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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 11: Dexter Industries

The Chapter opens with a CS that shows just how desolate this area really is, which is odd since from the previous CS's it suggested that the area of Hope, South Dakota is close to Mount Rushmore, and that is not exactly in the middle of a desert...

Primary Suit Only and Infiltrator Run-through

In any event 47 is ripping along the highway towards the factory that Lenny directed him to. Bearing in mind that whether you chose to kill Lenny or not, he is probably dead anyway since you left him in the desert and he is not very bright.

Dead End Suit Only Infiltrator Primary Run-through

Dead End Level

The level begins with 47 outside of the main gates to the factory with the objective to disable the security system. The easy way to do that is to ninja up to the building, distract the guard inside by throwing something across the road, then slip in through the window, turn off the security system, and slip out the other window.

Once they relax their posture continue to sneak down the road to the next security station, again distract the two guards here by throwing something across the road, and go through the window, disable the security system, and slip out the other side! Well done you! The door that we are looking for – the Entrance Door – is across the road, so you will want to use your Instinct to check when the guy on the upper right is moving away from you, then sneak across the road, up the stairs and around the corner into the building.

Inside and to the right you will find the entrance door which you need to pick open. That ends this level! Well done!

Old Mill Suit Only Infiltrator Primary Run-through

Old Mill Level

Now that you are in the inside of the Mill this is where things get complicated. Remember that this is a Suit Only and Infiltrator run, which means the idea is to avoid contact with as many of the enemy as we can manage, incap as few as we can manage, and hide the bodies of the ones we have to incap so that no alarms get sounded.

This is actually a fairly short level and easy if you do not make it any harder on yourself than it needs to be... Make your way along the path to the right through the door, then use the ledge ahead and climb up, move along it and drop down behind the piece of equipment.

From here sneak up the stairs and then around, up the next stairs, along the board and up the final set of stairs to reach the exit door. BEFORE you go through that door though, continue up the flight of nearby stairs all the way to the top to find an AH 74U SMG and some ammo for it to collect.

Now head back down to the door and use it to complete this level.

Descent Suit Only Infiltrator Primary Run-through

Descent Level

Your basic goal here is to make your way to the ground, while not being detected or raising an alarm. There is an opportunity to pull an enemy out of a window shortly along the path but save that for your Rambo run-through... Go ahead and make your way down the very unstable wooden walkways until you reach the large opening in the building inside of which are several men.

Throw something inside to distract them and then make your way inside the building and go tot he left, heading through the door that leads into the mine tunnels area. If you do that quick enough you should sneak past them without them noticing you. Once inside the tunnels you will spot a Checkpoint that you can use and you should!

As you head down to the next level pause at the corner so the pair here can have a brief conversation that lets you know about a briefing and then follow them through the gate that they open, being sure to garrote them quickly before they turn the far corner and come in visual range of the others. Stash the bodies on the side and then quickly sneak around the corner and go into the alcove on the left.

Wait at the far end against the half-wall that is facing the briefing meeting for one of the enemy to come to the half-wall after it ends and you can do a stealth attack on them to pull them over without getting spotted. Leave the body stashed there and then take out the rest of them in stealth attacks without being detected - it will not be hard as they have convenient patrol patterns.

Once you have cleared the enemy from here, head through the opening that they were standing near and pause at the corner to listen to a brief conversation in which a pair of enemies are discussing a bet. When the one says that they need to talk and the other says that they should walk, follow them. Sneak across the passage to the cover on the other side then wait for them to pass and continue to follow behind them until they reach the railing where they will talk.

Note: BEFORE you use the power switch if you mean to unlock the Technique Pain Suppression III that you would be getting for this level, you need to FIRST go down to the lift and see that the power is off, which earns you points, and ONLY THEN go back up to the switch to turn the power on. When you return to the lift you will get another pile of points that will push your score above the 13,000 needed to unlock the Technique. Otherwise you will not unlock it.

So after you go to see that the Lift needs power, sneak back up and behind them and to the right to find the power switch for the lift below and throw it, then sneak past them to the stairs on the other side and go down. Now hit the call-button for the lift and, when it arrives you get on to complete this level! Good on ya mates! Well done!

Factory Compound Suit Only Infiltrator Primary Run-through

Factory Compound Level

After you get off the lift climb the wall to the tracks above, then head right towards the mine tunnel opening, where you will reach a bridge upon which there are numerous guards with sniper rifles. The trick here is going to be to take them out without once being detected or sounding an alarm...

There are a few ways you can try to do that but they all end up with your sneaking into the building via the roof...

The first way is climb up on to the tracks and use Point Shooting and your silenced Silverballer to take out the guy at the opening of the mine, then pull his body into the mine and leave it on the side before you grab the Kazo TRG Sniper Rifle that is leaning on the right side of the mine opening and then go up the stairs to a sniping perch that conveniently looks down over the whole area.

Wait for the guards on the bridge to separate, then carefully pick them off with headshots, the idea being to have their body fall over the edge and under the bridge undetected. There is actually some Challenges related to this that you can unlock as a result, but either way the idea is to not be detected as you pick them off. Once they are dead, you can then safely cross the bridge, or you can use the next tactic...

The second method is to simply follow the first guard and, when he heads to the right, you stick to the left-hand path, go around the mine cart on that bridge and hang off of the edge until one of the two guards ahead comes over to where you are, then pull them over the edge! Climb up and then proceed along the path, pushing each of the guards you come to over the edge for lethal but mostly silent kills.

No matter which method you chose, you now need to ninja along the left outside edge of the compound and move through the opening in the fence on the far side, then to the back and right of that area to find the ledges that you can climb to reach the rooftop. From there, avoiding the guard on patrol up there or kill him, then slide down the ladder in the roof hatch and you will find a Checkpoint here that I seriously suggest you use!

You now need to sneak through the office ahead here to the other side when nobody is looking. Go through the doors on the other into the bathroom and then use the heating vent in the left corner wall to get behind the counter; sneak through the door in the back of the counter area to reach the inner lobby which is full of mines! Sneak along the right side and you will find the lift and level exit in the back. Call the lift and get on to end the level!

You may have unlocked the Achievement “The Russian Hare” (20G) You performed 47 headshots using a sniper rifle. Of course that depends on how much you have been using them. You will also unlock the Achievement “Step Into the Light” (10G) You found your way through the mines. Note that if you played any of the Contracts in Contract Mode that included this level, you may have already unlocked this Achievement (I did) so if it does not pop, check that as you already have it.

You will also unlock the Techniques Chameleon III, Instinctive Shot III, Pain Suppression III, and Weapon Handling II.

Finally you will have unlocked the Challenges Infiltrator, Suit Only, and Infiltration. Depending upon which method you chose to get over the bridge you may have also unlocked the Challenges Under the Bridge - Part 1, and Under the Bridge - Part 2.

At this point all of the rest of the Challenges will be unlocked during your replays, either stealth or Rambo...

Clean-Up Replays

You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Aries 24-7 (from the guards outside the mines)
  • STG 58 Elite (from guards on the bridge outside the mines)
  • AH 74U (at the top of the stairs in the Old Mill)
  • Kazo TRG (leaning on the wall at the mine exit)
  • Factory Guard Disguise (from Factory Guards)
  • Chipmunk Disguise (in the armory next to the dog kennel)
  • Arms Dealer Disguise (from the Arms Dealer)
  • Truck Driver Disguise (from Truck Drivers)
  • Hammer (various locations)
  • Bottle (various locations)
  • Wrench (various locations)
  • Proximity Mine (inside the mine)
  • Proximity Mine (inside the factory)
  • Gasoline Can (various locations)
  • Axe (in a stump across from the security stations in Dead End)
  • Dummy Arm (on the desk inside the driver check-in room)
  • Keycard (in the shack across the road from the guard posts)
  • Knife (various locations)
  • Metal Pipe (various locations)
  • Radio (various locations)
  • Remote Explosives (on the table next to the Sniper Rifle on the roof)
  • Screwdriver (various locations)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies

Unlocking the Chameleon Challenge

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. This will be easiest when it is done during a Rambo play-through... These consist of the Factory Guard, Truck Driver, Chipmunk, and Arms Dealer disguises.

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: Security Shack at Dexter Industries
Collect the videotape from the VCR in the third security shack to the far left of the exit door.

Evidence 2: The Old Mill
Collect the dossier from the video game console near the TV on the second floor of the Old Mill.

Evidence 3: The Factory Guard Room
Collect the dossier from the table in the Guard Room of the Factory.

Evidence 4: Factory Lobby Reception Area
Collect the dossier from the desk in the center of the main part of the Reception Area.

This is another of the Challenges that will be easier to accomplish during the Rambo play-through.

Avoid being spotted. You should unlock this by following the Primary Run-through illustrated above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. You should unlock this by following the Primary Run-through illustrated above.

Unlocking the Sore Loser Challenge

Sore Loser
Take out the guards playing the video game and shoot the TV and game console in a single Point-and-Shoot event. This is another of the Challenges that will be easier to accomplish during the Rambo play-through.

Yank a guard out the window and pushed a second guard over a rail. This is another of the Challenges that will be easier to accomplish during the Rambo play-through.

New Toys
Kill five enemies with the proximity mines. This is another of the Challenges that will be easier to accomplish during the Rambo play-through.

Unlocking the Seal the Deal Challenge

Seal the Deal
Enter the lobby undetected using the Arms Dealer Disguise. Note that if you kill everyone and I mean everyone in the zone and inside the lobby, and then kill the Arms Dealer and take his suit, you WILL unlock this when you enter the lift.

Packing Heat
Enter the storage rooms in Dead End and Factory Compound. There is one in the beginning between the two Guard Shacks, and the second is at the Factory Grounds next to the dog kennel.

Clear the mission.

Under the Bridge - Part 1
Snipe an enemy at the bridge with the Kazo TRG with no suspicion or alarm.

Unlocking the Under the Bridge - Part 2 Challenge

Under the Bridge - Part 2
Snipe three enemies at the bridge with the Kazo TRG with no suspicion or alarm.

Under the Bridge - Part 3
Snipe three more enemies at the bridge with the Kazo TRG with no suspicion or alarm. Note that this is not three OTHER targets, you can unlock it by simply replaying the level and shooting the same three targets.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This will unlock automatically when you have unlocked the Challenges above.

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Nov 8th 2014 CMBF
Right - and if you run into any trouble in terms of the timer, just keep re-doing it. Eventually you will get it.
ID #468733
Nov 4th 2014 Guest
just try
ID #467266
Jun 3rd 2013 Guest
For Part 3 of 'Under the bridge' challenge you actually need to snipe the 3 enemies on the bridge in under 15 seconds.Only 2 of the enemies I sniped fell off the bridge the 3rd died still on it and the challenge unlocked but all 3 were undetected kills in under 15 seconds.
ID #287495
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