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Saints Row 2 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

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A collection of cheats including cell phone numbers for you to dial when you get into trouble and how to get the Kaneda bike.

More Saints Row 2 PlayStation 3 Cheats and Tips

We have 26 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Saints Row 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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Cell Phone Numbers

If you need help in the game then try entering the following codes on your cell phone by pausing the game and selecting 'Dial', inputting the corresponding number (including the # symbol) and pressing 'Call'. If you have entered the code correctly you will recieve a confirmation message and you will then be able to go to 'Cheats' and select the now unlocked option. When 'Cell Phone' cheats have been activated the Achievements become disabled (except Retailer Promotion Vehicles codes).

Player Ability Codes

Full Health: #1

Car Mass (increased mass for harder..

Hidden Islands

If you fly far off the west coast of the prison you will eventually come to four islands. Their names are 'Bone', 'Look Out', 'Super Secret', 'Ship Wreck', and 'Ruins'.

Enter Vehicle Instantly

This glitch can be performed by jumping on top of a vehicle or its hood and pressing Triangle.

Kaneda Bike

When you do the Ronin missions you can unlock the Kaneda Bike, what makes this bike special is it's ability to defy gravity and climb up the side of any building in the game. What you have to do to is backup so you have enough room to approach the building and be able to do a wheelie so that the bikes front wheel touches the side of it. When the front wheel touches you then have to accelerate. If you approach the building and just do a wheelie when you hit the side it won't work and you'll just do a burnout on the ground when you try and accelerate.


When you complete the following tasks during gameplay the correspondng reward will become unlocked.


Unlock 1 Follower:

Complete Prologue, Mission 4.

Unlock 2 Followers:

Reach 25% hoods conquered.

Unlock 3 Followers:

Reach 50% hoods conquered.

Unlock Tobias:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 3.

Unlock Shaundi:

Complete Sons Of Samedi - Mission 11.

Unlock Pierce:

Complete Brotherhood - Mission 11.

Unlock Johnny Gat:

Complete Ronin - Mission 11.

Unlock Vehicle Delivery for $1,000:

Complete Escort - Level 3 in Red Light District.

Unlock Legal Lee:

Complete Fight Club - Level 3 in Prison.

Unlock Troy:

Complete ..

Jane Valderamma

To unlock this news reporter from Stilwater's Channel 6 you must perform 50 muggings.

ALL Cheats

Full Health: #1

Car Mass (increased mass for harder collisions): #2

Milk Bones (increased melee attack damage): #3

Add Police Notoriety (+1 star to police wanted meter) - #4

Player Pratfalls (press LB or RB to fall): #5

Infinite Sprint: #6

Unlimited Clip (never reload, except for RPGs): #9

Infinite Ammo: #11

Heaven Bound (killed bodies float upward): #12

Add Gang Notoriety (+1 gang attack level): #35

Never Die: #36

No Cop Notoriety: #50

No Gang Notoriety: #51

I Am Giant (become very tall): #200

Itty Bitty (become very short): #201

Give Cash (gain $1,000): #2274666399

Weapon Codes


Easy backflips

Use low gravity (Enter on phone for dial number or something like that and dial 18 (use number sign also)) Go to Rim Jobs where the bride curves and enters the street and go on the opposite side of the bridge than Rim Jobs and grass is growing up the bridge and enable low gravity cheat and use Kaneda to drive up the grass, then you go up the wall (you don't need low graviy cheat but you'll see why I said to use it) then you start to fly in the air, now pull back on the analog stick and you can do a lot of backflips. (There are other things you can do on the grass and wall but I'm leaving it up to you to find them out (One is riding on th wall)

Itty bitty

itty bitty is where your guys fet real small

R u bored of regular pedestrians?

Attention all of u players who play heres a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrry helpful glitch all u need 2 do is get da Keneda,diive up a biulding,jump off and land on the ground.Its not really a glitch its just something 2 do if u get bored but remember 2 put in the never die cheat #36,raining pedestrians #20 and wrath of god #666!!!HAPPY CHEATING


Go to the Saints Mega Condo in the Saint's Row District Athos Bay, stand on the helipad faceing the railway track a section of the road will dissapear to the left cars drive and sink in the water.

Lost islands and a pink bunny

This is a farout easter egg really you start at the prisons north side head west on a boat and only a boat youll see som small islands in the distance when you get to the one with the water fall and the violatin shrine get on the side with the arch go north north east youll find a small ruin with som stairs go up them and a arrow will appear follow in the way it's pointing till you find the next island go on it find the next arrow beside the one and only tree then go the way it points till you find the next small island drive slow and look carefully for it it's a small island and easy to miss then when you find it follow it's arrow in the way it pints then yet again drive slow ad look around for the small island in the foggy distanse and when you get there get on top of it and it will va..

The General's Limo

Well, they don't give it to you so on the last samdei mission; the shopping maul. So you gotta fail the mission while in the limo, and dieing wont do ya any good so heres how I did it: when the general and the unimportant samdei members arrive at the mall, kill shaundi or just get in the limo and leave her, and when you fail the mission, exit the mission and you should still be in the limo, ull notice there is no radio, and no noise at all coming from the car, that will fix when you put it in the garage, you can't mod it, but it's still pretty friggin cool.

City of Stillwater Waste Truck

Enter 5556677 ,Hazmat on your phone anywhere and one will come by, steal it.It is simallar to the Septic Truck.

Rise Police Killing Spree Score Quickly

Play the first level of Mayhem and go to the Prison Island with no followers. Stay near the dock or the top of the road, guards and cops will appare everywhere Kill them fast!

One Great Place for Mugging

Select the Stun Gun from your weapon inventory and head to Spelunkers the caverns gift shop.

Stand around at the back and aim at people just dont knock anyone down.

Flashing and Streaking

After removing all clothes (See Below) the best places anywhere people are sitting down just keep running round so new people appare in the seats.

Example go to the Hotel PentHouse and start streaking or flashing once you have done each person in the room go up the elevator and back down each time new people will be in the seats.


Enter the wardrobe and select Outfits/Remove All Current Clothing and exit press down twice to start streaking. For flashing do the same thin but wear the flasher coat or buy it from Let's Pretend located in shoping mall.

Co-op activities

Shoot down your co-op partner and thay will be able to start one of two activities cat and mouse or gangster showdown by pressing L2 or R2 to choose if no cheats are enabled your kills will appear on the leaderboard.

Secert shadow

There is a rock close to the beach if you walk on it at about noon you will see a shadow that looks like a man with a hat on with his mouth wide open


You can get the attack trooper at the beginning of the game or after you complete the first main missions.

Just visite the police station with no notoriety at sun down/sun rise the trooper will appare on the helipad the catch is once in it you have max notoriety, fly strait to your helipad store it and save.

Rise Gang Killing Spree Score Quickly

At the Red Light Loft pick a fight with the Samedi until you have high notoriety and wait in the doorway of Club Koi until lots of them are outside now play the first level of Mayhem quickly kill the Samedi around you. Now find a places to defend them off.

But try to keep out of high traffic areas, dont get police notoriety and dont use the attack trooper or vehicles it will slow gangs down and take longer to put score up.

Two good defence points

The rooftop of the abandoned drive in theater.

The dock in Athos bay near to the police station.

when you pick up skill aprox rate is 1010 gang kills an hour.

Unlock satchel charge

First go to the phone on the pause menu and go to dial number then second put # before you put anything and put the number 949 to unlock it. PS.I don't know if it would work because once I put it worked but I don't know if it would work




GIVE CASH: #2274666399

















FIVE-0: #1055


BARON: #1047


ZENITH: #1081

VORTEX: #1080

PHOENIX: #1064




JUSTICE: #1058

COMPTON: #1052

EISWOLF: #1053

TAXI: #1074..

Increase weapon fire rate

You can fire grenades just like fireing a gun with the AR-50

Works great if you play level 1 mayhem or use 11 for unlimited ammo.

1. Hold R2 fire and rapidly press L2 X together this will not work with unlimited clip cheat.

2. Use up your sprint hold R1 move and, rapidly press L2.

Use GAL-43s hold R2 and rapidly press X

Warrant Rare Bus

In a Brotherhood mission called Jailbait there are three buses you have destroy,

Do not destroy the buses try to stop one of them and steal it,then quit the mission.

The dukes vehicle

Hit start go to phone enter #905

And you will get the dukes car enjoy

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