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Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide


There are five lists of hitman targets in Stilwater. There are six targets per list, and each listing contains their location and details on how to make them appear. If for some reason the target disappears after appearing, or a rival hitman gets to them first, just repeat the requirement to trigger them again.

Below is a list of every target, their locations, as well as expanded details on how to make them appear on the GPS.

Complete One List - Hand Grenades added to your crib weapon cache.
Complete Three Lists - Satchel Charges added to your crib weapon cache.
Complete Five Lists - Unlimited Rifle ammo (available at your crib weapon cache), and the “Hello 47” achievement on the Xbox 360 version.


Barrio Target List

Name: Alvan
Location: Pleasant View, Arena District - Drive In
Detail: Go to the abandoned drive-in theatre in the Arena District and drink two 40 oz’s, which can be purchased at any liquor store. He should appear on the GPS then. On the map, the drive-in is the brown patch below the bend that continues south to Frat Row.

Name: Brad
Location: Barrio District
Detail: You have to tag a spot in Barrio to draw Brad out (See the map under the “Tag Locations” section). If you sprayed all of the tags in Barrio prior to triggering this activity, Brad should show up automatically.

Name: Anoop
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Attain a Police Notoriety level of at least three stars and he will appear.

Name: Frank
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Call the cab company (555-455-8008) using the “Dial” option on your mobile phone and Frank will appear in a cab.
Name: Scott
Location: Anywhere
Detail: Call Freckle Bitch’s (555-6328) using the “Dial” option on your mobile phone to have some food delivered and Scott will appear.

Name: James
Location: Misty Lane, Suburbs District - Technically Legal
Detail: Travel to the Technically Legal in the Suburbs District, which is just a bit north of the “On The Rag” clothing store that appears on the map. Trigger the Ho-ing mini-game by standing in the blue marker to your left when you first enter the club and hit the Y/Triangle button. Run through a few levels and James should appear on the GPS afterwards.

Hotels & Marina Target List

Name: Jeremiah
Location: Marina/Museum Districts
Details: Ride a motorcycle around the Marina and Museum districts and he should appear.

Name: Nate
Location: Hotels & Marina District - Poseidon Casino
Details: Travel to the Poseidon’s Palace casino, which is near shell-shaped structure south of the “Branded” clothes store icon on the map. Play some casino games, then return to the casino and he should soon appear.

Name: Brian
Location: Anywhere
Details: Call 911 using the “Dial” option on your mobile phone to lure the target over to you.

Name: Chris
Location: Amberbrook, Museum District - Buy Jove
Details: Travel to the Buy Jove store in Amberbrook, wait around there, and the target should soon appear on the GPS.

Name: Randy
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District
Details: Buy a boat or Wavercraft at the Ship IT vehicle dealer just north of the Hitman icon on the map and Randy will appear on the GPS.

Name: Nick
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District - Heron Hotel
Details: Travel to the Heron Hotel, which is just up the road from the Poseidon’s Palace Casino (the hotel closest to the “Branded” clothing store icon on the map, more specifically). There are two double-doors on the west and east sides of the hotel that can be used to enter. Take the elevator in the lobby up to the target’s floor. Kill him and everyone else in the room.

Saint’s Row District Target List

Name: Apoop
Location: Encanto, Barrio District - On Track
Details: Travel to the On Track night club (denoted by a liquor bottle icon on the map) in Encanto and wait on the dance floor downstairs. He should soon appear on the GPS.

Name: Larry
Location: Trailer Park District
Details: You first need to purchase a “Men’s Tank Top 1” at an “On The Rag” clothes store; there’s one a bit east of the Trailer Park District. Travel to the Trailer Park District wearing the shirt and he should appear on the GPS.

Name:  Seabaugh
Location: Stilwater Boardwalk, Hotels & Marina District - Pirate Ship
Details: Travel to the pirate ship restaurant at the Marina and he should appear on the GPS.

Name: Mr. Flegel
Location: Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District - Rusty’s Needle Tattoo Parlor
Details:  Get a tattoo at the Red Light District tattoo parlour and to make him appear.

Name: Lt. Freeball
Location: Anywhere
Details:  Attain a Police Notoriety level of at least two stars and he will appear.

Name: Russell
Location: Underground Caverns
Details: Travel to the Spelunker’s clothes shop in Black Bottom, which is part of the Factories District. Enter the Underground Caverns from there and wait around until he appears on the GPS.

Stilwater Prison Target List

Name: Everett
Location: Red Light District
Details: Kill a pimp (they appear at night around the Red Light District, or try calling 555-PIMP) to trigger the appearance of Everett’s location on the GPS.

Name: Justin
Location: Mourning Woods Cemetery, Suburbs Expansion District.
Details: You can find him at the cemetery between 10pm and 4am.

Name: Chris
Location: Arena, Projects District
Details: Get a motorcycle and ride it around the Arena District and he will appear on your GPS.

Name: Tim
Location: Anywhere
Details: Call the Fire Department using the “Dial” option on your mobile phone (555-FIRE) and kill him when he shows up.

Name: Mitri
Location: Factories District
Details: Drink some beer around the highway exchange in the northeast corner of the Factories District and he should appear.

Name: Frank
Location: Anywhere
Details: Attain a five-star Police Notoriety level and he will appear in an FBI van.

Trailer Park Target List

Name: Shannon
Location: Trailer Park District
Details: Start a fight in the Trailer Park District and someone should call him over.

Name: Jim
Location: Stilwater Nuclear District
Details: Call the hazmat team (555-OOPS) using the “Dial” option on your mobile phone while in the Stilwater Nuclear District to lure Jim over.

Name: Roje
Location: Suburbs Expansion District - Music Store
Details: Buy some music tracks at the “Scratch That” music store in Quinbecca and he should appear on the GPS.

Name: Mike
Location: Downtown District
Details: Drive around the Downtown District until he appears on the GPS. You may need to intentionally die in the district before he will appear.

Name: Clint
Location: Stilwater University District
Details: Purchase some 40 oz’s at a liquor store or gas station and down a couple outside of the Stadium in Frat Row (where the Demolition Derby activity icon appears on the map). The target should then appear.

Name: Greg
Location: Any Freckle Bitch’s
Details: Buy one of every item on the menu at any Freckle Bitch’s and he will appear on the GPS.

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Comments for Hitman

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Dec 24th 2014 Guest
I can't find mitri on the hit man
ID #489682
Jul 13th 2014 Guest
Pingas are my little pony is over 9000 and is magic fapping is bad
ID #417563
Nov 29th 2012 Guest
Where is seabaugh and the pirate ship anyone plz help n thanx
ID #213622
Oct 26th 2012 Guest
Oh my lord, why does everybody here in these comment sections do not know how to spell? It's almost hard to read these disgusting and intentional typos.
ID #201244
Aug 7th 2012 Guest
Just say the number not 565 spell fire ok

ID #173400
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
I Killed all of them, all locations, all five, all numbers, all checked off and everything, and i didn't get a achievement?
ID #165436
Jun 25th 2012 Guest
Unlimited ammo # 11 on phone dial
ID #156806
Jun 7th 2012 Guest
I cant find the tagging in the barrio district any help woulf be app. Thx
ID #150085
Apr 13th 2012 biggieshorty67
I am having trouble with getting brian to show up on the hotel/marina hitlist every time i call 911 it just keeps coming up as unavailable is there a certain amount of times that i need to call it or something?
ID #133128
Mar 4th 2012 Guest
I can't get nobody to show up so I guess I'm 12 then
ID #120566
Feb 22nd 2012 Guest
I need to kill seaburgh, but cant find the pirate ship.

Any help.
ID #117286
Mar 21st 2016 Guest
The pirate ship restaurant is hard to see if you're driving by fast in the marina area. It's to the left when you enter the marina area. It's hidden, I had trouble finding it also but, I found it.
ID #641619
Feb 14th 2012 Guest
Got 3 out of 4 quests done oh....

ID #114812
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
To help those who need it:

1. When it says 555-oops or whatever.. you have to type 555- (spell out oops) and same with any other number similar
2. If you follow all of the information provided, the person WILL be there. I managed to do it all based on the information given when playing the game.
3. If you can't find a place, search around for a while. It gets you used to the map as well as finding the person.
4. It really isn't rocket science... unless you're like 12 and really do not have the capacity to understand it.. there is a reason it's 18+

Anyway hope this helped in some way, if it didn't then you seriously should just stop playing the game and burn it.
ID #114734
Feb 5th 2012 Guest
just call 555-6677 thats for jim, and the pirate ship is at the beach at marina district i believe
ID #112275
Feb 3rd 2012 Guest
how do u kill jim
ID #111828