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Chapter 15: An Evil Within

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In the save hub you can find the [INTERNAL AFFAIRS TRANSCRIPT] on the counter and the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - MISSING WOMAN] on the notice board. Follow Leslie down the many halls and enter Beacon Mental Hospital. Search behind the counter for a [SYRINGE], [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and [1000 GREEN GEL]. Head through the security room and adjacent storage room, then go downstairs and climb down the long ladder. At the intersection, inspect the [AUDIO TAPE - IMPRISONED] to the left. The deadend hall contains [300 GREEN GEL].

Continue through the hall on the right and jump into the pool to find [1000 GREEN GEL] in the middle. Continue through the door and search the left side of the walkway for [1 PARTS]. Approach Leslie and you're teleported ahead a little. Optionally, backtrack by jumping into the water and wading to the far end of the water next to the walkway to find [500 GREEN GEL]. The storage room on the right side of the area contains [5 PARTS]. Also collect the [NEWER NOTE FROM SEWER] next to the wheelchair. Lastly there's [1000 GREEN GEL] in the room to the upper right.

When you're done exploring, smash the locks on these gates (finally, one could say) and head through the left one to find [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS] at the end. Return and continue through the halls beyond the second unlocked gate. At the end of the halls, head upstairs and open the first door to your right. In this room you can find [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and the [AUDIO TAPE - BETRAYAL]. Go through the other door and ride the elevator up.

Explore the immediate right side of the area for [500 GREEN GEL]. If you go through the door on the left and head downstairs you can find [5000 GREEN GEL] and [MAP FRAGMENT 28]. Approach Leslie in the garden to trigger a scene. Search one of the benches to your right afterwards for [1 PARTS] and enter the building. [C]

Enter the 'save hub' in the right corner to upgrade skills or save. When you're ready, proceed through the main hall. Inspect one of the cells to trigger a scene, and continue for another scene.

You're up for quite a fight in this bloody area, but the good news is that there is a lot of ammo lying around and you have a lot of room to run around. That would be the first advise: stay on the move. And in case you were wondering about the eyes, no, they cannot be destroyed and they do not affect the battle, so don't waste your precious bullets.

The first phase of the fight is marked by the appearance of a fake Ruvik, which you should take out first. When all other regular enemies have been killed, a second phase will eventually start, mainly marked by the appearance of the executioner. His rocket launcher is a one-time-only move and he'll switch back to his chainsaw after that. Stay on the move and use explosive bolts to soften him up. A magnum round or two can also do wonders.

With the area cleared out, explore all platforms to find any leftover items, then proceed to the second area. This fight is much less hard or lengthy than the last one. You'll just have to defeat several snipers and dynamite throwing enemies up front, so pull out your sniper rifle to accomplish exactly that. Be sure to search the places they were standing at for any items they left behind.

Proceed through the hall up ahead to reach another boss-like environment. And indeed, when you flip the switch and approach the safes, you'll find you're up against no less than TWO Keepers. Fortunately the area is divided into two halves, or at least, can be divided into two halves by using the switches to eject the spikes.

When the two Keepers approach you, first shoot a couple of magnum rounds in both of them. When you feel they get to close, quickly run to the other room and flip the switch. Now pull out your handgun and empty it on the Keeper that is closest to you. The other will probably immediately run to the other side, but this takes some time. In any case, when you've killed one of them, the room will fill with blood. The good news is that you can now keep switching rooms whenever the Keeper gets close, and shoot a couple of rounds at it, or even strategically place explosive bolts. All in all, this fight is relatively easy, as long as you don't jump into the pool of blood.

Continue through the double doors and make your way through the long hall. There will be spotlights all over the place which you need to avoid. This isn't too hard, and all that happens when you're spotted is that you're teleported back to the start. When you reach the checkpoint, continue until you reach a couple of traps; disarm the leftmost trap as soon as the spotlight moves away to easily move past. After you've made it through, another running scene ensues. Stay on the left side, then on the right side, and lastly roughly in the middle of the path so you can avoid the pools of blood that would slow you down tremendously otherwise.

Back in the garden, simply head through the double doors and take the elevator (unless you want to save, in which case you can enter the door to the right). Ride the elevator up and various scenes will play.

Another running scene ensues. Stay on the right side to avoid the first claw, then keep on the left side to avoid all other attacks. Make your way through the collapsing hall afterwards to trigger the next part of the (ridiculously over the top) fight. Fire the turret at the incoming claws of the creature, and whenever you get the chance, at its brain, which contains Ruvik himself. After this, fire the rocket launcher from your old friend at Ruvik's head. Do this several times; the game will indicate where to shoot whenever Ruvik is staggered. A short scene will trigger, in which you need to shoot Ruvik one last time. If you succeed, congratulations! You've beaten the game.

If you played on Normal (Survival), you will unlock the following things: Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, 50000 Green Gel, New Game+, Model Viewer.

You also unlock the 'Nightmare' and 'Akumu' difficulties. Nightmare is basically hard mode. Akumu is even harder; one hit will instantly kill you.

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15 comments, latest first.
Aug 22nd 2015 Guest
lilchrisjr814 is such a man, where can we get his autograph?
ID #601041
May 5th 2015 Guest
He fires the rockets until you approach him so if u take your time lots or run straight towards him (but only the level below him or he'll chain you). Advice is save plenty of spare parts and use them for flash arrrows, you can kill 3 or 4 enemies a shot.
ID #552341
Apr 25th 2015 Guest
Omg ;-; Best. Game. Ever. 😶 But I kind of hate and love how the ending was.
ID #547793
Apr 18th 2015 Guest
amazing game. By far one of my favs. Hardest level was def level 10, and 15! My fav one was "Loosing Grip Of Ourselves." BEST GAME EVER AND THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP. THE LEVELS WE NEEDED YOU FOR!!!!!!
ID #544615
Feb 9th 2015 Guest
I cannot beat. Level 15 no wepon
ID #514041
Jan 5th 2015 Guest
Found a syringe in the storage room & 500 green gel outside the mental hospital in crates. 500 green gel on one of the couches as soon as u walk in
ID #496905
Jan 1st 2015 Guest
The double keepers had 100x more health then the ones from chapter 7 and 13
ID #494050
Dec 29th 2014 lilchrisjr814
Done . And if you dont get the items at the end means you beat it on easy
BIRD STATUS LOL MAN UP AND PLAY IT ON HARD THANKS FOR THE GUide only used it for keys and the boss thanks again
ID #491868
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
He'll keep firing the launcher till he hits you. Then he'll come at you with the chainsaw.

Mint guide proper helpful. Thanks
ID #481793
Nov 28th 2014 Guest
Great game
ID #477547
Nov 19th 2014 Guest
"His rocket launcher is a one-time-only move" - No, no it's not. He fired about 10 rockets at me.
ID #473518
Nov 8th 2014 Guest
Such a difficult game! Chapter 5, 7, and 15 were the worst. Thank you for doingthis walkthrough, i dn't think i woul hae had eough supplies without this guide for the bosses!
ID #469184
Oct 24th 2014 Johndi69
I beat the game where are my rocket launcher and machine gun
ID #462400
Oct 20th 2014 Guest
i need save of this chapter becoz my saves got corrupt

ID #461083
Oct 20th 2014 Guest
Awesome guide! You guys rock! Chapter 15 is the worst!
ID #461074
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