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Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives

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Head down the escalator and ignore the vending machine; three baby creatures will pop out otherwise. You can find [300 GREEN GEL] in the corner and the blue lockers up ahead contain [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and another [300 GREEN GEL]. There's also [1 SHOTGUN SHELL] in one of the newspaper boxes. Before continuing, enter the door on the right, but beware of the bomb inside this room. One of the desk drawers contains [300 GREEN GEL] and there's [1 PARTS] on the table. Better yet, there's a [MEDICAL KIT] attached to the wall. The adjacent locker room also contains [1 PARTS], [1 MATCH], a [GRENADE] and [MAP FRAGMENT 26].

From the main subway hall, head left before going down. The restroom is fully rigged with explosives and also houses an enemy, so kill it and run in/out or shoot the explosives to secure the place. Inside you can find [1000 + 1000 GREEN GEL] and [2 MATCHES]. Go through the red door you passed by to find the [NOTE FROM MYRA]. The save hub contains the [FIRE AT OFFICE] newspaper and the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - IVAN DIAZ].

Back in the subway, head down, shoot the 'corpse' and kill the fake Ruvik this time, since you need to open the shutter at the end (beware of the bomb; shoot it or trigger/avoid it). Go through the hall and open the shutter at the end. Here, sneak to the metro in front of you, collect [1000 GREEN GEL] and [3 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS] inside, then pop the two masked enemies in the distance, followed by the fake Ruvik. This isn't easy, but it can be done. Just stay away from the bodies, since there are traps attached to them. After dealing with the fake Ruvik, sneak to the two traps attached to the hanging bodies; dismantle them to avoid waking up the various corpses; you can still shoot those, of course, it just isn't recommended. You can find [300 GREEN GEL] near the vending machine on the left, and [500 GREEN GEL] on one of the seats.

When you enter the metro up ahead, note that the place is rigged with booby-traps starting with a bear claw. But there's also a bomb attached to the right side of the metro (outside); you can safely ignore this one, just take notice. There's [500 GREEN GEL] lying on the bench just past the bear claw. The next cabin contains another bear trap along with [5 HANDGUN AMMO]. Drop down in the water and carefully approach the next metro, which is completely rigged with explosives and has one enemy inside; you can easily kill it by shooting one of the explosives as he walks by. Shoot the remaining explosives, or approach/ avoid them and make your way to the other side to find [3 HANDGUN AMMO].

In the tunnel, look for [500 GREEN GEL] among the debris, then enter the next metro and be on the lookout for [4 SHOTGUN SHELLS] somewhere on the left as you proceed. At the end, inspect the metro-bridge, then turn back but beware of the enemy that enters through the doors; kill it and inspect the metro it came out of for a [SYRINGE]. There's also a small statue standing in the far right corner of this cart, so smash it for an [ORDINARY KEY].

Head outside and look near the 'clothing web' to find [2 MATCHES] and [500 GREEN GEL]. Use one of the matches to burn the web and head downstairs. Ignore the creature behind the fence and go around the corner; kill the two-headed creature here. Before entering the nearby storage room, spot the trap at feet height and dismantle it. Inside the room you'll find [500 GREEN GEL] and [1 PARTS].

As you continue down the hall, shoot the hanging two-headed creature in (one of its) head(s), then kill it. You can find [300 GREEN GEL] near the place it was hanging. Head downstairs and ignore the body. Continue around the corner and look for [1 PARTS] here. Electricity sparks from the walls up ahead, but there is also another two-headed creature laying in between the sparks. Shoot it so it can demonstrate what happens when one tries moving through high voltage loose electricity; that's right, exactly that. Flip the switch and head down. You can find [6 HANDGUN AMMO] near a second switch which you can flip to turn off the electricity. Crouch and move through the organic tissue. In the room up ahead, enter the right (dead end) tunnel to find [300 + 500 GREEN GEL]. A creature will crawl out of the other ventilation shaft, so waste it. Enter the red door to find the [JOURNAL ENTRY - DECEMBER 2012]. Inside the save hub you can find the [MISSING PERSONS POSTER - TATIANA]. Use any skill points and keys you have left, then be on your way.

The tunnel out of which the creature crawled contains [2 SNIPER RIFLE ROUNDS]. Move through the tunnel and don't bother shooting the two-headed creature that comes around the corner, you see why. Continue, then search the right side at the intersection for [300 GREEN GEL], a [HARPOON BOLT] and a [MATCH]. Be sure to disarm the trap at feet height on the left side before continuing.

At the next intersection, kill the creature on the right. The left side contains [300 GREEN GEL] and a [FREEZE BOLT] near the bomb. There's also a nasty bear claw hidden in the water just beyond the bomb. The right side of the area that you just passed by contains [1000 GREEN GEL] and an [ORDINARY KEY], but you must first burn the organic tissue blocking the way, and there's a bomb near these items.

In the next room, turn right to find a [GRENADE] and crates with [RANDOM ITEMS], then collect the [JUNCTION BOX FUSE] near the electricity. There's [1 PARTS] and [500 GREEN GEL] to be found in the debris. Turn the valve to lower the water, then move through the tunnel and look for [300 GREEN GEL] attached to one of the tissue blobs on the walls. Climb the ladder.

In this room, ignore the creature and start searching the area for a [SYRINGE] and [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the shelves, and [4 HANDGUN AMMO] on one of the crates. Continue through the tunnel and look for [2 MATCHES] and [300 GREEN GEL] near the wooden boxes in the corner before going down. Burn the tissue and move through the blobs. In this tunnel, all creatures come alive, so when you get the chance to sneak up on 'corpses' and burn them, be sure to do so to conserve ammo. The end of the tunnel contains [6 HANDGUN AMMO], [300 GREEN GEL] and [3 SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Put the fuse in the slot and the area will transform a little. Four more creatures appear. Backtrack a little to find a previously hidden valve; turn it and search the ground for [500 GREEN GEL].

Two more creatures appear, but you can also just run past them. Continue through the tunnel and head downstairs where the water used to be; you can find [300 GREEN GEL] in this tunnel. Halfway the tunnel you're grabbed by an octopus-like creature; quickly shoot its head a couple of times in order to be released. Head upstairs and search the corner for [2 MATCHES]. The next hall contains [6 + 8 HANDGUN AMMO], [3 + 4 SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [SYRINGE]. Go through the red door first to find [MAP FRAGMENT 27]. The save hub doesn't contain items, but you might want to use any spare Green Gel or Ordinary Keys you've found.

When you're ready, continue down the hall to find an electrical circuit next to the elevator that needs fixing. First inspect the far end of the hall to find a third - required - part. To fix the device, place the following items in the following positions:

Lower Left/Middle/Far Right

--'-- | |''

When you try to activate the generator, the octopus-like creature appears again; it's boss time. The creature has some nasty short-range attacks, so as is the case with most bosses, you will want to stay away from it as best as you can. One of its long range attacks is technically harmless; it will blow purple gas at you, blurring your vision. More interesting is its invisibility/cloaking ability. It will lie down somewhere, become invisible, and simultaneously breed larvae that will move towards you and explode, their acid harming you. Try to shoot these before they reach you, which is quite easy with the shotgun, and not so easy with for example the handgun. When shot, the larvae drop ammo.

You can locate where the creature is by either looking closely (it's not completely invisible, just cloaked). Once you've located it, hurling a grenade at it is generally a good idea, or alternatively an explosive bolt.

The creature will sometimes hide in one of the tunnels on the ceiling; simply shoot it and it'll drop down. To defeat the creature, other than using grenades, use your magnum and shotgun for close range.

After you've defeated it, the game will hint that you should now activate the generator, which you should indeed do. After riding the elevator, move through the tunnel and be on the lookout for [300 + 300 GREEN GEL]. When you reach the destroyed metro, be sure to smash the small statue nearby, right before dropping down, for an [ORDINARY KEY].

Enter the metro 'bridge' and search behind the bench to your left for [500 GREEN GEL]. Continue through the metro and tunnel to trigger a short event. After this, defeat the three regular enemies and pull the cords from their brains to finish the chapter.

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5 comments, latest first.
Apr 15th 2015 Guest
When the octopus thing is waiting to grab you, you can shoot it once before hand to make it take off early.
ID #543151
Feb 1st 2015 Guest
Also there is an open room that has parts and ammo to the right of the elevator
ID #510379
Jan 20th 2015 Guest
Can't beat this guy I run out of ammo
ID #504609
Nov 2nd 2014 Guest
After you defeat the octopus and restart the generator, go directly right to the now open flesh wall for a statue.
ID #466669
Nov 1st 2014 Guest
There is a statue at the beginning of the chapter in the ceiling, just before the door on the right.
ID #465815
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