [300 GREEN GEL] and a [FLASH BOLT]. Flip the lever and move underneath the spiky device to reach the room you initially started in. Open the door with the lever and move through several halls until you reach a room with a bed. Search it for the [AUDIO TAPE - LAURA] and [300 GREEN GEL]. Continue and head through the red door to find the [JOURNAL ENTRY - FEBRUARY 2012]. Enter the save hub to find a new newspaper: [HOME DESTROYED BY FIRE], on the counter this time. You can also collect the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - PATRICK] from the billboard.

Continue through the double doors in the 'real' world and in the next area, where to your surprise, an old love roams behind the fence, head down the stairs. Collect the [2 HANDGUN AMMO] in the corner, then pull the lever. The long-haired creature pulls the fence apart, so quickly move underneath the gates and make a run for it! Run through the halls and make a turn right when you see that the way is blocked by beds. Ignore the enemy near the end; just move through the door.

Destroy the crates in this room and search the left side of the next room for a [HARPOON BOLT] and [2 MATCHES]. Go through the doors and pull the lever to continue; the fire will be extinguished. Search the left side of the end of the path to find [4 HANDGUN AMMO], then inspect the two pipes fueling the flames and shoot the shiny switch in order to continue again.

When you move through the hall, the long-haired creature appears again. Quickly move past it, into the hall to your left and ignore the bomb(s). In the next room, turn right and pull the lever. Unfortunately it takes quite some time until the fire is extinguished, so you'll have to play hide and seek with the creature. The area was designed just for this, of course. Be sure to collect a [SYRINGE] from around the main pillar. If the bomb annoys you, simply shoot it. With the fire extinguished (and the creature at a safe distance), climb the ladder behind it and quickly rush through the next hall. Again, pull the lever to extinguish the fire, which again takes some time. The area is smaller this time, but the principle remains the same; hide from the creature until the fire is finally out, then be on your way.

You'll be locked in an incineration room. Quickly turn around and look at the ceiling to spot a similar switch; shoot it and head through the door. In this area you will have to shoot three switches; two are on the ceiling pipes in the main room, the other is attached to the pipe near the fire. Meanwhile, stay away from the long-haired creature.

When the fire is out, get a move on and hop down into the next room. There's one switch to shoot here, but what matters most is the lever in the corner; trigger the bomb first by, for example, planting an explosive bolt or throwing a grenade in that direction. It takes some time for the fire to go out, so keep busy. Rush through the hall to trigger a scene.

After the scene, look to your right to find [1000 GREEN GEL]. There's a red door up ahead. You can find the [IRREGULARITIES AT HOSPITAL] newspaper and the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - MARCELO] in the save hub at their usual spots. Continue and move through the tunnel. The next room contains [3 HANDGUN AMMO], [3 MATCHES] and [3 PARTS]. The next room contains [300 GREEN GEL] (where the wall is smashed by the creature for the first time). Make your way to the end of the tunnel to initiate a boss fight.

The fight can be divided into two phases. In the first phase, the creature will search for you with its tail eye. If you shoot the eye (with your shotgun, since it has a much larger spread), the creature is temporarily stunned, so use this moment to your advantage to shoot a couple of rounds into the beast.

You will want to do this another time. The creature will recover fairly quickly however, and start to rush towards you. There are two storage rooms in which you can hide. When the creature gets close, quickly empty your guns (and explosive bolts) on it; then it will grab you, causing some relatively minor damage. The same can be done with the second storage room.

The second phase of the fight is marked by the creature's mutation. Its eye is enlarged and now located in its belly. It's remarkably fast, so you might want to use a spark bolt to stun it, followed by again explosive bolts, shot in its eye. Several of these should fell the beast. Be sure to explore the area afterwards to collect any items you might've missed.

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38 comments, latest first.
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Dec 20th 2016 Hitman4768
My buddy dre whom hasn't played more than an HOUR did it on her third try we completely freaked out
ID #697804
Dec 20th 2016 Hitman4768
Stay behind pillar shoot eye and repeat until he changes form then freeze bolt 2 grenades and sniper about 5 shots in the eye or around it. Pretty easy(sarcasm) just be patient go potty first cause it's a clench moment
ID #697803
Jan 27th 2016 rocketman68
i was stuck on this for ages,then after the 2 storage rooms i hid behind cars using syringes,when needed then i used a flash bolt giving me enough time to shoot its eye with a harpoon and finally an explosive bolt
ID #633595
Mar 17th 2015 Guest
I can't kill the eye ball creature plz help
😤. 😢
ID #529846
Mar 6th 2015 Guest
This Boss is an UGLY stain to this awesome
ID #524735
Mar 2nd 2015 Guest
we keep getting eaten by the last boss, it seems like when were close to finally ending him he bends over and a big mouth sucks us in
ID #523239
Feb 24th 2015 Guest
I can't kill the two fish like creatures at all. How the hell do you kill them???
ID #520800
Jan 30th 2015 Guest
when I got off the elevator I was in the main room of the mansion if u go to the save hub u can find map fragment 20 and I tried to get the stuff next to the elevator but it took me straight to the cut scene how do u get that stuff
ID #509166
Dec 2nd 2015 Guest
You have to kill the long haired witch to get that stuff
ID #630467
Jan 14th 2015 Guest
So after getting killed at least 36 times at the hands of Spider Demon chick, she literally just disappeared. So now I'm fighting end of chapter 10 boss with only 3 explosive bolts. HELLLLP!
ID #501476
Jan 13th 2015 Guest
Shoot the last boss in its whispering eye.
ID #501259
Jan 13th 2015 Guest
With the last boss we shot off all four heads and then when it went into it's second mode we shot it with a shock bolt then followed up with a sniper rifle straight to the eye and then followed with an explosive bolt. This was on casual though
ID #501258
Jan 13th 2015 Guest
With the last boss we shot off all four heads and then when it went into it's second mode we shot it with a shock bolt then followed up with a sniper rifle straight to the vagina eye and then followed with an explosive bolt. This was on casual though
ID #501256
Jan 10th 2015 Guest
I can't beat the 6 legged witch!!!!
Been on it for the past three freakn days!
How do I beat it? I don't get it!
Its solo frustrating!
ID #499168
Jan 9th 2015 Guest
This game is bullshit
ID #498913
Jan 7th 2015 Guest
long haired whore fight is BS
ID #497898
Jan 4th 2015 Guest
The easiest way to defeat the boss is to dump everything you have in her. Use your bolts last and save your handgun ammo until the end. Try to use as many bolts as you can while hiding in the side rooms. This is what will weaken her.
ID #496130
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
boss battle at the end of chp 10 is way too hard, stupid hard I thought games were meant to be fun. This game makes me want to smash my ps4 into tiny pieces. I better quit before i do something stupid!
ID #495631
Oct 24th 2015 Guest
Dude, All You Have To Do Is Run To The Small Room And Grab The [Syringe And 2 Rifle Ammo], And When He Tries To Grab You, Shoot Him.
ID #619367
Jan 3rd 2015 Guest
Can someone tell me Laura's (the bloody multi limbed black haired freak) weak spot is or how to defeat her?? She's an annoyingly scary witch!
ID #495511
Jan 2nd 2015 Guest
Great Walkthrough for the chapter. My son got me past the boss in less than 15 minutes.
ID #494957
Jan 2nd 2015 lilchrisjr814
Can anyone please tell me how I have one extra key I beat the game already im playing on game plus and I just found one key in level 13 I already got the trophey for unlocking everything with the advanced sniper and burst handgun I have everything but I also have one key which I find strange lol
ID #494716
Dec 29th 2014 Guest
Man, Laura is a b*tch to beat. I've died about 5, 7 times now? And I'm on easy mode.
Managed to get her stuck in a pillar for a few tho. Then she respawned :(
ID #491863
Dec 4th 2014 Guest
The thing with a board attached to its back is easy to kill. Freeze bolt him and then get behind him and shoot at the lump on his back. It will take two or 3 shot gun shots before he is dead.[spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #480472
Nov 26th 2014 Guest
Been stuck on this battle for 4 days now. This is ridiculously hard and frustrating. This is such a good game, but this chapter is probably going to be the end for me. I hate quitting, but this is bullshi@. Way too friggin hard and I have it set on easy. This could have been a great game but this chapter made it too frustrating. I quit!
ID #476809
Nov 15th 2014 Guest
Shoot the eye of the beast and then it's two heads which will quickly take you to phase two then pump it full of ammo and bolts
ID #471993
Nov 14th 2014 Guest
I died a couple times in the room with the spinning blade, and at first there was only 1 sniper, but the more I had to replay, there was eventually 2 snipers shooting at me. did that happen to anyone else?
ID #471440
Nov 8th 2014 Guest
Start playing chapter ten over and over trying to get to the end the chick with the long hair keeps killing me ,now its 3am got to get some shut eye and try it again tomorrow .
ID #469039
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
Been on one chapter for 4hrs but , its either a bomb or a zombie , but I keep getting closer to the end of the chapter !!!
ID #468576
Nov 5th 2014 Guest
For the last boss freeze or shock bolts from a distance and then some snipers shots were really effective when it went to phase two
ID #467641
Nov 3rd 2014 Guest
Gave up after this boss battle too much of a pain in the ass.
ID #467010
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
After placing the battery pack which starts the blades and heat lamps where you face 3 regular enemies and the big mofo,wait for the heat lamp to extend next to area the big enemy came out of (with the lever)then shoot the statue behind it, you can crawl in here and collect the key.
ID #466085
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