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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 18: Blackwater Park

The Chapter opens with a CS of Travis arriving with his assistant via his copter, meeting with Dexter who is with his assistant, Layla. They bring Victoria out on to the landing pad, and Dexter makes his demand. Travis tells him that he does not have the authority to pay that fee – and Dexter puts his pistol to the head of “Victoria” and pulls the trigger, killing her! Then he pulls the bag off of her head and reveals that it was never Victoria after all. It was Skurky's companion.

Dexter gets his money and tells Travis he will be told where to find Victoria – and the CS ends with both parties departing as Agent 47 arrives down on the ground level!

Blackwater Park Infiltrator Run-through

Warning: This Chapter of the game is slightly broken in that the Guards can see through some of the solid concrete environment objects. Because of that you really have to be careful where you hide and how you move. You will get a feel for what parts are broke and what parts are not as you proceed, but speaking practically this is a case where you may be better served thinning out the Guards and civilians as best you can and be damned to your score.

As you can see we have split this level up into separate Infiltrator and Suit Only run-throughs, largely because doing both together is incredibly difficult for this level due to the issue above. For Infiltrator you can use disguises – in fact you have to – but the first order of business is going to be sneaking through to the utility area of the property.

Blackwater Park Infiltrator Run-through

The level starts with 47 standing in the rain outside of the building around which a heavy cordon of security has been spread. He can walk into the first part of the lobby, but inside there are more Guards who have shut down access to the building including to residents, a pair of which are being told they have to find someplace else to go tonight, because they are not going to be admitted.

The circular driveway in front of the building is public space so you can walk around that all you want, but heading to the right side of the property almost instantly puts you in restricted space, and you will be trespassing. As this is a Suit Only and Infiltrator run-through the idea is to not be detected obviously and also to limit your interaction with security as much as you can manage.

The easiest approach is to walk forward and around the drive to the other side, towards the grassy area that is well-lit. Once you get past the splash of light go into sneak mode and work your way around to the planter that is by the road and hide there. Change cover to the next planter then continue to the right, wait for the patrolling Guard farther on to turn away and then quickly sneak to the corner of the planter ahead. When the two Guards here reverse their patrol pattern so that both are headed towards the civilian working near the wall, sneak past them using the road side of the round planter with the tree in the middle then take cover beyond.

As soon as they are no longer facing you keep working your way along the outer edge until you get to the area by the back entrance where the water pump trailer is, and then turn the pump off to draw one of the pair of workmen from inside out. Incap him, take his Disguise, and then hide the body down the sewer hole.

Walk across the road and up the stairs and into the entrance on the right, using Instinct to stay undetected when you get near another worker. Use the Checkpoint up the stairs and then head in to the lobby, then towards the rear area where the security station is located. You need to get inside there to override the retinal scanner so you can use the lifts, so wait until the two Guards inside are to the right of the terminal and sneak in and use it to disable them, then head to the lifts.

Once you are in the lift you get a CS of 47 shooting the camera, and then Dexter gets the call telling him that 47 is on his way up. Dexter is not happy... Actually that is an understatement, but then he never was the most stable personality was he? Layla convinces Dexter that she can deal with 47, so he takes Victoria and leaves.

Penthouse Infiltrator Run-through

The Penthouse Level
A very confusing CS then kicks in as a sushi delivery dood gets on the lift and does this riff about dyslexia, then notices that 47 is armed. Just before the lift opens 47 hits the escape hatch and Mr. Sushi gets killed by security!

Head to the ledge and then down the steps to the maintenance area and then through the door into the Penthouse proper. Layla is present with a handful of Guards and your new primary objective is to eliminate Layla.

As you wait for an opportunity to take her out you should notice that the patrol pattern is pretty predictable. Once the Guards separate head to the left hallway and either sneak past or take out the Guard there and then switch your Disguise to the Samurai Armor, as that allows you to hide at any armor spot.

Head into the next area and grab the Keycard from the far desk, and the pistol from the other one. Sneak into the next room and hide in the armor display by the window directly across from Layla's computer on the desk.

Layla then enters the room and orders her guards to leave her alone, then uses the computer with her back to you – at which point you can slip off of the display and Garrote her to death! You will then unlock the Achievement “Destroying Something Beautiful” (10G) You assassinated Dexter's assistant, Layla.

Once she is dead hide her body in the nearby box and make sure you grab her special pistol Layla's Jagd P22G. Head to the left hall and take out the Guard with his back to you then hide him with Layla's body, then work your way around that side of the Penthouse back near the starting area and head up the stairs there, making your way through the center hall and hiding in the closet to avoid the patrolling Guard. Once he is past you, emerge and continue along the hall to the last door on the left then wait for the Guard there to take his Disguise.

Use Instinct to move past the Guards below and through the secure door, then enter the Panic Room and pick up the phone to hear Dexter telling Victoria what he plans to do to her. As it turns out that was not a smart thing to do, since the threat he makes triggers her Hitman Instincts and she goes ballistic on his troops, killing a bunch of them!

That completes this level and the Chapter, and Unlocks the Challenges Infiltrator, Hack 'n' Backslash, and Hit Him Where It Hurts.

Clean-Up Replays
You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Police M590 12GA (obtained from Guards)
  • AH 74U (obtained form Penthouse display)
  • Ultramax (obtained form Penthouse display)
  • HX UMP (obtained from Guards)
  • HX AP-15 (obtained from Guards)
  • SPS 12 (obtained form Penthouse display)
  • Jagd P22G (from Bodyguards)
  • Layla's Jaagd P22G (obtained from Layla)
  • Black Kazo TRG (in Lenny's Bedroom in the Penthouse)
  • Blackwater Receptionist Disguise (obtained from Receptionist)
  • Plumber Disguise (obtained from Plumber)
  • Blackwater Tactical Team Disguise (obtained from Tactical Team Member)
  • Samurai Disguise (obtained in Penthouse from displays)
  • Blackwater Manager Disguise (obtained from Manager)
  • Blackwater Custodian Disguise (obtained from Custodian)
  • Blackwater Park Interior Guard Disguise (obtained from Interior Guards)
  • Blackwater Bodyguard Disguise (obtained from Bodyguards)
  • Proximity Mine (obtained from display in Penthouse)
  • Mace (in Penthouse trophy room)
  • War Hammer (in Penthouse trophy room)
  • Keycard (on a desk in the Penthouse)
  • Baseball Bat (janitor room at back of main lobby)
  • Battle Axe (in Penthouse trophy room)
  • Bong (in Lenny's Bedroom in the Penthouse)
  • Bottle (various locations)
  • Coffee Mug (maintenance area)
  • Fire Extinguisher (in staff only area)
  • Fire Poker (leaning against the fireplace in the Penthouse)
  • Gasoline Can (various locations outside)
  • Katana (display stands in the Penthouse)
  • Knife (on shelf in staff only area)
  • Morning Star (in Penthouse trophy room)
  • U'wa Tribe Poison (in Penthouse trophy room)
  • Radio (employee break room)
  • Screwdriver (various locations)
  • Statue Bust (Blackwater lobby)
  • Wrench (various locations)
  • Movie Reel (the hall beside the projection area)
  • Tomahawk (in Penthouse trophy room)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. These consist of the Blackwater Bodyguard, Blackwater Custodian, Blackwater Manager, Blackwater Interior Guard, Blackwater Exterior Guard, Blackwater Receptionist, Blackwater Tactical, Plumber, and Samurai disguises. This really is best done during a Rambo play-through.

Unlocking the Evidence Collector Challenge

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: Blackwater Park
Collect the videotape from the desk in the security room at Blackwater Park Parking Garage.

Evidence 2: Blackwater Park Penthouse
Collect the dossier from the couch near the whale bones in the Penthouse.

Avoid being spotted. This is unlocked by following the Primary Run-through above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. This is unlocked by doing a Rambo-style replay.

Crash Course
Find the movie in the condo and start it in the projector. The movie is in the hallway beside the screening room where the projector is - simply take the reel from the table and then use the projector to unlock this Challenge. This is easy to do on a Rambo-style run-through.

Laundry Day
Hide bodies using the laundry chute. This can be completed on the same Rambo-style run-through as the one you do Hallelujah on...

Horn of Plenty
Complete Savage Sushi, Straight to the Heart, Bones, Fired Up, Mockingbird, and Skin Trade.

Unlocking the I Got My Eyes On You Challenge

I Got My Eyes on You
Use the security woman's eyes to activate the lift retinal scanner and gain access to the lift. This will be the easiest on a Rambo-style run-through, since you can wipe out the lobby guards and her, then drag her over to the lift to activate the scanner with her eyes.

Override the retinal scanner and enter the penthouse lift. You will unlock this via the Primary Infiltrator run-through.

Mile High Club
Complete You Can Manage, I Got My Eyes on You, and Hack'n'Backslash.

Unlocking the You Can Manage Challenge

You Can Manage
Use the Blackwater Manager Disguise to meet Dexter's security manager and gain access to the lift to the penthouse. The easy way to do that is to wait for him to go to the hall where the film reel is located to have a smoke, and then incap or kill him, take his disguise, and meet the Security Director in the screening room. Move close to her to trigger the interaction then follow her to the lift and she will activate it for you. Get on and press the button - this will unlock after the CS plays out!

Kill enemies in the penthouse using harpoon gun. You need to grab a Disguise that will allow you to move through the area – one of the Bodyguards is best – then go to the display room and activate the diorama. When one of the Guards moves in front of the harpoon gun's path you shoot it, taking them out and incrementing the count by one. You need to kill three of them that way so reload the Checkpoint and rinse and repeat two more times to unlock this!

Unlocking the Cetacea Challenge

Kill five enemies by dropping the whale skeleton on them. To accomplish this you need to start the diorama to draw the Guards in this room under the whale bones, then sneak upstairs and release the bones from above, killing at least five of the Guards with them. Easey-peasey Lemon-squeezy!

Dump five enemies over the edge of the roof. This is very easy to do on a Rambo-style run-through, just drag five bodies up the main staircase and dump them off of the edge. Note that this may not increment if you use one of the side patios, it needs to be via the edge to drop all the way to the ground.

Savage Sushi
Kill the target by poisoning the sushi. The poison is in the glowing red trophy room – grab that and poison the sushi with it, and when Layla comes by she will taste it and die!

Unlocking the Straight to the Heart and Whaling Challenges

Straight to the Heart
Kill the target by harpooning them. When Layla is approaching the diorama room simply activate the diorama and then fire the harpoon gun when she is standing in front of it.

Kill the target by dropping the whale skeleton on them. Wait until Layla is approaching the diorama room and activate the diorama to draw Layla over to it while you sneak upstairs. Trigger the lever to release the whale skeleton, crushing her to death.

Fired Up
Kill the target by burning them. Grab the gas can by the grill outside on the patio, then take that to the fireplace in the lounge and hide while you wait for Layla to approach the fireplace. When she is standing in front of it, pop out and discretely throw the gas can into the fireplace, which will cause it to explode and kill her in the process.

Snipe the target with the Kazo TRG. The rifle is in Lenny's room near the glowing red trophy room. Simply grab the sniper rifle and kill Layla with it to unlock this.

Unlocking the Skin Trade Challenge

Skin Trade
Follow Layla into the Panic Room, then kill her.

Blue Collar
Use the Plumber Disguise to kill the target then clear mission undetected.

Hit Him Where It Hurts
Clear the mission.

Unlocking the Ronin Challenge

Ronin - Part 1
Wear the Samurai Disguise and use Katana to stealth-kill one enemy.

Ronin - Part 2
Wear the Samurai Disguise and use Katana to stealth-kill seven enemies.

Ronin - Part 3
Wear the Samurai Disguise and use Katana to stealth-kill the target.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level.

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