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Chapter 4: The Patient

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Walkthrough Chapter 4

Destroy the nearby boxes for several [RANDOM ITEMS]. There are a couple of directions you can take from here; we'll start by exploring the left side of the area. Move down the street and head up the stairs on the left side.. the doctor will tell you he hears something. Move back down and hide behind the small hay carriage nearby. A big fat zombie will enter the scene. Wait for it to come down and it'll just move back and forth at this point. A stealth kill is possible and not very hard either. The cabin that it came out of (upstairs) contains the [MAP FRAGMENT 5], [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and a *rigged* chest which in turn holds a [FLASH BOLT] and a [GRENADE].

Head back to the square and go to the right; move up the steps of the house on the right and smash the barrels to find a [RANDOM ITEM], then go inside. The small cabinet contains [3 MATCHES], and you can move to a hidden room from the corner with the bookshelves. The drawers contain [3 HANDGUN AMMO], there's [300 GREEN GEL] on the round table, and a [SYRINGE] behind the small painting. The [VILLAGER'S NOTE] is lying on the bed.

Head back outside and move straight ahead to the cabin with the red door. Although it is tempting to collect an [AXE] from the table in front of it, you'll want to wait with that until after you've entered the save hub (you lose it otherwise). Collect the[JOURNAL ENTRY - FEBRUARY 2005] from the door, then use the mirror inside to enter the hub, in which you'll first have to follow the nurse to the end of the hall with the mirror, followed by entering the cell. After this you can do as you please. Start with collecting the new newspaper [MISSING PATIENT FOUND]. After that, upgrade any skills you like.

Back in the 'real' world, move to the field with the fire up ahead, and kill the enemy close in the middle. The cabin contains [2 HARPOON BOLTS]. Now enter the house on the (initial) left and move down the hall to your left. A cutscene will play and you get to meet Valerio. Afterwards, Valerio gets to meet your shotgun and a quickly thrown match (this should do him in; otherwise, repeat with another shotgun blast). Be sure to inspect the table behind the corpse for a clue as to where to find another [ORDINARY KEY], namely inside the body. Cut it open to collect it.

You can find [2 MATCHES] in the adjacent kitchen and [100 GREEN GEL] on the small shelves in the circular chamber next to it. Head back to the hall and enter the room on this same floor to find [100 GREEN GEL]. The cabinet near the stairs contains a [SYRINGE].

Head upstairs and inspect the room to your left for [4 HANDGUN AMMO], a [FLASH BOLT] (near the windows), and [300 GREEN GEL] in the rack. Now enter the closed door on the far right. This room contains [2 SHOTGUN SHELLS], but soon enough one ([AXE]-wielding) enemy will come rushing through the door that you just took. You can either hide or take it on with guns. The next room contains [300 GREEN GEL] on the desk. Lastly, the bench in the hall around the corner has [2 MATCHES] lying on it. Now that you've explored the entire area, go back outside.

There's only one place to go, which is the large house on the other side of the area, initially on the right side. Move through the front door and inspect the small drawers in the corner for [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. The next room houses [2 MATCHES] on the table next to the burning candle. Head all the way downstairs and go through the first hall on your left to collect [1 SHOTGUN SHELL] from the silver case, as well as [2 MATCHES] and a [HARPOON BOLT].

Move through the door at the end of the hall and search the room for [3 HANDGUN AMMO]. Leslie is hidden away in the back of the room. Once you've found him, a new type of INVISIBLE enemy will enter the room. You can hear it move around, but it only becomes visible when it grabs you. Should that happen, quickly wiggle the left stick left/right to break free and use your axe on it. If you don't have an axe, stick to the shotgun instead. It's worth 1000 Green Gel when you kill it. Fetch the Doc and Leslie afterwards, and collect [100 GREEN GEL] from the desk they were hiding at. The cabinet here contains another [300 GREEN GEL]. When you walk down the hall, a scene plays, after which you'll have to walk through another hall.

You'll end up in a bloody area. Before you approach the single door behind you, there are several things you might want to do, if only to orient yourself in this new environment.

o The switch nearby (in the blood bath) drains the pool, revealing a [GRENADE].

o If you walk up the angled walkway, collect [2 HANDGUN AMMO] and a [RANDOM ITEM] from the crate in the corner.

o Take note of the oil stain on the floor; it can be set on fire (but you don't have to do this right now).

o The room behind the green door contains a bomb. Just take notice, unless you want to dismantle it right away.

o Climbing the ladder in the room leads to a switch, which drops two flammable barrels in the same room. These can, obviously, be shot.

o There's also a [SHOCK BOLT] in this room, next to the blue barrels near the stairs. Don't trigger the nearby bomb.

o If you move through the door, be careful; there's a boobytrap right behind it, which you should dismantle. The switch here shoots arrows from the ceiling, landing on the catwalk from the door to where you stand (but they won't hit you if you're standing in front of the switch).

o At the end of this catwalk is a crate and [2 HANDGUN AMMO].

o You can jump onto the container adjacent to this catwalk, but be careful; there's a bomb attached to the nearby pillar. Take note of it and sneak past, or alternatively, dismantle it. There's also a crate nearby.

o Stay away from the door as far as you can and move to the other side of the walkway to find [3 PART].

o There's another boobytrap attached to the nearby (destroyed) catwalk. It's best to dismantle it right away.

Now that you've explored the area a bit, it's time to decorate! Yes, this is your new home, didn't you know? But before we get to that, we must first inspect the door we've been aching to touch, so do exactly that. It's house warming time! Roughly ten enemies appear, so run around like a chicken who's lost its head trying to keep them at a distance. You can use the explosive barrels in the other room, the oil spot on the other walkway, and so on to thin the crowd. Of course, the shotgun combined with matches works well too, and burning bodies can set other enemies on fire as a bonus. Shooting bombs with the revolver as enemies pass by can also be very effective.

When you've defeated all enemies, move through the door and make your way to the end of the long hall. In this room you can find [4 HANDGUN AMMO] to your immediate left. A long haired, multi-armed creature appears as soon as you approach the corpse. What you will want to do at this point is: RUN!

Run back through the hall and try to open the door. It's locked! And the creature keeps getting closer! Then it opens, so quickly move to the next room and hit the shutter. Collect the [GREEN GEL] in here, descend the ladder and make another run for it, but be aware of the boobytraps, which you will want to crawl underneath. Enter the elevator and get to the end of the next hall as fast as you can, once more. [C]

The nearby silver case contains a [SHOTGUN SHELL]. Head down the stairs, grab the [3 HANDGUN AMMO] and keep going down until you meet.. Ruvik. Don't bother shooting him, instead run upstairs and wait for him to get you...

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4 comments, latest first.
Jan 24th 2015 Guest
Also I found another ordinary key by pulling the switches multiple times when you are in the bloody water area
ID #506155
Nov 21st 2014 Guest
Where is fragment 6 on this chapter
ID #474280
Oct 30th 2014 Guest
Also, when the chapter first starts off, go to the hospital first thing to upgrade if you can. While there, besides a new poster to collect, if you walk down the long hallway by your room, you will see the nurse staring in the mirror. Walk up to her and she will walk away and one of the locked room doors will open. Go inside and near the sink on the left is map fragment number 7. also if you continue to walk to the end of the room you will see Leslie briefly. Why this is I don't know.
ID #465103
Oct 19th 2014 Guest
You've missed a statue location in this level. When you're in the blood bath, head up the angled walkway and pull the lever you'll see in front of you twice. The first time a body will drop out of a shute behind you and the second time the statue will fall out of the shute to the left of you (near the green door).
ID #460334
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