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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 13: Fight Night

Before you begin the Suite Only and Infiltrator run-through it is important to point out that this Chapter is a perfect example of how you can make the Challenges more difficult on yourself than they necessarily need to be by not exploring your options – in this case, it turns out that everything that you need for the run-through is actually available in the first part, with a bit of exploring and scavenging. It is also true that you can acquire what you need in the second part as well, but as we are writing this guide with an eye towards making your life easier, we shall go with easy over complicated every time!

So, with that in mind, it would be a good idea to pay heed to the collection of resources that are outlined here...

The Fight Suit Only and Infiltrator Run-through

The level begins with 47 entering the large industrial warehouse area, so crouch and ninja your way into the main area and then follow the left wall all the way around. You can climb over the boxes ahead, and beyond those you may encounter a patrolling Guard who you should incap and hide his body.

Bearing in mind that by now you should be a wizard at collecting items and resources, as you follow the outer wall be on the lookout for some Remote Explosives and an Evidence – you do not have to get the Evidence if you don't want to, since getting the Evidence in the second area will likely be done on a Rambo play-through, but you can if you like. Once you have the Remote Explosives and the Evidence (if you want it) continue along the walls to the back all ninja-like.

You will find the missing Keycard that the Guards have been talking about and searching for on a wooden crate in the stacks before you reach The Patriot's RV – he is the challenger who is fighting Sanchez, which you will be learning very well when you go to complete the optional other Challenges for this Chapter!

Once you collect the Keycard you can either backtrack to the locked door that you need the Keycard to open or try a more direct route to it, being careful to avoid the Guards, and head through the door to the next area.

Make your way through and drop down to the area below, then access the heating vent. In the middle of the vent you have the option of looking left which you should do, and listening to Sanchez as he has a phone conversation presumably with Dexter during which he reveals that Victoria is being held in Skurky's jail while Sanchez is busy at the fights. Now you know where Victoria is being held!

Continue through the heating vent to the next area and pick open the door, which ends this level.

The Fight Night Suit Only Infiltrator Primary Run-through

The Arena Level
As you enter the Arena stick to the crowd and make your way around to the open entrance to the fighting cage, and just throw the Remote Explosives into the center of the ring cage. After you have thrown the Remote Explosives into the ring head to the exit door (the two red doors down the hall on the other side of the ring) and stand near them as you detonate the Explosives so that you can exit the zone straight away and not have to risk making a mistake or being detected.

You will also unlock the Techniques Controlled Breathing III and Iron Man III. In addition to the above you will have also unlocked the Challenges Infiltrator, Suit Only, Lost and Found, My Enemy, and How the Mighty Have Fallen!

With that mischief managed, depending on how important a high score is to you for each level – and if you are competing with your mates for high scores it could be very important indeed – you will want to complete more of the Challenges in order to increase your bonus multiplier and thus take in a better score. So now you should turn your attention to the Clean-Up Replay Section!

Clean-Up Replays
You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • STG 58 Elite (obtained from Guards)
  • Zug TMP (in the Armory on the Arena 2nd Floor behind the gate)
  • Worn M590 12GA (in the Armory on the Arena 2nd Floor behind the gate)
  • Ilyon R700 (in the Armory on the Arena 2nd Floor behind the gate)
  • Patriot's Entourage Disguise (obtained from a member of the Entourage)
  • Factory Guard Disguise (obtained from a Guard or from the crate in the back of the warehouse)
  • The Patriot Disguise (obtained from The Patriot in the warehouse)
  • Knife (near The Patriot's RV)
  • Baseball Bat (near The Patriot's RV)
  • Bottle (various places mostly the bar)
  • C4 Brick (in the Armory on the Arena 2nd Floor behind the gate)
  • Cleaver (at the grill inside the Arena)
  • Crowbar (on a pile of boxes in the room behind the bar)
  • Hammer (in the Warehouse area)
  • Gasoline Can (in the Warehouse area)
  • Keycard (in the Warehouse area towards the back)
  • Morning Star (in the Armory on the Arena 2nd Floor behind the gate)
  • Metal Pipe (in the Warehouse)
  • Teddy (near The Patriot's RV)
  • Radio (in the Warehouse area)
  • Remote Explosives (in the Warehouse area and in the upstairs of the Arena area)
  • Screwdriver (in the Warehouse area)
  • Wrench (in the Warehouse area)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies
Unlocking the Chameleon Challenge

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. These consist of the Factory Guard, Patriot, and Patriot's Entourage disguises. This is probably best accomplished during a Rambo play-through.

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: The Hanger Area
Collect the dossier from the boxes in the rear right area of the Hanger as you make your way through the area for the Primary Play-through.

Evidence 2: The Arena Area
Collect the videotape from the security station behind the first bar on the right, inside the Arena.

Avoid being spotted. You will unlock this during the Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through which is illustrated above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. You will unlock this during the Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through which is illustrated above.

Lost and Found
Find the keycard in the box maze in the corner of the hanger. You will unlock this during the Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through which is illustrated above.

Unlocking the A Real Patriot Challenge

A Real Patriot
Take the Patriot's Disguise, hide his body, and enter the arena undetected. Sounds a lot more complicated than you are probably thinking!

As you begin the Chapter make your way along the left side of the warehouse as you did in the Primary Run-through but this time you are headed to the back side of the Patriot's RV that you see past where the Keycard is found. What you want to do is ninja over and turn off the generator, which will draw out one of the Patriot's Entourage to investigate its having stopped running.

Incap him and take his diguise, then hide the body, and make your way to the dark back area of the crates where you will have items you can throw to draw The Patriot away from the RV, and then you can incap him and take his Disguise. There is a box back here to hide the body in, and if you inadvertently lure another Entourage Member you can just incap them and hide their body then try again.

Once you have the Disguise (and have unlocked the Chameleon Challenge as well you sly gamer) you are now ready to take on Sanchez, so head to the doors to the right of the Keycard doors and knock in order to be let in by Security, where you will be required to check your Weapons at the counter. No worries, you will get the back soon.

Head into the ring and do the quick-time button sequence to weaken Sanchez, at which point you will get a CS in which you interrogate him and then a second quick-time button sequence in order to kill him. Once he is dead you unlock the Achievement “Faith can move Mountains” (10G) You have defeated Sanchez with your bare hands.

Now all you need to do is go get your Weapons and hit the door to end the Chapter, unlocking the Challenges Chameleon, Blood Sport, Untouchable, and this one, A Real Patriot.

Blood Sport
Enter the cage and fight Sanchez as the Patriot. You will unlock this one when you do the A Real Patriot Challenge above.

Enter the cage and fight Sanchez as the Patriot with perfect quick-time events. You should unlock this when you do the A Real Patriot Challenge above – the button sequences are B-then-rapid X's followed by a Y.

Unlocking the Light Rig Challenge

Light Rig
Kill the target by lowering the light boom from the top level. This one may be best completed on a semi-Rambo play-through – and what I mean by that is that you do a lot of killing but without actually being detected, whereas with a full-on Rambo play-through you don't care if you get detected.

Basically make your way into the Arena area by the normal route, grabbing the Keycard from the Warehouse, and then when you get near the bar go into sneak mode and ninja past the bartender into the back area. From here on out you kill the guards without being detected, hiding their bodies where you can, and make your way to the walkway and through the door to the area with the lever that you need to pull in order to unlock this.

Once you unlock it, you can finish the level or not, your call.

My Enemy
Kill the target with an explosive. You will unlock this during the Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through which is illustrated above.

Unlocking the Wing Man Challenge

Wing Man
Kill the target with the sniper rifle and remain undetected. For this one you basically take almost the same approach as you did for Light Rig but instead of going right to the end of the catwalk and incapping the Guard at the corner you sneak through the first Keycard door on your left and then incap the Guard inside, then quickly incap or kill the Guard on the couch in the next room (the Armory) and then hide both of those bodies.

Take the Sniper Rifle out of the gun rack and be sure you get ammo for it, and then before you leave the cover of the Armory, check the patrol pattern of the Guard who is walking the catwalk and, when his back is to you, take out the corner Guard and proceed as you did in the Rig Challenge, making your way up and taking out the Guards up there and then shooting Sanchez from the same area as the Light Rig Lever.

Now all that you need to do is make your way to the exit, using Instinct as sparingly as you can manage, and exit the level! For your trouble you should unlock the Challenges Wing Man, Technical Knock Out, and Mastery: Fight Night. Well done you!

Technical Knock Out
Complete Light Rig, Wing Man, and My Enemy.

How the Mighty Fall
Clear the mission.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This will unlock after you have unlocked all of the above Challenges.

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