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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 04: Run For Your Life

This Chapter begins with 47 getting coldcocked by a mountain of a man named Sanchez, and then getting set up by Dexter for the murder of a hotel maid. Not content with just having the cops capture 47 Dexter sets the room on fire before they leave, and 47 wakes up just in time to escape!

Ordinarily we would pick the toughest of the Challenges to use as the basis for the first run-through but in this case, that would be the get through the mission undetected one, and that is a bit too tough for an example completion run. I can just imagine how annoying that would be for the reader... So instead we are going to focus on the odd Challenges as we complete what we hope will be a pretty slick run as we... Run for Our Lives!

Making your way from the Hotel to the Rooftops

The Escape Run-through

Make your way through the burning suite and out the window, then along the ledge – only to find yourself spotlighted by the cops. Using the ladder get to the roof where you will need to take out a few cops in order to cross the roof and kick open the access door, which triggers a CS of 47 jumping a gap and smashing through the window of a the closed and abandoned old library. When you are on the roof you should try to grab Weapons from one of the cops, but bear in mind that the knife that Dexter left you with is probably your best weapon for this part as stealth is important. Once in the library you need to make your way along the top path and then down the staircase on the right so you are on the ground floor, which will allow you to take strategic action – like choke out the odd police cop.

Care should be taken to hide bodies, since an alert here would be disastrous. The first officer you subdue and hide will unlock the Challenge Silence Please - Part 1. You will need to subdue and hide seven police officers (six more basically) in order to unlock the Challenge Silence Please - Part 2. Since there are plenty of containers all over the area we thought that would be a good idea for this run-through!

You will find that taking a police officer Disguise will be very helpful here as it allows you – using instinct – to cross the main floor and sabotage the fuse box, release the lighting, and other distractions. As you work your way towards the center area with the statue be sure to grab the Evidence on the counter if you can do it without being busted and be sure to trade any pre-war books you found to the Brotherhood of Steel Scribe for bottlecaps... Heh. Seriously, as I approached the statue in the center I had flashbacks to Fallout 3... Too funny.

After you thin-out the cops on the ground floor, incapping and hiding the ones you can, use the walkways on the floor above to move around to the other side of the building – incapping and hiding any cops you encounter up there along the way.

Once you reach the second area use Instinct and stealth to reach the door leading to the stairwell, then make your way up to the top and walk across the beam to reach the exit – forcing open the door to end this level! You will unlock the technique Pure Instinct I if your score is high enough.

Making your way past the Chopper to the Shangri La

The Chopper

After you exit you will be making your way over a rooftop and through a ruined building while a gunner in a police chopper does his best to kill you! The basic goal here is to hide from the chopper, so use what cover there is to move through the area until you reach the far side of the pigeon coop area and you will trigger a CS of walking over a board to the next building as the chopper flies off.

In this next area there is a lot of HVAC equipment and patrolling cops – use the heating duct to bypass some of the patrolling cops and then when it is safe emerge and make your way along the roof using the cover that is there – and avoiding detection by the chopper again. Sneaking past the pair of cops and the chopper on the other side you will reach a door that leads into the hippie flat called Shangri-La!

Making your way through Shangri La

Shangri-La Flat

In this area there are some Challenges you can work on – most notably using the bongs as Weapons to unlock the Bong Hits Challenge. You need to stealth your way through the grow room, which is just packed with pot plants, taking out any cops you need to in the halls beyond... You can use the field of pot plants to reach the other side, where there is a checkpoint and a bong to use – there are other bongs throughout the flat and you need to use five in total to unlock the Challenge.

Note that when you pick up a bong you drop your knife, so you might want to remember to return and reclaim that after each hit.

In the room with the mattresses there is a heating vent you can use both to hide and strategically place yourself. As you exit the other side grab the notebook off of the bookshelf as it has the combination of the safe which is ahead on the right. Inside there are remote explosives which could come in handy!

It would be a good idea to try to hide any cops you incap – this would not be a good place to have an alarm sounded for pretty obvious reasons.

You have to decide at this point if you want to bother with the different Challenges here, since the doing of them will massively increase the chance of you being detected and an alarm being called. This really is a bad place to have an alarm get called, since it is an area with very few defensible positions. However you decide to do it, after you make your way through the grow room and the baths and down the hall you will reach a corner where there is a group of cops guarding the lift.

The easy way to get past them is to throw something on the far side of where they are standing to get them to all look in that direction and then sneak up and use the lift call button, then use Instinct to keep them from detecting you until the lift arrives. Once the lift arrives you get the avoided detection rating automatically and you go on to it to reach the next level.

Making your way through the Train Station

Train Station

This is probably the most tricky bit for the whole Chapter. Actually there is no “probably” about it... Basically what you need to do is make your way as quickly as you can and without being detected to the platform, and then use a combination of the crowds and Instinct to avoid detection until you can reach the far side of the platform and the ledge. Use the ledge to get to the window and get inside the offices and make your way to the corner and use the ladder to reach the control room.

Inside use the keyboard to change the train schedule, and then make your way back down to the ledge and thus to the platform, and cross to the center area, going up the stairs and using Instinct to stay hidden. At the top of the stairs make your way along the hall using the crowd and Instinct as required to reach the stairs that lead down to the other platform.

At the bottom of the stairs use the crowd to cover you in order to wait the sixty seconds you are required to wait for the train to arrive – then simply get on and leave! Well done you! A very professional execution for a very tricky level!

As you step onto the train you unlock the Achievement “Catch a Ride” (10G) You boarded the train and escaped the Chicago PD.

You will have unlocked the Techniques Dual Wielding Expertise I, Pure Instinct I, Hand-to-Hand I, and Controlled Breathing I. You may (I am tempted to say should have) unlocked the Challenges Fields of Joy, Death from Above, Silence Please - Part 1, Silence Please - Part 2, and The Tables Have Turned.

Clean-Up Replays

You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Z&M Model 60 (obtained from a cop)
  • Aries 24-7 (obtained from a cop)
  • HX UMP (obtained from a cop)
  • Police M550 12GA (obtained from a cop)
  • Chicago Police Officer Disguise (obtained from a cop)
  • Chicago SWAT Officer Disguise (obtained from a SWAT Officer - Requires an Alarm)
  • Bong (in Shangri La)
  • Power Cord (in the Library)
  • Folding Knife (you start with this)
  • Hammer (in Shangri La)
  • Knife (in Shangri La)
  • Metal Pipe (several places)
  • Notebook (in Shangri La)
  • Radio (in Shangri La)
  • Remote Explosives (in the Shangri La safe)
  • Scissors (in Shangri La)
  • Statue Bust (in Shangri La)
  • Screwdriver (several places)
  • Evidence 1 (in the Library by the Statue on the desk)
  • Evidence 2 (in Shangri La by the grow room)
  • Evidence 3 (in Train Station by the exit on the counter)
  • Vase (in Shangri La)
  • Wrench (in several places)
  • Bottle (in several places)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies
Pick up all of the disguises in the level. To accomplish this one you have no choice but to force an alarm since you need the SWAT to be dispatched, so you should save this for your Rambo run-through and then collect it as part of that.

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level. You may also find that because of the position of the last piece of Evidence in the Train Station you want to wait to do this for the Rambo run-through as well. It will be a lot easier to obtain that way.

Avoid being spotted. This is without question the hardest of the Challenges to complete. The only suggestion that I can make is to do this on a replay at a lower difficulty – but remember you cannot unlock Challenges on Easy.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. This is another Challenge you will want to wait to complete using a Rambo run-through – but you will have to do a second one anyway if you want the Chameleon Challenge so bear that in mind.

Unlocking the Picking on the New Guy Challenge

Picking on the New Guy
Use the Rookie as a human shield. This is another one that will work best on one of the Rambo run-through since you want to get an alarm sounded anyway, so you can grab him and use him as a Human Shield to help set that off.

Death from Above
Accidental kill using a chandelier. There are several levers you can pull to drop the chandeliers in the Library level - but you need to time it so that there is a cop or cops under the chandeliers/lights when you do it. You can easily pick this up on the main play-through or during a Rambo run.

Fields of Joy
Undetected throughout the chapter. Right, the official description does say to remain undetected throughout the chapter but that is not really accurate at all... You only need to remain undetected as you make your way through the dope grow room (through the field of plants) as it will unlock once you make it to the other side undetected.

Bong Hits
Kill enemies in melee with the bong from the Shangri-La flat. This one is a lot harder than it sounds, especially if you try to do it as part of your main play-through (the stealth one) and should probably be saved for one of the Rambo play-throughs, and completed in that level prior to going all Rambo on the cops...

Unlocking the Business is Booking Challenge

Business is Booming
Open the safe in Shangri-La (combination is in notebook by the air vent). You should unlock this on the main play-through, though you will not want to use the explosives for that one. You will almost certainly want to for one of the Rambo play-throughs though. After you open the safe take the radio that is in this room, set it by the safe, turn it on, then move to the next room quickly as the whole point to this is to get some cops near the open safe which is full of money!

In Stereo
Start the tape player in the dance room in Shangri-La. You can use this as a distraction either for the main play-through or for one of the Rambo play-throughs as it is a good way to get the police near the left to leave, as they hear the music and leave the lift unguarded.

The Tables have Turned
Clear the mission. This Challenge will unlock as soon as you complete the Chapter.

Silence Please - Part 1
Subdue a police officer and successfully hide the body. Usually these special Challenges require you to do some special action, but in this case you are going to be doing a LOT of this anyway, so this should be unlocked automatically as part of the main play-through.

Silence Please - Part 2
Subdue and hide successfully seven police officers. Usually these special Challenges require you to do some special action, but in this case you are going to be doing a LOT of this anyway, so this should be unlocked automatically as part of the main play-through.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This will unlock automatically as you finish unlocking the other Challenges.

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