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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 02: The King of Chinatown

We begin with Agent 47 finding a place to stash Victoria – the Rosewood Orphanage – which is run by an order of nuns (I think Carmelite but it has been quite a while since school so I don't remember the habit colors as well as I used to). In any event 47 places Victoria in the capable hands of the Sister, and then heads for the low-rent district to find a room in a no-tell hotel, before making contact with one of the informal resources that he has used in the past for information – a man named Birdie. You know, a little Birdie told me?

Before Birdie will help you he wants a favor – he wants you to do a hit on a man who is called The King of Chinatown. That begins the proper level, and as you regain control over Agent 47 Birdie gives you a briefing on The King, after which you will need to make your way into this unknown world and do what you do best!

King of Chinatown Chapter Introduction Montage

Mandatory and Optional Objectives
This level has only one piece of Evidence that you need to collect – a dossier that is located in the Pagoda where the King of Chinatown is. On the other hand there are a number of disguises you can collect in the Chapter:

Before you start the level you should decide which of the Challenges you want to try to unlock for the first run-through, and then plan your strategy accordingly. This is actually the basic approach that you should get used to observing at the start of each Chapter – just saying – so to help you with that, we should quickly review the Challenges in this Chapter:

  • Mastery: Complete all of the Challenges in the level.
  • Chameleon: Pick up all of the disguises in the level.
  • Evidence Collector: Find all of the evidence in the level.
  • Infiltrator: Avoid being spotted.
  • Suit Only: Avoid using disguises.
  • Kaboom: Kill the target with a remote explosive.
  • A Killing View: Kill the target with the sniper rifle from the dealer's flat.
  • Controlled Demolition: Kill ONLY the target with a remote explosive.
  • Man Down: Kill the target by pushing them down the cargo floor opening.
  • Drop Dead: Accidentally kill the target by dropping the hanging cargo onto him.
  • Two for the Price of One: Kill the dealer and king in one shot with the sniper rifle.
  • Clean Sweep: Recover the Evidence without being detected.
  • Don't do Drugs: Poison the target's drugs.
  • Hot Coffee: Put poison in the king's coffee at the pagoda.
  • Let's do Lunch: Put poison in the king's sushi near the cargo hole.
  • Master Poisoner: Complete Don't do Drugs, Hot Coffee, and Let's do Lunch.
  • Quid Pro Quo: Clear the mission.
  • Veiled Death Part 1: Eliminate the target and dealer with a stealth-based point-shoot while wearing a police uniform, in the dealer's apartment.
  • Veiled Death Part 2: Eliminate the target wearing the dealer's Disguise near where the king stops to pee by the exit.

Off the top of my head the obvious ones are Evidence Collector, Infiltrator, A Killing View, Clean Sweep (if you can manage it), and of course Quid Pro Quo.

What that means is you will take out the target using the sniper rifle from the window of the Dealer's place, but of course that is just a suggested first run-through, you can go a different route. The important thing to remember is you are going to be replaying this mission around seven times in order to complete all of the Challenges and collectibles...

Completing the Sniper Run-Through

The Sniper Run-through
The most expedient approach is to make your way through Chinatown until you reach the mouth of an alley down which is a guard who is sitting on a chair. If you take the long way around to this location by walking to the back of the area past the Pagoda and then following the path around to the right and back to the alley, you should arrive just as the dealer is leaving, which is a good thing since it means the flat is empty. If you get there before the Dealer leaves (use Instinct to check) wait for him to leave through the alley first.

At the head of the alley on the right is a fuse box that you can sabotage to get the guard to come out and fix it, at which point you can then slip past him and head up the stairs to the right at the end of the alley, and so gain access to the Dealer's flat. Inside there are a few items you can pick up in the way of improvised Weapons, but the important weapon is the Kazo TRG Sniper Rifle on the bench.

Now simply walk to the window, sight down the square and wait for The King to walk into view, then put a round through him – a center mass target aiming for his heart is probably the smart choice but as there is an Achievement for head shots you might want to start your count towards getting 47 Sniper Rifle Head Shots with him... Either way once you kill him you unlock the Achievement “Kingslayer” (10G) You fulfilled Birdie's contract and eliminated The King of Chinatown.

This method also completes the Challenge A Killing View.

Right so The King is dead but now you need to make yourself invisible because very shortly a large number of cops are going to descend upon your Sniper Roost! I suggest hiding in the closet at the back of the room and waiting them out, and once the cop leaves and you can safely do so, incap the Dealer and take his Disguise, stash his body in a container and then exit the premises and head for the Pagoda to collect the dossier there, and then for the exit to complete the mission and level!

A consultation with Birdie

This triggers a CS in which you visit and chat with Birdie – who you explain you need to obtain the reason for The Agency interest in Victoria. While Biridie is willing to help you, he has a price – your Silverballers and ICA case! I cannot believe that 47 is willing to give up the tools of his trade, but there you have it...

That exchange completes the level and you should unlock the Chameleon I Technique for your trouble. You will also unlock the Achievement “True Potential” (20G) You unlock a technique. If you are wondering, yes, you did unlock a Technique in the first Chapter, but all of the things you did in that and their related stats did not count because that was really the tutorial level of the game. So basically what you do from this Chapter onwards is what counts.

After the score screen you get the Lost and Found Screen – and this may have some errors on it, though since they are in your favor that is not such a big deal – because it may show you having picked up items that you didn't. Particularly guns. In any event the following items are on this list:

Item Collection
While you do not technically have to collect ALL of the items you may want to just to be through... The list below is all of the items in the level with their locations noted.

  • Swiss 3000 (The Dealer's Automatic Pistol)
  • Z&M Model 60 (Police Pistol)
  • HK UMP (SMG)
  • Kazo TRG (Sniper Rifle)
  • Dealer Disguise (from the Dealer)
  • Market Vender Disguise (In the read area of the stall where The King samples food)
  • Chicago Police Officer Disguise (from regular Police Officers)
  • Chicago SWAT Officer Disguise (from SWAT Officers)
  • Axe (stuck in a crate in the far corner of the area)
  • Brick (on a planter on the right side of the zone)
  • Evidence (On a table in the Pagoda)
  • Filet Knife (common at fish market stalls)
  • Gasoline Can (In the Dealer's flat)
  • Knife (In the alley on the left as you approach the Pagoda Area)
  • Bottle (In the alley leading to the Dealer's flat and In the Dealer's flat)
  • Remote Explosive (at the top of the stairs in the boxes near The King's car)
  • Fugu Fish (on the stall directly opposite of the one The King tastes food at)

Challenge Completion Strategies
Even if you are not a completionist you will want to experience the different ways in which the mission can be carried out, and the following strategies may help you in the process, bearing in mind that the approach that is required can span pure stealth to pure Rambo!

Chameleon Challenge
This may be a messy level for you since you have to do something that causes the regular police to call in SWAT backup... Once they do simply take out a SWAT Officer and change to his Disguise, then take out a regular Officer (if you have not already) and swap into their disguise. The Dealer disguise you should already have, and the Market Vendor disguise can be had in the back of the stall that The King tastes his food at.

Evidence Collector Challenge
The Evidence on the table in the Pagoda you should have collected on your way out of the first run-through for the mission, but if not, you know where to get it.

Infiltrator Challenge
You have plenty of chances to unlock this Challenge as you complete the others, and it will be a shock if you don't. However if you don't, then try to use one of the easy kill methods like poison to compelte this Challenge.

Suit Only Challenge
You should unlock this in the process of doing the Don't Do Drugs Challenge, or during pretty much any of the other Drug-related death Challenges. You can also unlock it for the explosion-related Challenges as well.

Sniping both the Dealer and The King

Two for the Price of One Challenge
For this one you need to use the Kazo TRG from the Dealer's flat to shoot the Dealer and The King with one single bullet. Basically you make your way into the Dealer's flat in the usual way and then take the shot. Once you do and succeed this Unlocks and it no longer matters if you complete the mission or how you complete the mission.

Drop Dead Challenge
Head to the back of the zone to the truck-cart thing and wait for the two cops by the exit to leave, then walk across and go into the partly-fenced off area with the trash container and wait there while The King tastes the food next door. When he heads over to pee, shoot the chain holding the cargo pallet above him to crush him, scoring a sweet accidental kill! Now just hit the exit and you are finito!

Chances are high that you will unlock the Infiltrator Challenge doing this (if you have not already done so) and the Achievement “Silent Assassin” (20G) You achieved Silent Assassin (If you have not already done so).

Quid Pro Quo Challenge
You receive this automatically for completing the mission.

Clean Sweep Challenge
To obtain this unlock you need to obtain the Evidence from the Pagoda without having been spotted throughout the entire level. The easy way to do that is to use the Dealer's Disguise since that allows you to go pretty much where you want to. You can combine the Don't Do Drugs Challenge with this one by waiting until The King dies then incapping or killing the Dealer and taking his disguise, then simply getting the Evidence and leaving the level!

A Killing View Challenge
To unlock this Challenge all that you need to do is kill the target from the window of the Dealer's flat using the Kazo TRG. If you did the Two For The Price of One Challenge this would have unlocked as part of that. Since this was the method we used for the example walkthrough you would have unlocked it there anyway.

Man Down Challenge
This one is a little trickier in that you need to push The King into the open hatch in the stall where he tastes the Sushi - but he conveniently stands right by it so hey, time it right and you should be able to do it and get out without being shot!

Poisoning the drugs for the Don't Do Drugs Challenge

Don't Do Drugs Challenge
Grab the Fugu Fish (which is a deadly poison) from the market stall and then get into the Dealer's flat the usual way by sabotaging the fuse box. Once up there, poison the drugs and then hide in the crate at the bottom of the top of the first set of stairs to wait for the Dealer and The King to arrive. Watch as The King consumes the drugs and dies, and then you can leave the area. Unfortunately you will be spotted by the cop guarding the alley, which will really mess up your high score, so if you want to prevent that you need to take him out discretely first... On the bright side this will get you the Suit Only Challenge as well!

Hot Coffee Challenge
For this you need to grab the Fugu Fish and then use it to poison the coffee cup in the Pagoda – this can be a bit tricky, so you may want to use a bottle or other object to distract the cop guarding the back entrance, and then quickly slip in, apply the poison, and slip out. Alternatively you can get the Dealer Disguise and use that to gain unrestricted access to the Pagoda.

Let's Do Lunch Challenge
All that you need to do for this Challenge is to grab the Fugu Fish, and then wait for the cook on the other side of the counter to grab a smoke, and poison the food on the counter that The King tastes. Once you have poisoned it, walk to the cart-truck thing, wait for the pair of cops by the exit to leave, then head near the exit and loiter out of sight. As soon as you get the message that The King is dead, hit the exit to leave and voila! An instant (and very sweet) score! If you have not already done so you will unlock the Infiltrator, and Suit Only Challenges with this one, and the Achievement “Silent Assassin” (20G) You achieved Silent Assassin.

Master Poisoner Challenge
This one is unlocked after you complete the three poison-related Challenges.

Kaboom Challenge
Follow the instructions for the Controlled Demolition Challenge to complete this Challenge.

Controlled Demolition Challenge
Go into the alley with the car and grab the remote explosives – you can either try to grab them quickly and then leave without the cop there reacting to your presence to the point that he tries to arrest you, or you can intentionally have him do that but on the stairs so you can incap him without anyone seeing you do it. Either way once you have the Remote Explosives go to the alley where the exit is, and place the explosives in the left-hand corner (where The King goes to pee).

Then simply move behind the nearby cart-truck thing and wait for him to take a pee, and set off the explosives. Once he is dead you unlock this Challenge and then simply walk to the exit and leave the level! Note that this will also unlock the Kaboom! Challenge.

Completing the Velied Death Part 1 Challenge

Veiled Death - Part 1 Challenge
The easy way to do this mission is to grab the cop's uniform from the officer guarding The King's car, then wearing that head to the Dealer's flat and wait in the cabinet outside for him to leave. Then head inside, hide in the cabinet and wait for the Dealer to return with The King. At that point step out and do the stealth Point-shoot kills – a round to each of their heads will suffice. The Challenge will then unlock and you can leave by the usual exit!

If you have any trouble with this you need to be aware that you can NOT be spotted - at all - on this for it to work. That means when you grab the cop Disguise you cannot be spotted. What I suggest is you watch the video embedded above as it shows precisely how to do this.

Veiled Death - Part 2 Challenge
For this one you will want to grab the Dealer's Disguise by following him from his meet at the Pagoda to where he stashes his drugs. Incap or kill him and take his disguise then either return to The King and talk to him about drugs, have him follow you back to the Dealer's flat, and then discretely kill him there OR you can kill him elsewhere – for example where he pees.

Mastery: The King of Chinatown Challenge
When you unlock the last of the active Challenges this one Unlocks automatically.

Summary Conclusions
At the very minimum running through the mission as described above you should have unlocked the following Challenges: Evidence Collector, Quid Pro Quo, and A Killing View.

At this stage the Chapter is now unlocked and you can return to it to unlock the rest of the Challenges at your leisure – but doing so now is really in your best interests since each Challenge you unlock boosts your score multiplier for the Chapter replays you do to unlock additional Challenges.

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