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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Dossiers: Important Supporting Characters

The following information was culled from ICA files and other public and private sources, in order to provide as much detail as possible for the various persons of interest related to Agent 47 and the completion of his current mission(s).

Dossier 02: Burnwood

File No.: ICA-PF-54718/BURNWOOD
Name: Diana Burnwood
DOB: 9 December 1972, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England.
Father: Sir Peter Lloyd Burnwood (Dec. 15 July 1987).
Mother: Lady Nancy (Summers) Burnwood (Nancy Berman)
Siblings: Sir James Oliver Burnwood; Emma Lucille Burnwood (deceased).

  • ICA Rank Gamma: 2012
  • ICA Rank Tetra: 2009
  • ICA Rank Alpha: 2005
  • ICA Rank Plus: 2002
  • ICA Rank Nov: 2000

Biographical Information

Post-Secondary Education: Oxford University (1993, Bachelor of Science CIS)
Secondary School: Wycombe Abbey School (1989)
Primary School: High March School (1984)

Voice: The role of playing the voice for ICA Handler Diana Burnwood has been filled by just two actors: Vivienne McKee (Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts, Hitman: Blood Money) and Marsha Thomason (Absolution).

Diana Penelope Burnwood ended up being the primary ICA Handler for Agent 47, having filled the role for him starting in the first title in the series, Hitman: Codename 47, and remaining through all of the titles that followed until the somewhat disastrous culmination of the broad Story arc that partly resolved in Hitman: Blood Money.

Diana played a rather unique role in the life of Agent 47, who due largely to the sad reality of his origins had very few (if any) close ties to humanity. In fact other than Diana Burnwood, who probably knows more about Agent 47 and his personalities than any other living soul,

In addition to fulfilling her primary function, which was to provide Agent 47 with assignments, briefings, intelligence reports, and support services during assignments that included (but were not limited to) providing a variety of information and resources to adjust for the changing circumstances in the field as 47 worked towards completing each mission on plan.

As the Story progressed throughout the first four titles it became increasingly clear that in addition to the work-focused services that Diana provided to Agent 47, she also served the far more valuable and personal role of being a friend to Agent 47 – a role that only two other people ever actually enjoyed over the course of his entire life.

The developing friendship between Agent 47 and Burnwood was stunted by the rigid policy at the Agency that prohibits Agency Handlers from ever meeting the Agents that they run in person, though Burnwood and 47 broke that rule just twice in all the years that they worked together, the first time near the end of the Story in Hitman: Contracts, and again at the end of the events that unfolded in Hitman: Blood Money. In fact the argument can easily be made that the latter meeting was absolutely critical to his salvation, but on the off-chance that you have yet to experience those events personally, that is as far as we will go in addressing that event.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dossier 03: Smith

File No. ICA-PF-57814/SMITH
Name: Smith, Carlton
DOB: 3 Sep. 1972, Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA
Father: Donald L. Smith
Mother: Karen (Paderewski) Smith
Siblings: Anne (Smith) Cooper, Jerri Smith
Height: 5'10” (177.5cm)
Weight: 160lb (72.57kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown (significantly receding hairline)

Rank Data

  • CIA Field Agent Rank: 2000
  • ICA Rank Plus: 2001
  • ICA Rank Nov: 1998

Agent Smith plays a number of MacGuffin roles in the Hitman game series, though usually his role is that of a captured Agent who is either being held, drugged, or interrogated, or a combination of two or more or all three, and therefore must be rescued by Agent 47, who usually receives some sort of item or information related to the main Plot and/or the current mission that Agent 47 could not have proceeded without. Agent Smith has also played a peripheral role once and a major role once. The following appearances are noted by timeline:

Codename 47: Agent Smith is encountered stripped to his underwear and tied to a chair, being tortured by members of a Hong Kong Triad. During the intel briefing Agent 47 learned that one of the Agents working for the ICA is missing and this turns out to be Agent Smith, who is doing freelance work for extra money.

Codename 47: Agent Smith is encountered in the mental hospital, having been taken out of circulation by Dr. Ort-Meyer to prevent him from queering one of the many schemes that Ort-Meyer has going on. Smith is being kept locked up and drugged in the hospital, and Agent 47 rescues him. Grateful for the second rescue, Agent Smith provides Agent 47 with critical strategic information without which Agent 47 could not proceed with the main mission, thus fulfilling his MacGuffin role.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: During the mission you are informed by your ICA Handler that in addition to the target you are being sent in to eliminate, there is a captured ICA Agent being interrogated in the basement of the facility and it is important to The Agency that the Agent be set free and helped to escape, preferably unharmed. When you reach prisoner you discover that it is once again Agent Smith you are rescuing, and he has once again been stripped to his underwear in order to be interrogated... Based upon our repeated exposure to Agent Smith we can say with certainty that he is a “boxers” man...

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin: The next encounter is with a very depressed, very drunk Agent Smith who in the midst of his ambling misery and complaints to Agent 47 about how unfair the situation is (his having to be repeatedly rescued by 47) he strikes a deal in which Agent 47 agrees to eliminate strategic targets for Smith, in exchange for which Smith will provide Agent 47 with key information of the MacGuffin variety.

Hitman: Contracts: Agent Smith is again interacted with in the reprise of the Lee Hong Assassination Contract, which is played out again in Contracts.

Hitman: Blood Money: In another rescue encounter, Agent 47 searches for and finds Agent Smith in a drugged state locked in a cell in the high security wing of another mental hospital, and in order to rescue him Agent 47 must kill him... Sort of... Agent Smith provides Agent 47 with information that he needed to complete part of the mission.

Hitman: Blood Money: Agent Smith takes on the only major role appearance (so far) in the game series when he convinces Agent 47 to accept the contract for the mission Amendment XXV during which a pivotal series of events unfold that have lasting consequences for Agent 47.

Hitman: Absolution: While Agent Smith is not intended to have a role (minor or major) in Absolution other than appearing as the subject of one of the ICA intelligence files, players who have played the previous games and who pay attention to the characters in the games that they play will surely recognize him as the interrogation subject in the Contracts mode. There is speculation that Agent Smith will feature either in future expansion content or as the central subject of a special Contract in Contracts mode.

Special Notes
Agent Smith traditionally takes on the role of one of the portable MacGuffins for the Hitman game series, appearing in every game in the series, usually in the role of victim having been captured by the bad guys and either being held in a drugged state or being brutally interrogated by one or more of the enemies and thus is present for Agent 47 to rescue, after which he often provides information that Agent 47 requires but has no other access to, or serves to advance the main Plot of the game.

Although employed as a CIA Field Agent, and often working as a freelancer for the ICA, Agent Smith is by no stretch of the imagination a Michael Weston, though it does give one pause to wonder how it is that Agent Smith could commit so many well-documented blunders that he does not end up blacklisted himself as a result?

Agent Smith has appeared in every game in the main Hitman series except Hitman: Absolution, in which he has no designated role, however during play in the Rosewood Hospital under the Contracts Mode Agent Smith can be encountered in the form of a police officer who is being violently interrogated – the general assumption is that Smith infiltrated Dexter Industries as a police officer or that a future content expansion or IO Contracts* designed Contract will include him in a supporting role...

The non-presence role of Agent Smith in Hitman: Absolution takes the form of mention in the ICA file on Dexter. It has been claimed that one of the dancers in Hitman: Sniper Challenge at the Retreat Party is Agent Smith, and while this cannot be 100% verified without the assistance of a member of the IO Interactive developers, there is a dancer in the main bar area of that game that very closely resembles Agent Smith...

* IO Contracts is the Gamertag of a member of the development team at IO Interactive Denmark who hosts the online Contracts Mode competitions and PR efforts between IO Interactive and the news media. While Hitman: Absolution was not officially released until 20 November 2012, media / press review copies of the game were distributed in late October, with each game journalist who received a copy of the game well in advance of its release date being contacted by the Gamertag “IO Contracts” with both a friend request and offering a series of Contracts Mode Challenges. The IO Contracts Gamertag has only played three games according to its game history, and those are Kane & Lynch 2, LIMBO, and Hitman: Absolution.

For Hitman: Absolution the only Achievements that IO Contracts has unlocked are (and in this order):

  • Competitive Spirit (20G) Create a contract competition
  • Step into the Light (10G) You found your way through the mines (Secret)
  • Damage Control (20G) Contain a situation gone bad.
  • Inconspicuous (20G) Remain undetected in a whole checkpoint.
  • Whoops (20G) Achieve your first accident kill.
  • Self-Improvement (20G) Buy an Upgrade.

All of the above Achievements can be unlocked in a Contract that was created by IO Contracts that is part of the promotional series of Contracts that was made available with the distribution of review copies of the game in late October and early November of 2012.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dossier 04: Benjamin Travis

File No. ICA-PF-579113/TRAVIS
Name: Travis, Benjamin Alexander
DOB: 6 March 1969 at Barlow, Kentucky, USA
Father: Identity Unknown
Mother: Travis, Mary Lucille (b. 1956, currently resides in New York City)
Siblings: None
Height: 6' 2" (188 cm)
Weight: 265lb (116.12 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Rank Data

  • ICA Rank CMD: 2010
  • ICA Rank Tetra: 2008 (Dec)
  • ICA Rank Delta: 2008 (Jan)
  • ICA Rank Gamma: 2007 (Jul)
  • ICA Rank Nov: 2001

Travis served as a non-commissioned officer attaining the rank of Staff Sargent (E6) in the United States Marine Corps, during which he saw action in the Gulf, serving in all three local active theaters (Kuwait, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia) during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm, during which he received an active battlefield promotion to the rank of Lieutenant as well as decorations for heroism that include the Bronze Star.

Travis holds the distinction of being the youngest recruit in the history of the USMC Force Recon, having scored a perfect 300 on the Force Recon mandatory physical and field exams, which allowed for the special exemption for time-in-service normally required for application approval as a special operator.

Travis was subjected to a brief assignment to CENTCOM during review of the disastrous combat incident during which most of his combat team was lost to a combination of enemy and friendly fire and for which he received awards for valor and bravery under fire. Travis also saw action in Bosnia as a Special Operator during Operation Deny Flight.

As a result of his service with various elements of Force Recon and other Special Operations Units, Travis eventually attained the rank of Captain in the USMC, but was given a Dishonorable Discharge in December of 1999, at which time his rank was reduced back to Staff Sergeant (E6). The causal action relating to his Courts Martial and discharge from the Marines were the result of a series of unauthorized and classified covert operations that resulted in a large number of civilian casualties.

During his assessment for induction into the ICA Travis scored very high on all levels, scoring in the 88th percentile on all evaluations and test, as well as training, receiving very high marks and praise from the examining authority (Ort-Meyer). Notations on questions of mental or emotional stability and issues with temper control are included in the final evaluation, at which time it was revealed that Travis was likely the product of the rape of his mother at age 12; Mary Lucille Travis was aged 13 at the time of Travis' birth. Despite suggestions that stress may trigger emotional control issues, Travis was approved for service with the ICA.

Initial brilliant performance of ICA service in planning and strategies resulted in rapid promotion and assignment to Field Operations, during which Travis rapidly rose in the ranks as a result of a string of incredible successes at wetwork and assassination Contracts primarily utilizing explosives, during which he demonstrated remarkable abilities for arranging optimal contract fulfillment conditions in the field.

Following his spectacular service as a Field Agent, Travis was assigned to R&D at the ICA, eventually serving as the Agency S3 Officer, before being promoted to Agent Handler and finally to Command of ICA Field Operations after what is now being called the Burnwood Incident. Following the disappearance of Agent Handler Burnwood, Travis took over as Agent Handler for ICA Special Field Agent 47, with the partnership of the two being widely viewed within the ICA and by its board of directors as a partnership between the most effective planning officer (Travis) and the most effective Field Agent (47) in the history of the ICA.

Travis served as the primary architect and planner for the establishment of the Special Operations Team codenamed "Saints" (ICA Initiative 424) during which he not only oversaw the recruitment, evaluation, and the indoctrination of all eight Field Agents that made up SOG Saints, but he also developed and planned the advanced training program that resulted in a record of perfect successes from Group 424/Saints, the success of which largely contributed to his being chosen to head up the Field Division following the Burnwood Incident.

During the execution of the priority 1A Contract on Burnwood, Diana, in Chicago USA Travis lost control of Agent 47, who broke rank with the ICA, following the completion of the assassination contract on Diana Burnwood. According to after-action reports from supervising agents and Travis in his capacity as Agent Handler, the cause for Agent 47 going "off the reservation" is thought to be his close and previously undetected emotional attachment to the ICA clone project Codename: Victoria.

Special Notes
It is believed that the stress of losing control of Agent 47 and his failure to recover the clone from Project Victoria may have served as the trigger to unhinge Travis, and almost certainly contributed to his loss of effectiveness in evaluating field operations viability, facts that are particularly well illustrated by his disastrous handling of the "Intervention Operation" in Hope, South Dakota, and later in Chicago.

Director of Field Operations Travis has been flagged for review.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dossier 05: ICA Initiative 424

SA1 File No. ICA-PF-229577/DIXON
SA1 Name: Dixon, Lasandra Belle
SA1 Rank: Eagle / Tetra / Saints Captain
SA1 Race / Sex: Black / Female
SA1 DOB: Unknown USA
SA1 Height: 5' 8" (172 cm)
SA1 Weight: 128 lb (58.05 kg)
SA1 Eyes: Brown
SA1 Hair: Black

SA2 File No. ICA-PF-121500/MCCARTHY
SA2 Name: McCarthy, Heather
SA2 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA2 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA2 DOB: 17 March 1975
SA2 Height: 5' 7" (167 cm)
SA2 Weight: 104 lb (47.17 kg)
SA2 Eyes: Green
SA2 Hair: Red

SA3 File No. ICA-PF-
SA3 Name: Moorhead, Jacqueline
SA3 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA3 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA3 DOB: 15 May 1980 Canada
SA3 Height: 5' 8" (172 cm)
SA3 Weight: Not Known
SA3 Eyes: Blue
SA3 Hair: Blonde

SA4 File No. ICA-PF-Not Known
SA4 Name: Radoncic, Agnija "Aggie"
SA4 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA4 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA4 DOB: 22 April 1978, Serbia
SA4 Height: 5' 8" (170 cm)
SA4 Weight: Not Known
SA4 Eyes: Blue
SA4 Hair: Brown

SA5 File No. ICA-PF-Not Known
SA5 Name: Radoncic, Dijana "Di"
SA5 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA5 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA5 DOB: 22 April 1978, Serbia
SA5 Height: 5' 8" (170 cm)
SA5 Weight: Not Known
SA5 Eyes: Blue
SA5 Hair: Brown

SA6 File No. ICA-PF-399040/PAXTON
SA6 Name: Paxton, Jennifer Anne
SA6 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA6 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA6 DOB: 12 January 1987 USA
SA6 Height: 5' 7" (167 cm)
SA6 Weight: 104 lb (47.22 kg)
SA6 Eyes: Blue
SA6 Hair: Blonde

SA7 File No. ICA-PF-398599/GARNIER
SA7 Name: Garnier, Maria
SA7 Rank: Eagle / Tetra
SA7 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA7 DOB: 7 July 1984 USA
SA7 Height: 5' 7" (167 cm)
SA7 Weight: Not Known
SA7 Eyes: Brown
SA7 Hair: Black

SA8 File No. ICA-PF-Not Known
SA8 Name: Cain, Louisa "Candy"
SA8 Rank: Not Known
SA8 Race / Sex: White / Female
SA8 DOB: Not Known
SA8 Height: Not Known
SA8 Weight: Not Known
SA8 Eyes: Not Known
SA8 Hair: Not Known

The Saints were part of an experiment devised by Travis, who recruited the members of the all-female Special Operations Group from either prison or law enforcement, though the members of the team who are ex-law enforcement are only one step removed from prison themselves according to their professional performance and evaluations. It takes a thief they say, in this case it takes a killer.

After their training and a spectacular career with the ICA, Travis makes the mistake of dispatching The Saints to kill Agent 47, resulting in the death of everyone except the team's Captain, Lasandra Dixon, who is last seen (in the trailer) in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital. Presumably we will be seeing her again in the future...

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