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Sons of Samedi Strongholds

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Gang Strongholds

Sons of Samedi Strongholds

Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs: Rebadeaux/Red Light District
Your first task is to kill the seven crackheads in the back room of the sex shop. The stronghold is heavily guarded by Samedi gang members as well, so don’t just rush in there. When you enter the back room, all seven of the targets will appear on the GPS as red squares. Track down and kill each of the crackheads, and then head up the stairs and take to the destroying the labs. There are four labs upstairs, all surrounded by gang members.

When the fourth and final lab has been destroyed, head through the door marked on your GPS to reach the roof and start picking off the Samedi there. You need to shoot down the helicopter flying overhead to capture Bavogian Plaza. If you have an assault rifle, sub-machine guns, or an RPG Launcher, use any of those to destroy the copter.

Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock: Sunnyvale Gardens/Projects District
The Samedi have stashed drugs inside of raw fish being kept in the freezers in each of the three buildings by the dock. Your first objective is to destroy all six drug stashes. Head for the first building, slide open the freezer door, and shoot all of the hanging fish to clear the stash. Make sure that every fish has been hit or the stash will not count as destroyed. Your character will become intoxicated as he or she breathes the fumes from the destroyed stash, though this shouldn’t inhibit you in combat too much.

Your second objective is a bit tougher due to the sheer volume of Samedi now at the dock. There are four docked boats that must be destroyed. A gang member on the dock should be armed with an RPG Launcher, which you can pick up and use on the boats once you’ve taken him out. If you don’t have an RPG Launcher, use an assault rifle or sub-machine gun instead to quickly destroy the boats. If you need to take a breather, sprint into one of the buildings and hold out in a freezer until your health is completely regenerated, or consume some food.

Once the four boats have been destroyed, move on to your final objective; planting a bomb on the large freighter. Head up the ramp to reach the deck and fight your way to the interior. Shotguns are best used for close-quarters combat, so switch to your shotgun if you have any ammo and start following the marker on your GPS. If you need time to heal, duck into one of the crevices along the hall and hold there until your health is regenerated.

When you reach the marker, plant the bomb there and then start back up to the deck. More Samedi will have spawned in the halls and on the deck, so be ready to face them. Unfortunately the bomb malfunctions, leaving you with about 30 seconds to get off of the freighter and out of the blast radius. The red circle on the GPS denotes the bomb’s blast radius, so you must make it out of this circle before time runs out to avoid death. Make it out alive to capture Sunnyvale Gardens.

Stilwater University Student Union: Stilwater University/Stilwater University District
Start by killing the five Samedi recruiters in front of the university, and then head inside and make your way to the student union. A mess of Samedi will run out of the building and onto the stairs, so be ready with a rapid-fire weapon to pick them off as they funnel out. All you have to do is kill the nine marked Samedi inside of the student union building to capture Stilwater University.

Elysian Fields Trailer Park: Elysian Fields/Trailer Park District
Head into the building at the center of the district and fight your way over to the map in the back room. View the map to learn which trailers contain the Samedi’s drug labs. Once the trailers have been marked on your GPS, all you have to do is locate and destroy each one. Hit the gas tanks on the sides of the marked trailers with an explosive (RPG Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, etc.) to destroy them. Blow up all five to capture Elysian Fields.

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Comments for Sons of Samedi Strongholds

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May 8th 2013 Guest
If you need to blow up the trailers in Elysian Fields but don't have any explosives (or want to save them), the easiest way is to shoot nearby cars until the explode and take the trailers with them. The Sons of Samedi that keep showing up quite often stop very close to a trailer, so a lack of cars won't be a problem. Depending on the used weapon(s), however, it might take a bit to blow up a car.
ID #281256
Aug 23rd 2012 Guest
i need to kill mr gabby nd cant do it help pzz
ID #179190
Jul 29th 2012 Guest
iREEEEEAAAALLYYY Needd Help in The Elysan Fields Trailer Park StrongHold . iDontt Understaand How To detrooyy Them Exsactly Pleasee Help . Thanks Smile
ID #169963