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- Demolition Derby

Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide - Activities

Demolition Derby

There is only one instance of this activity, and it’s located in Frat Row, which is part of the Stilwater University District.

At the start of each level, you first must choose which vehicle to use in the derby from a limited roster. You can then upgrade the vehicle of your choice by allocating points into three different areas: offense, defence, and speed. Completing levels adds more upgrade points. Level 1 upgrades cost a single point, while level 2 upgrades require three.

To progress to the next level, you must inflict the dollar worth of damage indicted in the upper-left corner of the screen. The amount required to move on to the next level increases as you progress. Simply surviving is not enough; even if yours is the last car in the ring, you must meet the damage requirement to complete the level. Cause a vehicle to explode and you’ll earn a $500 explosion bonus.

The Ruckus is a well-balanced vehicle that can easily carry you to the final stage. When each level begins, start towards the other cars in the distance, activate Nitro, and try to ram into the other contenders. The trick here is to keep moving, as sitting idly by leaves you at the mercy of the other drivers. Hitting a car on its side inflicts the most damage. Circle around the arena until you spot an opponent, then use the nitrous and try to ram them.

Your first upgrade should be to speed, followed by offense. Upgrade the speed attribute to level 2 when you have enough points, and fill out the rest following that.

As with most of the other activities, the first five levels are a cakewalk, however things do become difficult at the sixth and final level. Use the Ruckus until the sixth stage, at which point you’ll want to switch to the Rampage. The Rampage is all speed, and that’s exactly what you need to meet the final level’s damage requirement of $30,000. You have to get in there and inflict as much damage as possible before all of the vehicles are destroyed by the other combatants.

Completing all six levels of the Demo Derby activity unlocks the “Demolition Man” achievement on the Xbox 360 version. The upgraded Demo Derby vehicles are also added to your crib garage.

Stilwater University District (Frat Row) Rewards:

Complete Level 3 - 5% Discount at Mechanic Shops.
Complete Level 6 - 15% Discount at Mechanic Shops.

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Comments for - Demolition Derby

6 comments, latest first.
Dec 6th 2018 josh spreitzer
hi im trying to get ruckus and i complte derby and i remove it and idk how to get it back
ID #768575
Jul 5th 2012 Guest
How do you unlock the demolition derby
ID #160756
Mar 20th 2012 Guest
mega easy mates completed it soz if i was rude but i used the rampage all the way through

ID #124705
Nov 11th 2011 Guest
You can modify and change the color of the cars, my favorite is iridescent day orange with gold rims and trim. You can do so by going to a mechanic.
ID #86733
Apr 21st 2011 Guest
This game waz ezy
ID #38742
Mar 6th 2011 Guest
Thank you! I spent hours looking for this and for some reason never thought to look in Frat Row. Haha, thanks

ID #31580