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Chapter 11 - 15

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Chapter 11: REUNION (TIPS)


Don't forget the key early on, but then.... hallelujah, we have the magnum! You will want to upgrade the damage on the magnum as much as you can. This gun is going to be our savior in some of the end fights, as a max-damage magnum can put down the Keepers in the ending chapters quickly.

From there the level is fairly normal until the cage maze. Take out the foes however you can (the advantage / perch here is nice) and then grab the key. You will get the shooter barging in, so take him out at the knees and burn him. Enemies are going to come in from behind you, so use your sniper rifle and take out the guard with the gun (up on the boxcar) ASAP. You can lead the other enemies out into a wider area safely now and use a flash bolt to kill all three of them (if it is upgraded, of course). We could alternately just rush to the water section, but there is some ammo up the fire escape.

After the short fish area (and key) is Ruvik's street. Oh boy. Gather up items at the start and go burn what corpses you can until Ruvik appears. THIS time he will spawn a Ruvik in the normal area AS WELL AS near your initial starting area. A word of wisdom: a max-level harpoon bolt WILL kill Ruvik in one hit, so I hope you have it as it makes this little section much easier. Shoot both Ruvik's with this and loot the place dry afterwards (remember that the enemies die without the Ruviks alive in this section...).

Next up is the construction area. The construction area sucks. Snipe the enemy in the distance and note that once the small event with the enemy using the cable car occurs, there will be a sniper in the far building behind a barricade. He won't SHOOT at us yet though... he is programmed to wait until the door here opens 2-3 times before he starts shooting. Evil! So evil!

Use grenades on the door and throw as you are on the metal stepping to the edge / towards the door. Trust that the door will open, and throw a little short of the opening. After 2-3 waves, watch for sniper fire and take cover. Take him out ASAP, but do it from far away as there will likely be an enemy throwing dynamite at you from the door area (note that if you take too long to kill the sniper, this dynamite foe WILL rush you). Clear out the rest of the foes and advance to the checkpoint.

In the second area there will be a sniper by the generator and plenty of bombs and traps on your way to him. Sneak up to him and cap his knees / burn him. From there I would disable the traps for the parts. Once you start the generator enemies will show up. Kill the nearby sniper ASAP. A second one shows up and retreats to where you dropped down at. You can easily stay at the generator and kill the enemies who show up, as they will come up the ladder (in perfect head-shooting space). Roll up on the last sniper after that.

Now onto the ride... this can be tough. You want to knock down EVERYONE. Nightmare is a bit forgiving but Akumu is rough. The key here is to shoot explosive rounds to where you know enemies are going to be, use pistol shots to knock enemies off, and always prioritize the moltov enemies. You can easily keep yourself safe until about halfway through when 2-3 enemies show up on each side. Things get tricky here, especially for Akumu, but one way to get through this is focus on killing off the right-side foes as they appear and then flash bolt the left side for 10+ seconds of peace, which will (or very nearly will... maybe use two bolts...) get you to the end.

The fish section and rescuing Kidman aren't too different. Less bodies for the fish, but you can often find bottles on cars. Don't go through the first beeping door until round two (don't rush it). Kill the sniper from the stairs and shoot the body, then swim around to the car by the sniper. You can make it to the sniper's car without any bodies, and through the gate without bodies as well (with good timing).

The gas warehouse is... a very big change. Honestly, and you won't say this often on Nightmare Mode... it is easier than Survivor. Or at least not very hard. The first area has spinning blades, similar to the blades from the kitchen area later in the game, but these ones have MANNEQUINS on them. Haha, we can't make this stuff up. Nab the health from the left room and make your way to the ladder. The blades move randomly, so avoid them and get to the second area.

Here, there are enemies with dynamite. If they see you, it is all over. This is easy though: pick up the bottle, wait for the enemy to go explore the back area, and chuck the bottle to where the vent valve is. Now, quickly go sneak against the wall and back to the container with the key. No enemies here, so you can grab it. Be careful or quick sneaking back. Can't let them see us. As you use the key know that 3-4 enemies will pour out of the door, so have a flash bolt ready for them and use it. You can escape without fighting from there.

Get the last key of the chapter and proceed to the next!

Chapter 12: THE RIDE (TIPS)


A fairly short chapter, which is good. The bus ride to the ambush is pretty normal, although you will have to shoot the giant spider monster away. Watch out for its arm attacks (note where he is aiming and move) and gather up the much-needed ammo. The small worms he coughs up are useful for ammo drops as they have a high chance to drop something, so be sure to shoot them down. When he rocks the bus, use a shotgun blast if you have to.

Once you get to the ambush, you will have to be on your game. It's not too tough at least. Shoot dynamite foes AFTER they light it, and use the barrels when there are 2+ enemies around them if you can. Beware of enemies coming into the bus. Once you have the right side picked off, go hide near the front. By ducking you can protect yourself very well and can even wait here for the ensuing cut-scene (just make sure the right side is cleared... and maybe shoot the barrels in the front instead of hiding like a wuss!).

On the ambulance section, take your time and remember to snipe from the right side. You can get the sniper and even some patrolling enemies under the van. In fact, I shot one and had two of them come look for me. By hiding by the van they couldn't find me, gave up, walked slowly back and let me sneak kill both of them! Ha!

Other than that tip, use the bottles and barrels here to lure out and clean up groups of enemies. It's very easy to get the enemy into blasting range with the number of bottles they give you (use barrels over bombs and try to get the trap parts). Some foes here have guns, so use cover as well.

Once the vehicle shows up, head to it under cover. By knowing how long the machine gun fires for you can force it into shooting at you and time your cover jumps. Get to the hood and climb it, blast the gunner with a shotgun shell and have fun. There are more dynamite / gunner enemies in this section compared to Survivor, but you can kill them all fairly easily. When you have to leave the gun to get to the bus and more enemies show up, we once again recommend you take the gun over once again and clear out the second wave.

From there the chapter is over. Onto the next one!



This chapter isn't too bad, honestly. On the first Ruvik encounter there are more enemies scattered around. The main thing to note here is that after you get into the first destroyed room, an enemy with a crossbow will appear in the hallway where you started out (go kill him ASAP to give yourself that safe zone). The second big note is that there are TWO Ruvik enemies here. The second is down by the second acid trap.

Use the fire bolts on Ruvik for a one-hit kill of course. After taking him and the first two enemies out, we highly recommend throwing a bottle into the second destroyed room (the room the first Ruvik eventually walks to). This will draw out 2-3 enemies (and possibly Ruvik #2) to the spot. Wait for them to gather and then throw a couple of grenades in there to clear them all out.

From there slowly go through the area clearing traps. Not that past the first acid trap in the lobby area is a crouched foe with two bombs attached to him. You can get a clear line of sight / shot on him if you approach from the window outside. Shoot down the key and continue down to the keeper. Here shank the enemy around the corner and wait for the keeper to leave and continue on like normal.

Things are good (normal) until the hallway with the booby-trapped foes. Get the key here and disarm the trap, then shoot the enemy down the hallway. TWO more will pop out of the two doors, so take them out (there was just one more in Survivor if you recall). There are also bombs by the open doors, so don't rush in! Once you take care of the bombs you can loot the place though and proceed to the kitchen.

Trap-kitchen is very similar to Survivor mode. Nab the key and head through it the same way, being careful of the saws. At the end, put out a shock trap to protect yourself. Normal stuff. Next up is the freezer with the keepers... now, THIS is slightly different. The big differences here are the area STARTS with four traps put out. Also, you must kill THREE KEEPERS before the dumb-waiter comes to save you...

This area is an excellent place to use your maxed-out magnum. ONE SHOT from this bad boy kills these keepers. ONE! That means three shots total will get you out of this mess. Let them come close to make sure you don't miss. One shot also means you have plenty of time to collect gel and items. Just beware of the saw in here, especially if you are on Akumu!

After that the chapter is essentially over. Get the final key and head outside to view the cutscenes. Two chapters left!



Time for the subway. Go get the initial key and loot the room on the right. There are no enemies, but there are bombs. Go visit the save room and bathroom next. Now, if you recall, down the next set of stairs on Survivor there was an enemy playing dead and a Ruvik clone. Ruvik is still there, but there is no dead enemy. Instead, there is an INVISIBLE enemy. For him, lure him onto the steps and put a fire bolt into his ***. Do the same for Ruvik and kill the enemy on the wall, then continue on.

Our next challenge is the subway area with the hanging body traps. Here put a bolt into Ruvik and then get the sniper ammo. Use that ammo to take out the two guards in the back and the bodies. From there you can sneak onto the subway with no problem. The fat enemy that usually shows up between trains isn't here for some reason. Get through the explosive train and then into the sewer area.

Things in the sewers aren't too bad. I recommend fire bolts for the dual-head foes. Easy one hit kills and cheap to make. Things are fairly normal in these sewers really, just watch out for additional traps near chokepoints (they like to add in bear traps) and watch for dual-heads. The biggest change in this sewer area comes in the large corridor where you get the second electrical piece. Here there are TWO ogres to deal with. They are in the distance though, which means you can set up some traps and snipe them. This helps a ton. Save your magnum and use the traps and snipe them to get their attention. Once they come over and hit the traps, if they are still alive stun/freeze them and finish them with grenades or the shotgun.

Go get the electrical piece and kill all the dual-heads that show up, then continue on to the boss area. Save up and re-stock. Here, we have a trick to deal with the octopus. Have a freeze shot ready and once you can, shoot it right in front of him (don't take too long or he'll move!). Once he is frozen you can unload your magnum into him to take him out ASAP. That should do the trick. Only do this if you have been collecting keys though (AKA: you have more magnum ammo back at the safehouse for later!).

Loot the place once it is dead and don't forget about the key and the room. Head up the elevator, grab the final key and gel, and head onto the last chapter. Nearly done!



As you can imagine, there are only a few challenging sections in this last chapter. The first is of course the eyeball room. Before you hit this point, you should have spent all your gel and unlocked every locker you can (which should be most of them). You'll have max magnum ammo too.

In the eyeball room, hit the first wave of foes with a flash bolt. Stand right where they drop and let them all drop to get them all. You can kill them all like this with a max flash. The second wave you should let come to you... you can defend the two ladders and get very easy headshot kills as the enemies come up (especially with the handgun critical maxed).

The third wave comes from the south side (north being where the Sadist shows up from, for reference) and can be taken care of with another flash bolt or two. This will likely spawn the Sadist once you kill a few of them (not all of them), so finish up while he tries to launch rockets at you from afar (which you can dodge easily). Snipe him from there and when he gets close you can freeze him. Use your shotgun shells and fire bolts here, as we don't need that ammo type anymore.

Once he is dead continue to the sniper room. Here it is best to stay hidden and shoot the dynamite guys after they light their dynamite. We want them to hold onto it and kill themselves and their sniper partners. This takes one or two well-placed handgun shots for each of them, but is the best way to handle it. Unless you want to snipe, then snipe. We don't need the sniper rifle or the handgun from here on in.

Our last big challenge is the keeper room. I was under the mistaken impression from reading online that there were THREE keepers here, but that's not the case. There's still two, but one of them has enhanced health (the right one, likely). This is where the max magnum and ammo come into play. Pump them both with rounds until they die. You can use up any ammo you wish here, meaning if you can freeze and shock them prior to the magnum, go for it. Loot the place if you wish afterwards and continue.

Everything from here on in is very similar to Survival Mode. The hallway-o-traps (totally its name) has more bear traps and bombs, but isn't too hard to figure out. The final boss has more health but as long as you shoot the hands and arms when they have red circles you will get through it. The running segments are all the same, as is the rocket launcher section and final shot section. Thankfully, the game is very generous with checkpoints near the end, and hands them out before the final shot and the rocket launcher segments. Thank you, game! Keep at it and you'll have Nightmare Mode, Akumu Mode beat before you know it! Congrats!

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