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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 15: Skurky's Law

The Chapter begins with a series CS's in which we first see the Detective who is in charge of investigating the case involving 47, who receives a tip-off from Birdie that he will find Agent 47 in Blackwater. It then cuts to a CS of the ICA Mobile Command Center and we see Travis and Jade getting ready to head for Hope, where they plan to see 47 killed. Finally we get a CS of 47 standing in the Hope Courtroom observing the session, and we get an illustration of how crooked the law is in Hope.

Primary Suit Only Infiltrator Run-through

Bearing in mind that this is going to be one of the toughest Suit Only Infiltrator run-throughs you have had in the game so far, if you decide that you would rather do the two as separate attempts that is OK. You can use this Primary Run-through as a template either way.

Courthouse Suit Only and Infiltrator Run-through

The Courthouse Level
Leave the Courtroom and head out and down the right hallway, then out the door. Head to the stairs that lead down to the secure area in order to trigger the conversation between the cop and the civilian so that it finishes and he moves on while we are doing the next bit.

Head through the door to that building you are standing next to, and take out the cop inside, hiding his body. When the coast is clear pop out the window then hide by the front of the cop car, incapping the cop that is patrolling on its side. Leave his body on that side so that it gets found (without you near it obviously) and then make your way along the outside edge of the zone, all the way around to the ledge in the corner past the bus.

Climb the ledge to reach the Judge's private office. What you need to do here is disable the TV recording system in the small room next door - that will unlock the Challenge Obstruction - then head into the office and hide to wait for the Judge to come in for a short recess. Incap the Judge, then lure the cop in from the other room and incap him. Incap the Usher in the next room who is talking on the phone, then use an object to throw against the side wall to lure in the cops and lawyers outside one at a go to incap them and hide them behind the desk.

You will note that in the video I only include a few examples but you will see the pile of bodies to understand that you need to keep doing that until you have lured and incapped all of the officials, leaving only the witnesses and defendant in the courtroom. After that you can simply sneak around to the secure door and use the Judge's Keycard to get in. Once you have picked the interior door open and entered you complete this level, unlocking the Achievement “Jailbird” (10G) You infiltrated the courthouse and accessed the jail.

You will have unlocked the Challenges Obstruction, No Collateral Damage, and partly unlocked Infiltrator and Suite Only. Well done you! But now is when it gets tougher...

Holding Cells Suit Only and Infiltrator Run-through

Holding Cell Level
After you open the barred door and head inside you will need to sneak along the hall and down the stairs, incap the Cop and hide his body in the closet just outside, then use the heating vent to get a CS of Kane in a jail cell, writing a letter to his daughter (from the beginning of that game). You can see his daughter's photo on the table.

Before you leave the heating vent be sure that the cop who patrols in here is not here, then leave it and quickly open the door here to complete this level. This advances the Infiltrator and Suit Only Challenges.

Prison Suit Only and Infiltrator Run-through

Prison Level
Here is the tough bit – you need to sneak along all ninja-like through the halls here for the most part, often following behind the cops you find here. The primary objective is to get to the controls for the gate that leads to the next level down, which naturally enough is located in the central Guard Station.

Wait for the Guard to move away and use the button, then carefully leave the station and hide as a Guard will likely walk past the gate you opened. When it is clear, head through the opened gate and into the next area.

Head down the stairs but use Instinct to make sure the guy on the right is not turned towards the door - slip past him and around the corner then use the red ladder to go to the catwalks above, and make your way to the other side and down another red ladder there.

Head up the stairs to the gate and open it by shooting the lock off with your silenced Silverballer and then go through. Pick open the next door and you will enter the dungeon – this triggers a CS in which Agent 47 encounters something he was not expecting, and Skurky does a victory dance...

Skurky takes a call from Dexter and brags a bit, and that ends the Chapter. You unlock the Challenges Infiltrator, Suite Only, and Sol Close and yet so far.

Clean-Up Replays
You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Zug TMP (in the Evidence Room)
  • Z&M Model 60 (obtain from Cops)
  • STG 58 Elite (in the Evidence Room)
  • M590 12 GA (obtain form Jailers or in Evidence Room)
  • STG 58 (in the safe in the Central Guard Station)
  • Judge Disguise (obtain from Judge)
  • Court Security Guard Disguise (obtain from Security Guard)
  • Court Usher Disguise (obtain from Court Usher)
  • Hope Police Officer Disguise (obtain from Police Officer)
  • Tinfoil Hat Man Disguise (obtain from Tin Foil Hat Man)
  • Baseball Bat (in the jail cell area)
  • Book (in the room next to the Library)
  • Dummy Arm (in the Evidence Room)
  • Fire Extinguisher (in the Courthouse)
  • Wrench (various locations)
  • Glass Shiv (on the Evidence Room)
  • Golf Club (in Judges Office)
  • Hammer (various locations)
  • Gavel (in the Judge's Chamber)
  • Keycard (in the Judge's Chamber)
  • Knife (no idea where this is)
  • Police Baton (in the Security Room)
  • Sledge Hammer (in the Prison area)
  • Radio (various locations)
  • Screwdriver (outside the Central Guard Station)
  • Statue Bust (in the courthouse)
  • Tomahawk (in the Guard's changing room)
  • Vase (in the Courthouse)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. These consist of the Court Security Guard, Court Usher, Hope Police Officer, Judge, and Tin Foil Hat Man disguises. This is really best accomplished during your Rambo play-through.

Unlocking the Chameleon and Evidence Collector Challenges

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: Hope County Courthouse
Collect the dossier from the table with the typewriter in the security room.

Evidence 2: Hope County Courthouse Holding Cells
Collect the videotape from the VCR in the security room.

Evidence 3: Hope County Prison
Collect the dossier from the box in the security room inside the barred-off area of the prison.

Avoid being spotted. You will unlock this during the primary run-through illustrated above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. You will unlock this during the primary run-through illustrated above.

Unlocking the Take the Fall Challenge

Take the Fall
Take the Tinfoil Hat Man Disguise and get the judge to sentence you to jail. The quick and dirty way to unlock this is to mess with the video system in the courtroom to force a recess, at which point the Tin Foil Hat Man will go to use the bathroom, and you can follow him in and incap him to take his disguise. Then simply head into the courtroom and when court reconvenes, stand and let the Judge convict you!

Turn off the video Evidence in the courthouse. You will unlock this during the primary run-through illustrated above.

No Collateral Damage
Clear the mission with no casualties (non-lethal are allowed). You will unlock this during the primary run-through illustrated above.

Unlocking the Take Office Challenge

Take Office
Take the Judge Disguise and return to the bench and pronounce sentence on the Tin Foil Hat Man. For this Challenge you can follow the same steps as in the Primary Run-through but once you have the Judge's disguise and have hidden his body, simply walk out to the bench and dismiss all charges.

One Man Riot
Find the glass shiv in the Evidence room and stealth-kill 10 enemies with it. The glass shiv is in the evidence room where they hold all of the evidence, so simply gain access and take the glass shiv, and then begin taking out enemies via stealth-kills with that weapon. There are plenty of targets both inside and outside the building, the trick is not to be detected.

So Close and Yet So Far
Clear the mission.

Unlocking the Judgment Day - Part 1 Challenge
-- Video coming soon --

Judgment Day - Part 1
Get the Judge Disguise then subdue and hide the Court Usher in the library.

Judgment Day - Part 2
Get the Judge Disguise then subdue and hide three Court Ushers.

Judgment Day - Part 3
Get the Judge Disguise and gavel, then kill Tinfoil Hat Man with gavel.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level.

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4 comments, latest first.
Jan 16th 2016 lighterlung
I found the knife in the Skurky's Law Mission. When the walkthru mentions using instinct to slip past the guard in the prison area, I ran into the knife right across from the doorway there. Somewhere right there in that area.
ID #633442
Sep 16th 2014 CMBF
The guide and videos show you how to do that mate - read and watch?
ID #448557
Sep 13th 2014 Guest
Hi how do I kill sturky in the church I've tried alsorts i just cant seem to shoot him before shoots me
ID #447455
Jan 16th 2016 lighterlung
When you first go in the church, the time will come for the shot. The game will automatically initiate point shooting. After you mark Skurky with L2, then push the square button to shoot (on PS3).
ID #633441
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