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- Crowd Control

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities

Crowd Control

This activity has you working as a personal body guard in charge of protecting a celebrity from crazed fans during one of their public appearances. While the celebrity struts around, crazed fans will appear and attempt to harass him or her. If the Annoyance bar in the top-left corner of the screen fills up, you’ll fail the level. The more the crazed fans are able to hit the celebrity, the more the bar fills up.

To move on to the next level, you must earn the dollar amount that is indicated by the counter above the Annoyance bar before time runs out. The amount needed to move on to the next level increases as you progress.

Money is earned by taking out crazed fans when they appear. To grab and throw a fan, tap the LB/L2 button when standing next to one. Throwing a fan at or into a marked object nets you $1000, throwing one at an unmarked object or off of a ledge adds $750, and simply knocking a crazed fan aside with the baseball bat adds $250. You aren’t given a bat at the start of each level, so you’ll have to pick one up from a downed fan.

Things start getting difficult at the fifth level. At this point, many more of the fans are given bats, and there are usually so many of them that taking the time to throw one or more will leave the celebrity open to far too much pummelling. Get throws in while the fans are sparse, but immediately switch to the baseball bat and start swatting them away if the celebrity gets swarmed. You can likely succeed by simply swatting the fans away with the bat due to the frequency at which they spawn in the later levels.

Crazed fans can hit you too, which can be a problem since your character will take a few seconds to stand back up, leaving the celebrity open to harassment all the while. Try to take out the baseball bat-wielding fans before they can get to the celebrity, or else they are likely to knock you down while you move in to swat them away.

You’ll need to make heavy use of the GPS to succeed here. Crazed fans are denoted by red squares on the GPS. Keep an eye on the GPS and spin the camera to face them when red markers appear so you can knock the fans aside as they approach the celebrity.

The sixth level is markedly more difficult than the previous ones. There’s no sure-fire strategy, and there seems to be a bit of luck involved since some stages are better suited for racking up cash. The stage changes each time you retry a level after failing, and you can retry each level as many times as necessary.

There are two instances of the Crowd Control activity: one is in the Suburbs District (Tidal Spring), and the other in the Hotels and Marina District (Stilwater Boardwalk). Complete all 12 levels of Crowd Control between the two instances to unlock the “Velvet Rope” achievement.

If you don’t like the location you’re assigned to, press down on the D-pad twice and then press the A/X button to retry the activity.

Suburbs District Instance: Perhaps the best stage to complete the sixth level of the Suburbs District Crowd Control instance is the one with the fountain and train track. The strategy below is tailored for the aforementioned stage.

The celebrity starts by a fountain with three water jets. Throwing a crazed fan onto one of these water jets nets you $1000. At the beginning of the level when the fans are sparse, throw as many of them onto the fountain as possible before the celebrity starts to get swarmed. Switch to your bat when too many fans appear and swat them away as they come. The celebrity will eventually start to ascend up the steps, so protect him or her while they do.

When the celebrity reaches the top of the platform, wait until he or she is standing just before the track. At this point fans start to spawn on the other side of the track, and a few from the sides of the platform. The fans on the track won’t always climb up onto the platform, instead continuously running at the ledge. If there are no fans harassing the celebrity on the platform, drop down onto the track and start throwing the fans down there over to the opposite side of the track. Don’t step on the adjacent track yourself, as a train regularly passes by there.

If there are any fans on the track when the train passes by, it will crush them and add $1000 to the counter. You’ll also be given $750 for throwing a fan through the gap at the far edge of the track, so throw each one as far as possible to ensure you are awarded at least some money. The celebrity should be standing close enough to the track that you are able to hit the legs of any crazed fans that swarm him or her on the platform. If not, climb back up onto the platform, bat them away, and then get return to the track and take to the fans there.

As you near the $25,000 target of the sixth level, a number of fans may appear with pistols and start shooting at the celebrity. They can quickly build up the annoyance bar, so you’ll have to act fast. Rush these guys with the baseball bat and swat them all down. Keep hitting them until you reach the $25,000 target.

Hotels and Marina District Instance: The two best stages for completing the sixth level of this instance appear to be the airport and Little Shanghai due to their narrowness.

If you’re on the airport stage, sprint towards the celebrity at the start. Throw as many fans as you can into the plane’s turbine to get a good basis of cash. Switch to your bat when the fans start really swarming. Since crazed fans spawn so frequently at the sixth level, you can likely manage to simply use the bat to reach the required $25,000.

If on Little Shanghai, start by throwing as many of the fans as you can at the large gong behind you when the level begins. Again, since crazed fans spawn so frequently when on the sixth level, you can likely manage to reach the $25,000 goal just by using your bat to swat them away as they appear.

Suburbs District (Tidal Spring) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - All Clothing Stores 5% Discount.
Complete Level 6 - All Clothing Stores 15% Discount.

Hotels and Marina District (Stilwater Boardwalk) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - Pepper Spray (added to your crib weapon cache).
Complete Level 6 - Chainsaw (added to your crib weapon cache).

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Apr 15th 2012 Guest
Try this:
-go on co-op
-one person is the "fail preventer", the other is the "win creator".
-the fail preventer maintains the annoyance, swatting the fans
-the win creator grabs leftover fans and throws them into marked bonuses.
ID #133913
Jul 21st 2010 Guest
is the dukes car worth trying to get?
ID #5515
Jul 17th 2010 Guest
how to put your hazard lights on
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