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Chapter 20: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide by CMBF
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Chapter 20: Absolution

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Wow! This was a long and exciting road and another awesome adventure with our favorite hitman and human with 47 chromosomes, Agent 47. You know considering that this adventure basically wraps up the outstanding Story lines from the previous games in the series as we deal with Travis and the ICA for the final time, and help Diana Burnwood secure her future and that of Victoria, it is a fit matter for speculation as to how much of Victoria we will see in the next title in the series – I am betting a lot! In fact I would not be surprised if Agent 47 serves as the Master to her Padwan!

In any event, the moment we have all been anxiously awaiting has finally arrived! It is time to deal with Travis once and for all. Well, Travis and Jade...

Due to the complexity of this level, we really do not recommend trying to do Suit Only at the same time as Infiltrator. Suit Only can be completed during a modified or full-blown Rambo-style run-through, so we will be focusing upon Infiltrator for the Primary...

Cemetery Entrance Primary Infiltrator Run-through

Cemetery Entrance Primary Infiltrator Run-through

The Chapter begins with 47 embracing Victoria, and Victoria getting a little revenge on Dexter as he lays there dying. Yeah, if you strangled him or blew his head off that sort of serves as an anachronism, but still. The CS transitions to a recorded message from Diana Burnwood urging 47 to protect Victoria, and to kill Travis. Well yeah! Bring the noise!

The level begins with Jade reporting to Travis that they have located the family tomb for the Burnwood family, and Travis orders them to begin the exhumation of her body. He wants absolute proof that she really is dead. You begin the level with a silenced Sniper Rifle on a low perch above the cemetery – before you start shooting there is a Guard patrolling on the level just below. Lure him into the building and kill him, concealing his body behind the crypt in the room. Grab the two Agency Weapons here – the one he had which is the Agency ARZ 160 that the Guard had, and the Agency SPS 12 that is leaning against the wall. That takes care of collecting those. Change into the Guard's Disguise.

Now make your way all ninja-like through the area. You will overhear a conversation between two of the Guards about what happened in Hope, and what they think of it, which is not much really... Use the book to create a diversion and then sneak past them, make your way to the exit and slip out!

That completes this level, and will increment Infiltrator and Chameleon (Agency Grunt, which leaves Technician and Heavy Trooper).

Burnwood Family Tomb Primary Infiltrator Run-through

Burnwood Family Tomb Level Primary Infiltrator Run-through

You emerge in another part of the cemetery – the part in which the Burnwood Family Tomb is located – and you will overhear more of the conversation that is taking place between Travis and Jade – while you scope out the fairly dense concentration of Grunts ahead. You can try slipping past via the passage on the left – and there is a Brick on the path you can use for a distraction. You may want to do that since moving from cover to cover in that passage is fraught with peril.

Alternatively you can take the right path and ninja along, using Instinct as needed to avoid detection. Inside the mausoleum ahead you will incap or kill the Grunt and conceal their body, then use the Dog's Bone to lure the Heavy Trooper into the passage and kill or incap him, hide his body and take his Disguise (that is Disguise 2 of 3). If you listen carefully you can overhear a conversation about the Roman Emperor's Praetorian Guard – that will factor in later, just saying...

Head back to the entrance and take out the Trooper there, and conceal the body in the pulp grinder – you can go ahead and grind them up if you like nobody will hear! The reason that we take them out is basically to thin out the threats as we are pursuing Jade.

Double back and exit the passage and head to the right up the stairs, then wait for the patrolling Trooper or use the Dog Bone to lure him in and incap or kill him, then conceal the body as best you can.

Using Instinct if necessary, head out to the side passage and locate Jade, at which point you will be tasked with eliminating her. There are just too many witnesses to do a direct hit on her, but if you take down the Guard by the column it will alter the patrol pattern that Jade uses – so do that and then wait until she heads into the crypts and then watch her patrol pattern. She moves with a Guard and as they have armored helmets, that means that even Point-and-Shoot style taking them down from behind is very difficult.

When she enters the far end with her Guards, wait until the turn and patrol back out, then quickly approach her and Garrote her, concealing her body in the center area of the passage. Well done you!

Now simply make your way to the exit and end the level, unlocking increments for Infiltrator and Chameleon.

Crematorium Primary Infiltrator Run-through

Crematorium Level Primary Infiltrator Run-through

You will recall that we started this chapter with a silenced sniper rifle – and we did not use it at all for the first two levels – there is a very good reason for that: this level. By not using it, we preserved all of the ammunition for it, which means that we have all the ammunition we need to easily deal with the Praetorians who, otherwise, can be something of a handful if you are trying to deal with them for the Infiltrator run-through. Just saying. But with the full ammunition load for the sniper rifle this will be a snap!

Note that there are laser traps spread around and you want to use Instinct to detect and avoid those.

After entering the level Agent 47 should arm the sniper rifle then head to the left and take out the first Praetorian Jack Aegis with a neat headshot. Heading back to the right you are fully set up to take out Praetorian Carey Scutum who is patrolling on the path ahead – and taking him down will cause Praetorian John Hoplon to rush over to see what happened to his bud, at which point you can easily put another round into his head, unlocking the Challenge A Higher Ground - Part 1, and neatly take out the first objective in under a minute.

Your next objective is to reach the Crematorium, where you will need to grab the Explosives from the crate below, then place them on the doors to blow them open and thus gain entrance! This Unlocks the Achievement “A Personal Contract” (50G) You eliminated Travis and fulfilled Diana's contract. This triggers a CS in which Agent 47 finally puts end to Travis!

The only thing that Travis wants to know is the truth: Is Diana Burnwood really dead? That is something that Travis never gets to learn, because Agent 47 delivers the killing shot!

While Travis does not get any answers, the CS that plays out next gives us the answers to at least the big question, and what happened to Victoria. After the summary screen we see the Detective from Hope and Birdie having a chat, which is very likely foreshadowing for the next game in the series, and then the credits role!

Well, that wraps the Story and the game. You have unlocked the Challenges Infiltrator, It Isn't Over Until, and The Higher Ground - Part 1, and a well done to you mates! All that is left is some minor cleanup runs!

Clean-Up Replays
You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Agency Swiss 3000 (obtained from Jade's body)
  • Agency ARZ 160 (obtained from Grunts)
  • Agency SPS 12 (obtained from Grunts)
  • Kazo TRG (you start the Chapter with this)
  • Agency Grunt Disguise (obtained from Agency Grunts)
  • Agency Heavy Trooper Disguise (obtained from Agency Heavy Troopers)
  • Agency Technician Disguise (obtained from Agency Technicians)
  • Book (in the first level)
  • Brick (various locations)
  • Vase (in the tombs)
  • Dog's Bone (in the second level)
  • Gasoline Can (various locations)
  • Remote Explosives (on some crates in the area of the crane and coffin)
  • Scissors (?)
  • Screwdriver (?)
  • Proximity Mine (on some crates in the area of the crane and coffin)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. These consist of the Agency Grunt, Agency Heavy Trooper, and Agency Technician disguises. This will be easy on either the Primary Infiltrator or on a Rambo style play-through.

Unlocking the Evidence Collector Challenge

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: The Cemetery
Collect the dossier from a concrete half wall along the main path.

Evidence 2: The Burnwood Family Tomb
Collect the dossier from the area where the computer briefcase is located. This is in the area where they are exhuming Diana's coffin.

Evidence 3: The Crematorium
Collect the dossier from the weapon crate on the right in this area.

If you have been following the guide, when you pick up the final piece of Evidence you will unlock the Achievement “Information is Power” (30G) You collected all the evidence. Well done on that mates, well done indeed!

Avoid being spotted. You will unlock this as part of the Primary run-through above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. This will be unlocked during a Rambo-style run-through.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Obtain the Agency Tech Disguise, wear it, kill the target, and dispose of the body without being spotted. This can be completed using the standard Infiltrator tactics pretty easily, but you will want to do tasks that build Instinct – like doing head-shots that are not detected – since having Instinct to burn in order to conceal yourself will make this infinitely easier. You can combine this with the Heart of Stone Challenge.

Unlocking the Heart of Stone Challenge

Heart of Stone
Kill the target by sabotaging the coffin suspended on the crane. The button you need to press is right by the crane so this will require you to get close and use a Disguise. Using the disguise of the first Grunt you kill/incap, head to the crates and switch to the Agency Tech disguise, then move close to where Jade and the other Tech are talking. After they finish the first part of their conversation she will walk to left under the coffin, and once the Tech looks at her to resume talking you can sneak over and push the button FTW!

Crossed Out
Kill the target by using explosives to cave in the tunnel. This is the tunnel inside the passage, and the game gives you an RB Prompt when you get near it to let you know that this is the place where you can use the explosives if you want to.

Complete Heart of Stone and Crossed Out.

Unlocking the Arm's Length Principle Challenge

Arm's Length Principle
Use a remote explosive or proximity mine to kill a Praetorian.

Garrote all three Praetorian without being spotted.

It isn't Over Until
Clear the mission.

The Higher Ground - Part 1
Three Sniped headshots without an alert or suspicion. You will unlock this during the Primary Infiltrator run-through if you are following the guide.

Unlocking the Higher Ground - Part 2 Challenge

The Higher Ground - Part 2
Five Sniped headhots in 15 seconds. This will work best if you pre-select your targets and work from either left to right or right to left in an orderly fashion, since you will know where to expect them to be. Just make all five headshots in the allotted 15 seconds and it will unlock.

The Higher Ground - Part 3
Seven Sniped headsots without an alert or suspicion.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level. This will unlock automatically after the above Challenges are unlocked.

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