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Issue 1

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"Spun from the new survival horror game The Evil Within from Bethesda Softworksvthis all-new prequel invites readers to experience the deranged world created byvShinji Mikami. Presents the story of a young student, Dana, whose search for a missing friend leads straight into a world fraught with tension and unimaginable horrors."



A girl is driving through the darkness and sighs as she looks at the bulk of missing person posters with a picture of her best friend on them. She says to herself that she hopes that her best friend appreciates what she's doing for her, since she wouldn't do this just for anyone. Then all of a sudden the car's gas appears to have run out. On top of that, her cellphone has no service, it is windy and rainy outside, and she is in the middle of nowhere. Or is she? In the distance she notices a light...

She gets out of the car and approaches, then enters the gas-and-diner. The place is vacant, but as she looks out of the window she notices a shady, hooded figure in the dark distance. She runs back outside, shouting: "Who's there!?" But the figure appears to have gone. She is, however, grabbed out of nowhere by a hand of a young man. He tells her: "They're coming! We have to go now!" The girl doesn't know what he's talking about at first, but he only has to point his finger toward the horde of undead to get the point across. As they run away the girl asks what's going on, but the man has as much of a clue as she does, telling her that he dozed off while he was on shift. He also tells her he works at Krimzon City. The girl looks confused; Krimson City? She was supposed to be on the other side of the country. How the hell did she wind up here?

As she looks at the horde, she notices someone between them... Is that... Kate? Her best friend? The horde nearly catches the girl as she zones out, and her head is engulfed in green orbs. She opens her eyes and is suddenly in what appears to be a medical area with a large mirror. She turns around and a nurse speaks to her: "You have always known." The girl replies that she saw her friend Kate, and the nurse tells her that her friend is no longer with us. No further explanation can be given as she's pulled through the light of the mirror.

When she comes by, she's inside some sort of asylum with the man she ran away with just now. He tells her she zoned out and that they ended up in this room. Seconds later, a loud screeching sound alarms both of them. They enter the next room, but it is filled with dismembered, spiked bodies. On top of that, a large figure with a metal safe on its head appears, armed with a heavy, bloodstained axe and a bag with undoubtedly grossness inside, in other words, they meet The Keeper.

As they rush through the adjacent hall and room, the man attempts to block the double doors with a bed. He wants to quickly continue through this large room, filled with strange beds that have tentpole-shaped white sheets laying on them. The girl warns him: "Wait!" She inspects one of the beds and looks underneath the sheet; it's got spikes all over them, as do all of the other beds. It's a trap! They quickly run back as the bed spikes eject and the beds are launched all over the place. To make matters worse, the hall they rush contains another floor trap with spikes. They somehow manage to jump across.

As they continue their flight, the two get to introduce eachother. The girl is named Dana and the man is called Paul. He asks her what she was doing here and she tells him that she was looking for her best friend Kate, who was kidnapped right in front of her eyes. She thinks back about that moment and recalls a hooded man passing by as her friend vanished into thin air. She continues by saying that she almost had a psychological breakdown as most people didn't believe what she was saying. Paul nods, saying that he recalls a story like that from several years back on the news. But Dana tells him that he must be thinking of someone else, since Kate disappeared only 6 months ago.

Paul then tells her his story, at least of how he got here. He was working at the tail-end of a 72-hour shift at Krimson City General and fell asleep. He woke up in the diner from which he spotted Dana. The place was desolate. Until the undead showed up, that is.

He's barely spoken these words and both of them are literally shook up by an earthquake. The building is half destroyed and the two fall down. They're now standing at the edge of a very high cliff and can only conclude that they have somehow fallen into a nightmare, if not something worse. The sight shows a completely ruined Krimson City with half-destroyed bridges and skyscrapers...

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