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Stunt Jump Locations

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide

Stunt Jump Locations

Stunt Jump Locations

Some ramps and natural inclines act as stunt jumps. There are a total of 80 of these stunt jumps in Stilwater. These jumps are quite easy to spot; just travel to the area marked on the map, search around for the ramp, then get a good run-up and drive off.

The type of vehicle used doesn’t really matter for most, since you almost never have to fly that far for it to register. Cars are safer than bikes, but if you are unable to reach a certain platform with a car, you’ll have to use a bike instead. The best bike to use here is the prototype Kaneda that is unlocked after completing the Ronin mission line. Any of the fast cars (Superiore, Vortex, Bezier, etc.) are suitable.

Having the Stored Vehicle Delivery ability that is unlocked after completing the Escort activity in the Red Light District can make things much easier, since you can just call to have one of the vehicles in your garage delivered to your location.

Make sure that the completion message appears on screen before you move on to the next jump. If a jump will not register, there are several reasons why this could be:

1) You are not flying far enough after hitting the jump.

2) You are flying too far after hitting the jump. Try hitting the ramp at a slower speed because sometimes you must to land in a certain area for it to count.

3) You are not using the right ramp. Sometimes there are several different ramps in one area, but not all of them count as the stunt jump. Look around for alternatives if the ramp you are using won’t register.

4) You have already completed the jump. No confirmation message appears after the jump is completed a second time. There are several stunt jumps that are completed during the main storyline, so if you finished the game you’ll have four or five jumps already. There are three the Trailer Park district completed during the “Three Kings” prologue mission. The jump near the north-west end of Sunsinger in the Arena District is completed during one of the epilogue missions, so don’t bother pursuing that one if you haven’t completed the main storyline. Another that may have been completed is the one on the parking garage in Encanto, which is reached during the Retribution mission in the Brotherhood mission line.

Some of the ramps are on higher platforms, so you’ll have to look around for a ramp that you can drive off to reach it.

Completing all 80 Stunt Jumps unlocks “The Duke” special Bootlegger car and the “Duke of Stilwater” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

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Comments for Stunt Jump Locations

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Jun 26th 2015 Guest
This is no help
ID #575873
Sep 30th 2012 Guest
deadlifemaker look me up on ps3
ID #190479
Dec 23rd 2011 crakho3
the one where you shoot out of the obvious garage door on the side of the mountain between the university and arena districts can only be done/accessed during a mission
ID #97734
Aug 29th 2011 Guest
no might be about it, this is the worst guide ever! a bit of description for each jump would be a help
ID #71020
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
Good guide, but a question to the creator of this guide... i'm having trouble with the stunt jump in between the Arena District and the Stilwater University District... it's a stunt jump at the top of the mountain at the Arena District. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks - unreliable kill
ID #69248
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
just n case stunt jumps are on buildings use the kaneda climbing up a wall glitch

ID #68510
Aug 9th 2011 Guest
For all who can spell, we rock!
ID #65719
Aug 3rd 2011 Guest
For all how don't use cheats we rock!
ID #63706
May 3rd 2011 Guest
[spoiler][/spoiler] Thanx Alot for the acheievments. ;) The car u get ain't that special though. :( All it is, is a Orange Bootlegger with 02 on it. :( Thought it look like the dukes of hazzard car but never mind it will do. Smile[spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #41237