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Chapter 03: Terminus

Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide by CMBF
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Chapter 03: Terminus

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As the Chapter begins we see Agent 47 dealing with his issues over Diana – and the coin – and the ICA – and that conflict resolves in his slicing off his barcode tattoo with a straight razor! After he does that Birdie calls on his cell with a message: Terminus Hotel, Room 899. The target there is an arms dealer named Dexter.

The level begins with 47 in an alley near the Hotel. If you hit the Back Menu you hear 47 review the information that he presently has, and his plans – which are to infiltrate the hotel and the suite – and once there, make his decision as to how to deal with Dexter.

How you proceed depends upon the entrance that you choose to use - there are three: the sewers, the front door, and the window in the alley on the right. Assuming you are making a direct run at this, there is no reason why you cannot enter through the front door, and if you are going to do the bloodbath route, well then the Sewers are probably the way you want to enter. After giving this considerable thought we decided that our first run-through would be the most difficult, which is for the Don't Disturb Challenge in which you have to get to the Suite without taking anyone down, either lethal OR non-lethal strikes!

Completing the Terminus Hotel with Don't Disturb

The Don't Disturb Run-Through
To do this run-through we will have to rely upon disguises, so to start head into the hotel via the Sewers, sneak past the guard and up the nearby stairs, then sneak to the cover and head left to the far room, where you will find a Disguise on the desk there. Change into that and then make your way through the central area quickly (but do not run) to the lift, and use the controls to call it. Just try to be inconspicuous as you wait for the lift to arrive and then get on it!

When the lift gets to the stop you get off and head down the hall and out the window at the end, and then move along the ledge to the next window, go inside and grab the keycard, and then back out onto the ledge and head back to the first window, then go to the far opposite corner following the halls and use the keycard to access the stairwell.

Once in the stairwell head up the stairs and you will find a checkpoint you can use. On the next floor up use the door and you will see that there are a few guards lounging around who could easily detect you! What you need is a diversion...

In the large room across the hall from the Suite you will find a film reel – take that and then go back in the hall and left to hide near the closed door by a table with bottles on it. That is the projection room. Open the door and wait for the guy inside to walk to the left, then quickly go in and load the reel into the projector and start it, which will cause the guards who were on the Suite side of the hall to go to check on that.

Now quickly make your way to the door to the Suite and pick the lock to get into the Suite. As you enter you will unlock the Achievement “Chamber of Secrets” (10G) You located the hotel room number 899. As you enter the room on the right wall above is a heating duct, go into that quickly – when you reach the end of that it will end this level, so you may want to pause to listen to the conversation that is taking place first, to hear what Dexter has to say...

After that move forward to end the level and unlock the Techniques – Instinctive Shot I and Pain Suppression I – and then get your score, which should be above 20K and WAY above the average score for the first run-through for this mission!

You should also have unlocked the following Challenges: Infiltrator, Hall Pass, An Evening in Paradise, Don't Disturb, and The Man from South Dakota for your troubles! Good on ya, that was well done! Considering it was the most difficult of the methods to gain access it was a good job all the way around!

Clean-Up Replays
Right so, from the start of the level you can begin the clean-up process very quickly, starting with the Items and Challenges that you missed or obviously could not do on the main run-through. They are:

Item List
The following items are in this level – you will likely as not want to collect them all...

  • Worn Z&M Model 60 (pick up from a guard)
  • Mustang Snub (You start the level with it)
  • Worn M590 12GA (Obtained off one of the guards in the basement)
  • Janitor Disguise (get from the Janitor)
  • Hope Goon Disguise (get from a guard)
  • Electrician Disguise (get from an Electrician)
  • Fire Extinguisher (first floor laundry room)
  • Iron (in the laundry room)
  • Gasoline Can (found in the basement)
  • Knife (found in the basement)
  • Movie Reel (in the large entertainment room on the 8th floor)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Plunger (in the 7th floor bathroom)
  • Radio (on a cart in the hallway)
  • Scissors (in the Projection Room)
  • Screwdriver (in the room just past the Electrician in the basement)
  • Evidence 1 (in the Manager's Office on the first floor)
  • Evidence 2 (in the party room past the piano room on the table with the guns and ammo)
  • Statue Bust (in the Projection Room)
  • Vase (in the party room with the piano on a table)
  • Keycard (in the room past the ledges)
  • Bottle (different floors)
  • Brick (in the alley beside the hotel)
  • Wrench (in the basement)

Challenges Strategies
As with the previous levels the idea here is to complete these as quickly and conveniently as we can manage, especially since it adds a bonus multiplier for replays of the level in case we want to top the score of our best mates. So with that in mind, let's tear into the Challenges!

Unlocking the Chameleon Challenge

There are a total of three disguises to be had in this Chapter – the guard Disguise (which is a sort of cowboy outfit), the Electrician disguise (which you actually need for other Challenges), and the Janitor disguise (which again is used for other Challenges). You can quickly get all three of these in the basement level by going down the ladder on the sidewalk into the sewers, follow that to the ledge and then into the hotel proper. Take out the guard, switch into their disguise, and dump the body, then take out the Electrician, slip into their disguise and hide the body. Go through the heating duct here to the Janitor, incap them, switch to their disguise, and bam! Mischief managed!

Evidence Collector
To complete this you just need to find all of the Evidence in the level, which consists of:

Evidence 1: Terminus Hotel First Floor
Collect the videotape in the Manager's Room.

Evidence 2: Terminus Hotel Upper Floor
Collect the dossier from the 8th floor Festivities Room at the end of the hall, on a table near the window.

You may find this works best for the Rambo approach you do to unlock the Suit Only Challenge...

If you follow the guide above for the first run-through for this level you will unlock this automatically as you work towards the Don't Disturb Challenge. Watch the main guide video if you need help.

Suit Only
For this Challenge the easiest method is to just kill everyone. Full-on Rambo approach has its merits, and you can combine that with other Challenges.

Unlocking the Housekeeping Challenge

Take out ten enemies (it says 11 but when you do the 10th it completes) on the 8th floor without being seen. It does not seem to matter how you do it, either with a tool like a Screwdriver, Choking, or pushing them out of a window, you just cannot be seen...

Don't Disturb
You will unlock this as part of the main run-through - read the main guide section above and watch the video if you need help with this.

Hall Pass
If you follow the guide above for the first run-through for this level you will unlock this automatically as you work towards the Don't Disturb Challenge. Watch the main guide video if you need help.

An Evening in Paradise
If you follow the guide above for the first run-through for this level you will unlock this automatically as you work towards the Don't Disturb Challenge. Watch the main guide video if you need help.

Unlocking the Inside Job Challenge

Inside Job
You need to complete the mission without being detected – which means you will need to wear either a Janitor or Guard Disguise - the easy way to do that is to follow the same basic strategy we did for the main run-through but this time use the windows to go through the open center and then

The Man from South Dakota
You unlock this the first time you complete the mission.

The Electrician - Part 1
Kill someone by throwing a screwdriver while wearing the Electrician Disguise. This is dead simple and can be completed easily by grabbing the Electrician disguise off of the Electrician in the basement and then the screwdriver in the next room. Then simply do a thrown-kill with the screwdriver to complete it.

The Electrician - Part 2
Kill five enemies with a thrown screwdriver while wearing the Electrician Disguise. If your disguise gets blown simply change into a different Electrician disguise to reset it.

You will unlock this when you unlock all of the other Challenges.

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