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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Hitman: Absolution Walkthrough and Guide

Chapter 09: Shaving Lenny

As you will recall we learned that Lenny visits the Barber Shop at noon each day, and that is the optimal place to have a chat with him. The level begins with a CS in which we see Jade reporting the presence of 47 in Hope, and Travis rallying the troops and ordering them to take out Agent 47 at all costs. Jade has her focus on Victoria but Travis is having none of that – he wants 47's head on a platter, and so he orders the assignment of The Saints, an elite hit team of nuns... Err... Chicks... Err... Chick Nuns... Gah!

Primary Suit Only Infiltrator Run-through

Next we get a CS of 47 observing Lenny arriving at the Barber Sop, and then a CS of the Cougar gang and their plans to snatch Victoria and sell her. The level then begins with 47 standing on the street.

Primary Suit Only Infiltrator Streets of Hope Level

Streets of Hope Level

Head straight and to the right at the end of the street and move through the window of the covered porch behind the cop who is standing on the other side. Taking him out (non-lethal if you are going for a Silent Assassin rating). Conceal the body as best you can and then wait for one of the targets to walk down the street, as they will come onto the porch near where the cop was for a smoke break. At that point you can turn on the radio to lure them in and take them out, completing one of the three primary targets (Gavin) in the area.

Once you take down the target conceal the body as best you can. Head down the street towards the garage and maybe walk around to get the lay of the land and check out the vintage rides on the street. You will also hear some amusing conversations and you can see the wide selection of Civil War Gnomes that are on sale in the local store – sadly the store is closed, but one of the targets (Tyler) will come in to chat with the clerk there.

Tyler tells the clerk (his girlfriend) that things are not looking so bad; she is concerned about the store being closed, and he suggests that when the gang completes its plan she might come with him to California... Tyler will then go upstairs to the floor above the store. Wait for him to leave the store and then use the radio to distract the clerk and sneak upstairs. The second floor area contains a number of Explosive packs.

Rig the stove here and drop an Explosive pack and then sneak back downstairs and out without the Clerk catching you. Walk across the street and wait for Tyler to head upstairs. When he does, detonate the Explosives to set off the gas and kill Tyler. Excellent job! That is your second target eliminated!

Head back towards the Garage, then make your way along the side to the rear area and sneak into the Garage. Landon is your final target, and he will likely be upstairs above the Garage – so as you enter and head through the door in the back, use the Checkpoint to save your progress. There are plenty of gas cans here if you need something to throw for a diversion.

Making your way all ninja-like to the stairs, head up and sneak behind Landon and garrote him to death, then hide the body in the closet. Well done you! That is three of three targets, so all that you need to do now is make your way back down and through the Garage. Ignore the body alerts, as those may well be from the bomb you set off.

Sneak to the exit door and pick the lock to end the level, at which point you will unlock the Iron Man II Technique and begin the next level directly.

Primary Suit Only Infiltrator Barber Shop Level

Barber Shop Level

As you slip through the locked door you arrive in the Barber Shop area. You are still taking out Cougars and there are another three of them here to be dealt with, so make your way along the outside edge of the zone undetected and grab the wrench, using it to detach the wire before throwing the switch on the power box open. Doing this creates a short in the wire which is good for you since one of the targets will be peeing in the general vicinity of that short!

You will not need to stay by the switch to throw it when the target arrives, just throw it after you do the sabotage of the wire and you are good, but as there is a cop sitting nearby it would be a good idea to throw a gas can in that area to get him to walk over and then incap him and hide the body in the nearby dumpster.

One of the civilians has a sort of patrol pattern that takes him through the nearby door and that will happen just before Mason comes down to pee. That is only significant if you plan to stay around and watch Mason pee himself to death though. If you do not want to be there to witness that go ahead and make your way to the ledge on the nearby wall, move along the ledge to the window and go inside. There are Sleeping Pills on a counter in this room, so grab those as you never know when they might come in handy!

You can sneak along the upper hall area, and observe the enemy below, who are hanging out in what must be one of their regular hangouts in the back of the Barber Shop. When Mason gets his electric-yellow death scream, several of the people nearby hear and take notice. You can see Lenny (the blue-marked person) hanging out below.

If you look by the TV you will see a large propane gas canister but if you take that route it will disrupt the patrol patterns. You can wait until Luke comes in and stands behind the couch and then shoot the light/chandelier above to take him out with a second “accident” but when you do you will need to retreat upstairs to avoid patrolling enemies.

The easiest way to proceed from here is to take Luke out with the chandelier and then use thrown objects to lure the people downstairs one at a time upstairs and incap them. You can hide four of them in the closets in the two rooms at the corner.

Once you have incapped and hidden the four guys from below, if there are any more – for example if your throwing and luring brought one of the guys from the other area, you can also incap and hide two in the closet in the hall downstairs.

Either way once you have eliminated the troublesome potential witnesses you are free to head downstairs and apply the Sleeping Pills to Lenny's special pizza. He will then eat the pizza, feel woozy, and head upstairs to the room near the corner (not the corner room) where you hid two of the bodies.

You then unlock the Achievement “Like Stealing Candy from a Baby” (10G) You circumvented Lenny's crew and secured Lenny.

You simply need to drag him from there down the hall, down the stairs, to the exit in order to kidnap him and complete the level.

You will unlock the Challenges Infiltrator, Suite Only, Gotta Go, and The Weakest Link. You will also unlock the Technique Throwing II.

Clean-Up Replays

You will very likely be doing a number of Clean-Up Replays for this level in order to collect all of the Weapons as well as the Challenges – which we will now cover:

Item List

  • Aries 24-7 (obtained from Gavin, Landon, or Tyler)
  • HX UMP (obtained from Police)
  • Ilyon R700 (upstairs above the Donut Shop)
  • M590 12GA (upstairs above the store)
  • Z&M Model 60 (obtained from Police and upstairs of the store)
  • Axe (in a wooden staircase in the Scrapyard)
  • Baseball Bat (behind the store coutner)
  • Bill Spike (inside the Doughnut Shop)
  • Bottle (multiple places)
  • Brick (multiple places)
  • Crowbar (on the drums and on a crate in the Scrapyard)
  • Dog's Bone (near the Scrapyard dog kennel)
  • Gasoline Can (various places)
  • Hammer (on the picnic table and upstairs in the Barber Shop)
  • Knife (inside the Doughnut Shop, and in the Garage)
  • Metal Pipe (various locations)
  • Police Baton (inside the Doughnut Shop on the counter)
  • Radio (in the store and in the scrapyard room)
  • Screwdriver (upstairs in the Garage)
  • Sledgehammer (on a crate in the Scrapyard)
  • Wrench (in various places)
  • Remote Explosive (upstairs in the store)
  • Lighter Fuel (in the Barber Shop storage area)
  • Keycard (inside the Garage on the first floor)

While completionists will want to have collected everything, technically for the Challenges you really only need to collect the disguises and the Evidence, and for the other collection the Weapons.

Challenges Strategies

Pick up all of the disguises in the level. Hope Police Officer, Hope Plumber, Mechanic, and Barber. You will have the best success completing this by doing it during a Rambo run.

Unlocking the Chameleon and Evidence Collector Challenges

Evidence Collector
Find all of the Evidence in the level.

Evidence 1: On the Streets of Hope, SD
Collect the videotape from the second floor of the Garage, on a desk.

Evidence 2: The Barbershop
Collect the dossier from the TV in the center room of the Barbershop.

Avoid being spotted. You will unlock this Challenge when you do the primary run-through as illustrated in the video and guide above.

Suit Only
Avoid using disguises. You will unlock this Challenge when you do the primary run-through as illustrated in the video and guide above.

Unlocking the Blood is Thicker Challenge

Oil is Thicker then Blood
Kill the target on the porch at the scrapyard by pushing them into the oil vat. After you get rid of the cop and the target comes here to have a smoke simply push them over the railing into the vat of bubbling oil to unlock this.

Kill Me, I'm the Cook
Use a stove to kill a target. Any of the stoves will work - the one above the store or the one in the Barber Shop back room.

Pump it Up
Accidental kill with the gas pump at the mechanic’s shop. Sabotage the pump to spill gas on the ground, then simply shoot the gas to ignite it when the target is in it.

Accidental electricity kill; sabotage the power cable by the gate and throw the switch. For this one you will need to lure the target to the gate and then throw the switch just as they are about to reach out to open it.

Unlocking the Get the Mechanic Challenge

Get the Mechanic
Kill the target in the scrapyard by crushing them under the raised car. This is a bit complicated because it requires you to throw an item under the car on the lift to lure the mechanic into position, and then throw the switch to drop the car on them. You also need to be wearing a Mechanic's Disguise when you do this.

Gotta Go
Accidental electricity kill; sabotage wire and activate the fuse box while target is peeing. You will have unlocked this one during the primary play-through above.

Well Done
Accidental fire kill; replace the hot sauce with lighter fluid in the barber shop. After you grab the lighter fluid, take it into the back room and substitute it for the bottle of hot sauce on the shelf.

Shave and a Haircut
Take out Lenny while wearing the Barber Disguise.

Accidents Happen
Complete Get the Mechanic, Kill Me, I'm the Cook, Pump it Up, Shocking, Gotta Go, and Well Done.

The Weakest Link
Clear the Mission.

Unlocking the Safety Distance Challenges

Safety Distance - Part 1
Snipe Tyler from the garage balcony into the convenience store second floor.

Safety Distance - Part 2
Snipe Landon from the convenience store second floor in the garage second floor.

Safety Distance - Part 3
Snipe Gavin from the doughnut shop second floor on the scrapyard’s entrance porch.

Complete all of the Challenges in the level.

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