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Hitman: Absolution

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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Dossiers: Agent 47


Dossier 01: Agent 47

File No. ICA-PF-640509-040147/XA047
Name: Agent 47
DOB: 5 September 1964, Ort-Meyer Asylum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Father: Unknown*
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: 9 Series 04 Clones (2 Viable)
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).
Weight: 187 lb (85 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None

* See Genetic Material Donor List

  • ICA Rank Gamma: 2000
  • ICA Rank Nov: 2000

Biographical Information
Distinguishing Features/Marks: Barcode Tattoo on the back of his head “ 640509-040147” which lists his date of creation and identification number – 5 September 1964 and Series 04, Class 01, Clone 47.

Family: None. As Subject 47 he was the product of genetic manipulation using largely donor materials and as such has no close or even distant relations, and no sense of familial identity or belonging to muddle his world-view. The lack of familial attachments serves to remove one of the most common leverage points often used to manipulate special operators of 47's level.

Friends: There is only one documented relationship that qualifies under this heading, and that is the relationship that Agent 47 had with Father Emilio Vittorio, a Jesuit Brother and Catholic Priest who took on the role of spiritual adviser to Agent 47 during his “two years in the wilderness” during which 47 struggled with the moral implications of his life and lifestyle, his profession, and the choices that he had made during the fulfillment of the various missions for which he was well-compensated.

In a textbook example for why special operators in the class that Agent 47 exists within do not have family or friends, Father Vittorio is kidnapped by minions of Russian criminal Sergei Zavorotko, who is seeking 47's return to his previous occupation for reasons of his own, setting in motion a series of events that culminates in the rescue of Vittorio by 47 and the death of Zavorotko, also by 47, though in the process of meeting his end Zavorotko actually accomplishes the goal that he set out to arrange, which was the resumption of his former profession by Agent 47 – this being a near-perfect example of what is classically referred to as a Pyrrhic victory (if you are not completely familiar with that term you really should look it up as it is very very illustrative).

The second friendship of Agent 47 can never be publicly acknowledged for reasons that include teh inherent danger that such acknowledgement would put the friend in, and due to the fact that any sort of relationship with Agent 47 outside of the very restrictive and limited one of Handler and Agent would put Diana Burnwood in a position she would be unable to defend to her employer and her immediate supervisor. It would also cost her the continued relationship with Agent 47 that exists as a surreptitious arrangement. Genetic Material Donor List: The following individuals provided genetic donor material for the creation of the manufactured human otherwise known as 640509-040147 / Subject 47 / Mister 47 / Agent 47.

  • Blaga, Teadora (deceased) Surrogate Mother.
  • Comescu, Anghel (deceased) Maternal Donor.
  • Fuchs, Franz (deceased) Paternal Donor.
  • Hong, Lee (deceased) Paternal Donor.
  • Jegorov, Arkadij "Boris" (deceased) Paternal Donor.
  • Ochoa, Pablo Belisario (deceased) Paternal Donor.
  • Ort-Meyer, Otto (deceased) Paternal Donor.

First Kill: The first human kill by 47 occurred in 1977 when the then 12-years-old 47 was forced to confront a Series 06 Clone who had been systematically hazing and assaulting 47, eventually pushing him into a figurative corner that left 47 convinced that he had no other choice but to kill him. This kill was accomplished by forcing the face and head of the Series 06 Clone into the water of a toilet bowl in the communal bathroom of the underground dormitory of the Romanian Genetics Lab.

This forced kill was in reality yet another experiment by Ort-Meyer, who was interested in assessing how profound the psychological impact would be upon Subject 47 after he was made to take a human life under ambiguous and self-directed circumstances. The event was also paired with the subconscious idea that his continued existence at the facility was now threatened by his need to deal with the Series 06 Clone, and Subject 47 deduced that the probability was very high that his taking the life of one of the other Clones without sanction would result in the Lab Techs “putting him down” (killing him), so 47 chose to put into motion previously setup plans to escape (that Ort-Meyer was already aware of) the facility using resources he had pre-positioned for that purpose.

At the time 47 was not aware that the Lab Director, Otto Ort-Meyer, had engineered all of these circumstances, including 47's certainty that escape was his only option, and had more or less cleared the way for 47's escape as part of his plan to broaden 47's area of operations as part of an observable experiment that was designed to provide additional data with respect to the capabilities and intelligence of the Series 04 Clone line. Specifically Ort-Meyer wanted to know how well Subject 47 would do on his own, outside of the lab environment, and felt that provoking an escape was the best means to acquire that information.

Shortly following his escape, Subject 47 was tracked down by one of the research doctors from the facility and told that the general consensus was that he had acted properly in dealing with the threat posed by the Series 06 Clone, that all was forgiven, and that he should come home with the understanding that it was only OK to kill when he was given permission to do so from that point onward. Subject 47 accepted this determination and chose to return to the facility and resume his training, education, and life there.

Activation as a Free Agent
In the mid-1990's and partly due to worsening conditions that Ort-Meyer was convinced would eventually culminate in a falling-out with his partners (Hong, Ochoa, Jegorov, and Fuchs) Ort-Meyer decided that it was time to put into play the separate sub-project that he had been programming into the then 25-year-old Subject 47 during Subject 47's advanced research and training programs at the facility, this new and secret amended sub-project including the concealed objectives of activating the recessive desires to pursue a career as a paid assassin that had been one of the focuses of the subliminal training and encoding that was part of the research being conducted. As part of this new sub-project Ort-Meyer quietly made key figures outside of his organization both aware of the work that he was doing, and aware of the remarkable success that he was having with one of the Subjects – 47 – to the extent that these outside organizations became interested in not only the research in general, but Subject 47 specifically, which is why 47 was able to assume the solidity of a position as a paid professional assassin very quickly after departing from the labs under less-than-amicable circumstances, unaware that his departure (escape) had been scripted in as far as that process was possible without his being aware of it.

In 1999 with the predicted falling-out rapidly approaching, Ort-Meyer initiated the circumstances that were part of the encoded escape instinct in Subject 47, with 47 reacting precisely as he was programmed to react, and escaping from the facility with limited and acceptable (as far as Ort-Meyer was concerned) loss of life. Subject 47 made the acquaintance of a Jesuit Brother who helped him with the process of acclimating to life outside of the Labs, providing 47 with a safe place to stay while he completed what amounts to additional social acclimation training (47 would later use the Monestary and his relationship with the Jesuit as a fallback when he chose to seek an anonymous existence following difficulties that are well-documented in the previous games), and thus was rapidly solicited and recruited by the ICA in 2000 to great success.

After he was initially recruited by the ICA, and following a very abbreviated training program that was mostly restricted to teaching 47 the complex communication protocols and use of that hardware in order to interface with his Agency Handler, Diana Burnwood, he completed his first contract kill for The Agency and was promoted to the rank of Gamma. The rest, as they say, is history, but a well-documented history of which you largely took part, so it should be very familiar to you.

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2 comments, latest first.
Jun 8th 2015 Guest
There was no Maternal/Paternal donor for Agent 47 - he has no biological parents since he was synthesized from scratch with just the Five Father DNA...that was the entire point of Ort Meyer's research.

You just made up the Mother/Father for whatever reason...his fathers are just the five criminal masterminds.
ID #567489
Jun 8th 2014 Guest
It is a marvellous nd awesome life story ever read
.....luvd it dude....;-)
ID #396260
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