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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 14: Attack of the Saints

Following the fight with Sanchez 47 retreats to the hole-in-the-wall hotel he is using as a base, the Waikiki Motel – which is really kind of strange if you think about it, I mean a Hawaiian theme Motel in the middle of South Dakota? Did you notice that 47 drove The Patriot's RV?!

After registering as Ben Franklin and getting the official welcome from the owner, 47 hits the shower as meanwhile out in the parking lot The Saints arrive! They cannot just show up mind you, they have to enter with a bang so to speak, and the bang pretty much destroys 47's room!

Primary Parking Level SO/Inf Kill 'em All Run-through

Primary Suite Only Infiltrator Kill 'em All Run-through

To begin with do NOT change out of the robe that 47 starts the level with. That is the “suit” for Suit Only. As soon as you have control of 47 head through the burning rubble to the walkway to see who is out there. Ruh roh raggy! It's The Saints!

The first Saint you are about to do-in is Jennifer Paxton, but to set that up you need to head directly down the walk and climb into the cooler at the corner, where you can wait while a pair of Agency Grunts and Paxton walk past. Strangle Paxton and hide her body, then make your way along the path to the stairs, hitting the Checkpoint. Now using your silenced Silverballer shoot a car to trigger the alarm and get everyone looking away from you and start head-shotting the Grunts. When they are all dead, make your way down the stairs.

When you get down the stairs be sure to grab the Rat Poison at the end of the hall, move through the bus area and grab the Evidence (Evidence 1 of 3) and then grab the Agency Tanto (knife) and the Agency SPS, and move close enough to trigger the event on the putting course that causes the Grunt there to kill the civilian. After he kills the civilian Point Shoot his head and then make your way into the area beyond, taking out the pair of Guards here after they separate.

Now just proceed through the zone and kill each target when they are either isolated or you can do it in series without being seen and detected. Eventually you will be down to the Heather McCarthy target and two Grunts. Take out one of the Grunts to limit exposure then take out the target and the other Grunt and you are golden! You have just completed a Rambo-style Kill-'em-All level WITHOUT being detected which Unlocks the Infiltrator and Suit Only Challenges for this Level! Well bloody done you!

You should have picked up the Agency Dynamics CPW, Agency SPS 12 for Weapons, which by the way are collection designated weapons so you have now also unlocked them in Contracts Mode.0

You will have unlocked the Technique Throwing III – which is the LAST one, so well done on that mates! You did it clean, you did it early, and you now have a fully upgraded and lethal Agent 47.

Primary Reception Level SO/Inf Kill 'em All Run-through

Motel Reception Level
Resuming the Kill 'em All approach for Suite Only and Infiltrator, as the level starts head towards the open door but go through the closed door and hide by the window. When Dijana Radoncic finishes talking and starts to walk away, Point-and-Shoot the Guard and then her for two quick kills and the after re-hiding, quickly select the Remote Explosives and throw them into the center of the room as close to her body as you can manage. The nearby Grunts will run into the room – the goal is to kill at least TWO of them but more is better!

Wait for more Guards to come in and Point-and-Shoot them as available, and once you have this section cleared, wait by the inside door for the next target Agnija Radoncic to walk to the left side of the zone (you will need to hide back inside the first room for this as if you try to stay by the window she will spot you).

After she heads back towards the read area she will have her back to you and the only other Grunt in the immediate area will also have his back to you – Point-and-Shoot both in the head now! Excellent! You have completed the two Primary Objectives for this level!

All that remains is to pick off the remaining Grunt, and then grab the Evidence (Evidence 2 of 3) from the crate in the center area. You can also pick up Machine Gun and Shotgun ammo, and then make your way to the exit for a very clean finish to a challenging level! As you exit you will have unlocked the second stage of Evidence Collector, Suit Only, and Infiltrator, so well done you!

Note: there is a bug with the counters for the Challenges on this level – if you complete the level and Suit Only is NOT unlocked for it, do not worry about that. Once you finish the next level it WILL unlock. And you will get credit for it in the final summary of your points.

Primary Cornfield Level SO/Inf Kill 'em All Run-through

Cornfield Level
We are now resuming our Kill 'em All Run-through – a word is in order on that though... Usually when we do a Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through the objective is to be as stealthy as possible, which almost always means killing as few people as we can manage and hiding the bodies of those we are forced to kill. For this Chapter I thought that we should switch things up a bit and have a little fun with it. That and this is probably the fastest approach you can take with these levels. Just saying.

You exit the Reception area and arrive on the outskirts of the Cornfield area – which has to be one of the best tactical environments in the game for a Kill 'em All let God sort them out approach! To begin this what you want to do is wait for the group in the road to converge and talk then Garrote the lone Grunt who is crouched by the trucks and pull him to the back of the cornfield.

You are now concealed, so wait to hear the radio report about Team One being wiped out, then begin taking out the Grunts in the cornfield when they are far enough away from each other that they cannot see and hear you acting. It may help to pull the bodies a little towards the back so that they are not on their patrol patterns, since the other Grunts and The Saints can find bodies that are on the patrol paths.

Make your way to the first clearing and take out the Grunt by the tractor when The Saint is inside the building, then work your way along to the side of the cornfield until you are in position to Point-and-Shoot Louisa “Candy” Cain. The other Grunt will continue his patrol pattern over by the tractor and, when he turns away, Point-and-Shoot him next. The final Grunt in this group is on the other side of the shed that Candy was using to wash her hands and face in – go around the side with the generator and Point-and-Shoot him, then use the Checkpoint.

Head back to the road now and Point-and-Shoot the pair of Grunts guarding the entrance to the cornfield. Then work your way to the next cluster of targets and begin prosecuting the Grunts in the cornfield, using your Garrote. After you take out the target that is closest to the shed in the cornfield, double back to the shed and take out the guy standing in the open door by going in through the other side, Garroting him, and then putting his body in the pulper to destroy it. Another Grunt will come to investigate the noise – Garrote him then pulp his body as well, then work your way back into the cornfield and continue taking out the Grunts.

Do a Point-and-Shoot on the two Grunts patrolling in the road between the fields, then Point-and-Shoot the third Grunt by the crates and trailer. A second Grunt will come to investigate but before you take him out you need to deal with the other Grunts to the left in the cornfield first.

Jaqueline Moorhead will then enter the cornfield as a result of the body by the crates being found, so trail behind her and Garrote her in the cornfield when she is alone. Now continue to kill the cornfield Grunts – there should be two – and then move to the center area and grab the Evidence (Evidence 3 of 3) from the crates there after you take out the pair of Grunts that are guarding the bodies there.

Clearing the Grunts from the third cornfield should be a trivial exercise at this point, just approach them from behind and Garrote them. You are now in position to begin prosecuting the final group of targets for this team, so head over and get a feel for their patrol patterns, then begin thinning out the targets, starting with the Grunts.

Wait by the side of the left-hand trailer for Lasandra Dixon (the leader) to approach the body of the Grunt you took out near the outhouse, and Point-and-Shoot her, unlocking the Achievement “The Killing Fields” (10G) You eliminated The Saints.

There are a handful of Grunts left, so take them out when they are separated and once you have the last of them eliminated (this is a Kill 'em All run-through after all) head for the Command Center where you will get a CS of 47 picking up the wireless phone and chatting with Travis back at the ICA!

That wraps up the mission and triggers the summary score screens. You have now unlocked all of the Techniques and you have completed the Chapter. Good on ya mates! Well done!

Coming out of this Chapter you will have unlocked the Challenges Evidence Collector, Infiltrator, Suit Only, and A Calm Before the Storm.

Clean-Up Replays
You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Agency JAGD P22G (obtained from Grunts)
  • The Absolver (from the body of The Saints Leader, Lasandra Dixon)
  • Agency ARZ 160 (obtained from Grunts)
  • Agency Dynamics CPW (obtained from Saints)
  • Agency SPS 12 (obtained from Grunts and from boxes)
  • Scarecrow Disguise (obtained from Scarecrow in the cornfield)
  • Agency Soldier Disguise (obtained from Grunts)
  • Agency Tanto Knife (obtained from equipment crate)
  • Axe (in the stump by the swing set near the Command Post)
  • Baseball Bat (in the corner of the second room behind the bar in the Reception level)
  • Bill Spike (on the counter in the first area of the Reception level)
  • Brick (various locations)
  • Cleaver (on the bar near the coffee cup you put the Rat Poison in)
  • Crowbar (on the stack of tyres to the right of the exit door for the Reception level)
  • Dog's Bone (on the bench inside the shed near the Command Post)
  • Fire Extinguisher (on the table behind the bar)
  • Golf Club (on putting green in the corner)
  • Hula Girl (by the bench on the floor at entrance to Reception level)
  • Iron (on the floor in the burning hotel room)
  • Gasoline Can (near the stacks of tyres to the right of the exit door for the Reception level)
  • Metal Pipe (various locations)
  • Rat Poison (obtained from cart on ground floor of hotel)
  • Radio (various locations)
  • Remote Explosives (on equipment crate in first level by the bus)
  • Screwdriver (on the stack of tyres to the right of the exit door for the Reception level)
  • Wrench (various locations)
  • Bottle (various locations)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies
Note that several of these will require replays and, most likely, Rambo-style replays at that...

Unlocking the Chameleon Challenge

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. These consist of Agent 47's Suit, the Agency Soldier and the Scarcrow disguises. Bear in mind that for Suit Only you have to complete this in the Robe. This is probably best collected during your Rambo play-through.

You will find Agent 47's Suit in a clothes bag near the exit to the burning hotel room. The Agency Solder Disguise can be taken from any Agency Soldier, and the Scarecrow disguise is found on the Scarecrow in the cornfield in the third level.

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level. You will unlock this as part of the Primary Kill 'em All Suit Only and infiltrator run-through that is illustrated above.

Evidence 1: The Parking Lot
Collect the dossier from the ammo boxes beside the Jeep in the Parking Lot.

Evidence 2: The Gas Station
Collect the dossier from the weapon box between two cars near the Gas Station.

Evidence 3: The Cornfield
Collect the dossier from the Weapons box near the trailers in the cornfield.

Avoid being spotted. You will unlock this as part of the Primary Kill 'em All Suit Only and infiltrator run-through that is illustrated above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises (just wear your robe do not change into your suit). You will unlock this as part of the Primary Kill 'em All Suit Only and infiltrator run-through that is illustrated above.

Unlocking the Intervene Challenge

Save the two civilians by killing the Agency Soldiers who have captured them. The thing to remember here is that you will not complete each of the two rescues until you leave the zone after killing the ICA Grunt who was to execute them, since you have to complete the level for them to “survive” it. Another thing to remember is you have to shoot the ICA Grunt AFTER they start telling the victim what to do since that is the trigger to qualify for rescuing them.

Black Widower
Kill the target by poisoning the coffee with rat poison. The easy way to do this is grab a Disguise and use that to get past the two touchy spots along the right side using Instinct, then cross the bridge and poison the coffee, then find a place to hide and wait while she drinks it and dies!

Unlocking the Electro Cute Challenge

Electro Cute
Electrocute the target by rewiring the cable and turning on the generator.

Skirt Chaser
Complete Black Widower and Electro Cute.

Unlocking the Scarecrow Challenge

Wear the Scarecrow Disguise and kill ten enemies undetected. This is dead easy, simply change into the disguise and then work your way through the cornfield, using your Garrote to take out the targets. You have to get all in a row without being detected though, so take care as you do that.

A Calm Before the Storm
Clear the mission.

Unlocking the Angel of Death - Part 1 Challenge

Angel of Death - Part 1
Kill two targets with one accident. This is accomplished by making your way to the gas pumps on the far side of the second level and sabotaging them to put a puddle of gas on the ground. Hide and wait until the pair of targets are in the general area of the spill and shoot the gas to set off a chain of explosions that will kill both of them and unlock this.

Angel of Death - Part 2
Kill all Agency Soldiers and Saints without being detected. This can be completed using the Primary run-through as your guide since it is an Infiltrator run-through and thus complies with this Challenge.

Angel of Death - Part 3
Kill all of the Saints using the Fiber Wire Garrote. This is best obtained on a Rambo-style run-through since you do not have to worry about being detected and can still deliver the killing blows with Garrote with very little difficulty.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This Unlocks automatically once you unlock the above Challenges.

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4 comments, latest first.
Nov 18th 2015 Guest
As my primary I went for chameleon and scarecrow instead of suit only, the grunt costume made the first 2 areas so much easier and the scarecrow made #3 incredibly easy. I used throwing weapons quite a bit in the first 2 areas and in the third I used instinct to find their path then stood still right next to their path and as soon as they got past I used the wire
ID #626312
Sep 1st 2014 CMBF
Thanks for the head's up - when I have the time I will go through and proof this to see where the errors are. The problem is having the time, which I do not at the moment, to do that.
ID #443224
Aug 22nd 2014 Guest
Please read the copy above....PLEASE! There are MULTIPLE misspelled words and YES grammar DOES count. For intelligent people who actually read and write English, both spelling and grammar count.
ID #439595
Feb 1st 2013 Guest
Metal pole - where ??? Been all over map and there are none well apart from one in the carpark at the start that you cant select but you say vaious locations ???
ID #248633
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