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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 06: Rosewood

Obviously the way that this was supposed to work was that Victoria was supposed to be safe at the Orphanage, and Birdie was supposed to be a reliable informant. As it turns out though, neither of those are true. With respect to Birdie, he is acting in his own self-interest, and that is not really a surprise to 47 so it should not be one for us. When 47 arrived and Birdie was gone, he made the decision to take Birdie's bus and head for the Rosewood Orphanage, and that makes sense, but unfortunately Wade's men are also on their way there and as we have now discovered, they had a lead on us though we got there first.

As 47 talks to the Mother Superior he learns that Victoria has had a health scare, and quickly determines that it was the absence of her special necklace that was the cause... After it is replaced she gets a Cylon glow in her eyes and she is all better, well almost. Just then the enemy arrives, so 47 needs to pick up Victoria and carry her to the relative safety of the basement, where he will meet up with the Mother Superior, and hopefully then be in a position to open a can of whoop-ass on these bad guys!

Suit Only and Infiltrator Primary Run-Through

So, start by carrying Victoria down the hall until you reach the lift, which starts to ding – immediately head behind the curtains into the room on the left to avoid the goons coming off of the lift, and once they are past head on yourself and place Victoria on the gurney inside. You get another CS with 47 hitting the button for the basement and then as the lift starts to go down, the power goes out and you get the first regular Challenge for the level, which is to recover the four fuses and replace them in the fuse box to get the power back on and the lift working again.

Of course the fuses are not stored in a central location – like by the fuse box – because, well, I don't really know why, but either way this means that we need to ninja through the level and grab the four fuses and then take them to the fuse box! Fortunately all of the locations are marked thanks to your Instinct – so first thing first, head down the hall here avoiding discovery and then take the right door and go down the stairs to get the first fuse (Fuse 1 of 4), very painlessly.

Orphanage Halls Primary Infiltrator and Suit Only Run-through

Now we need to backtrack to the hall again and work our way down to the end of the hall and take out the trio that are tuning up on the security guard in the music room. The easy way is to take out the lone guy on the right and then use the piano and a thrown object to separate the pair and then once separated, take them each out to unlock the Good Samaritan Challenge for your troubles.

Just past them in the lab is a fuse (Fuse 2 of 4), after which you should take out the guy in the next room and hide the body then carefully work your way through the halls and chapel, then make your way into the hall and through the heating vent and then make your way past the counters and grab the third fuse (Fuse 3 of 4).

Work your way through the Nursery – you can hide a body or two in the ball pit to unlock the Challenge Playing with Balls. Alternatively you can just go down the hallway and head right to the fourth fuse (Fuse 4 of 4), and then make a straight run back along the path you followed, through the duct and up the stairs to the fuse box (avoiding detection of course) at which point after you put the fuses in and pull the lever you should then unlock the challenge Out of Fuse.

The lift starts back up and Wade and his crew capture Victoria, which leads to an argument in which Lenny ends up shooting Mother Superior. After the CS ends you have completed the Orphanage Halls Level.

Central Heating Primary Infiltrator and Suit Only Run-through

Central Heating Level

As the level begins 47 needs to make his way across the room without being detected while the conversation plays out. The enemy then split up – so take each out and then hide the bodies in the container in the corner before you continue along the path to the next area of the basement, where you will work your way past the enemy here by using the Elevated walkway on the right. Climb up and make your way to the other side of the area using the walkway and then drop down the end of the walkway and ninja past the enemy there to reach the next room in which you complete the main objective to find Wade.

Working your way behind Wade by turning off the steam and using the heating vent is the best way to handle this part of the level. Use the second steam valve to kill him and then QUICKLY move to the body and claim his unique weapon.

Note that for this stage there is a Challenge you can unlock for killing Wade without being seen – that is called Face Off – and to complete that you will want to turn off the steam and then go through the heating vent to the other side, ninja around the corner and execute him by turning the steam valve behind him. You basically get the same ending CS with Lenny either way.

Lenny then escapes with Victoria and 47 escapes with Wade's car and the matchbook that Lenny gave him earlier, that leads 47 to Hope, South Dakota.

Completing the level Unlocks the Achievement “All Bark and No Bite” (10G) You Assassinated Wade.

You will have completed the Challenges Suit Only, Infiltrator, Good Samaritan, Out of Fuse, Subtle Injection - Part 1, and The Mercenary. You will also have unlocked the Techniques Dual-Wielding Expertise II, and Pure Instinct II.

Clean-Up Replays

You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • SA .44 Auto (from Wade but you have to grab it quickly before the CS)
  • Aries 24-7 (from start or enemy)
  • Aries Charging Ram (from enemy)
  • Zug TMP (from enemy)
  • M590 12GA (from enemy or guard)
  • Rosewood Security Guard Disguise (off of a Security Guard body)
  • Henchmen Disguise (off of a Henchmen body)
  • Book (in the Orphanage)
  • Bottle (in the Orphanage)
  • Fire Axe (in the Orphanage)
  • Fire Extinguisher (in the Orphanage)
  • Gasoline Can (in the Orphanage Basement)
  • Knife (in the Orphanage)
  • Toy Robot (in the Orphanage)
  • Syringe (in the Orphanage)
  • Fuse (x4)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons. Note that the Zug TMP and the sA.44 Auto are both on the Weapon Unlock List for Contracts.

Challenges Strategies

Pick up all of the disguises in the level, which consists of the Security Guard Disguise and the Goon disguise (you start the level with the Priest disguise in place of your suit).

Unlocking the Evidence Collector Challenge

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level:

Evidence 1: The Orphanage Hall
Collect the dossier from the desk in the room across the hall from the Utility Room with the fuse box.

Evidence 2: The HVAC Room
Collect the dossier from the box in the HVAC room.

Avoid being spotted. Note that to unlock this you have to take turn off the steam and make your way around the back of where Wade is. Whether you use the steam to kill him at that point or not, which will guarantee you unlocking this, or try to do it a different way, is your call. Just follow the Primary above and watch the video if you need help with this.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. This and Infiltrator were the targets for our run-through above, so following that will get you this.

Unlocking the Good Samaritan Challenge

Good Samaritan
Take out the torturers of the imprisoned guard. After you leave the lift, you simply need to take out the guy watching the pair who are torturing the Guard, and then take out the pair torturing the Guard to unlock this.

Out of Fuse
Collect all four fuses without being detected. This is part of the Primary Run-through above and you should unlock it following that.

Playing with Balls
Hide enemy bodies in the Ball Pen in the nursery. This is best saved for your Rambo Run-through; the ball pit is found in the Nursery which is across the hall from the counter area.

Unlocking the Face Off Challenge

Face Off
Kill the target without being spotted. This is accomplished using the steam valve at the end.

The Mercenary
Clear the mission.

Subtle Injection - Part 1
Throw three syringes for three kills in quick succession. Note that you must complete this Challenge in order to unlock the next one.

Subtle Injection - Part 2
Throw four syringes for four kills in quick succession. Note that you must complete this Challenge in order to unlock the next one.

Subtle Injection - Part 3
Throw five syringes for five kills in quick succession.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This will unlock after the rest of the Challenges have unlocked.

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2 comments, latest first.
Jan 10th 2015 CMBF
It is not impossible - lots of gamers have completed it - what you need to remember is this: don't try to view it big picture - live and complete the mission from moment to moment rather than thinking about the end. Take on each enemy as encountered.

If you refrain from thinking too far ahead it is a LOT less daunting than you think.
ID #499510
Dec 25th 2014 Guest
The mission is impossible
ID #490079
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