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Saint's Row 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Saint's Row 2 Guide



Gangsta Brawl: This is the standard Deathmatch mode, where points are earned for killing opponents. Weapons are strewn about, and can be picked up by walking over them. The player with the most kills at the end of the round wins.

Team Gangsta Brawl: A team-based version of Gangsta Brawl. Each player’s kills are added to their team’s total. The team with the most kills at the end of the round wins.

Strong Arm: This game type is comprised of a number of rounds, with each focusing on a different objective. Many of the objectives are similar to the activities in story mode, however they have all been altered for competitive play. Money is gained by killing players on the opposing teams, and by completing objectives. The team that earns the most money during an objective nets a $10,000 bonus. The team with the most money at the end of the match wins.

Strong Arm Objectives

Tagging: This is an on-going objective throughout a Strong Arm match. There are several graffiti locations on each map—denoted by spray can icons on the GPS—and each one offers a different perk to the team that controls it. These perks include abilities such as increased sprint duration, more health, more ammo, and police support. To tag a location, stand in the marker and hold Y/Triangle until it is completely covered. This takes about 10 seconds time, but all the while you leave yourself vulnerable to opponents. Spray over an opposing team’s tag to take the perk it offers away from them.

Brawl: The objective here is to simply kill players on the opposing team. More money is rewarded per kill than normally.

Demolition Derby: Earn money by damaging other vehicles with your own. Hitting opponents is worth the most money. Throughout the match, an Atlasbreaker dubbed “Gigatruck” roams the streets. The truck is denoted by the red shape on the GPS. Avoid Gigatruck if possible, as it will quickly trash your car, killing you in the explosion. Destroying Gigatruck is worth $10,000 however.

Hitman: Kill marked targets on the GPS to earn cash for your team ($1,500 per kill).

Insurance Fraud: This objective is similar to the story mode activity of the same name, however there is no adrenaline mode and weapons can be used. Travel to the highlighted area on the GPS and press RB/L1 to throw yourself into traffic to rack up cash.

Mayhem: Travel to the highlighted area on the GPS and destroy tables, chairs, benches, and other objects to earn points. Teams share a single combo bar, which increases the amount of money earned per object.

Racing: Follow the checkpoints around the map and make it to the end of the track before the race ends to earn a cash bonus. Get a car and make your way to the starting point before the race starts. You can jump in the race at any time, however, but get there early so you can mess with your opponents a bit. There are green bonus checkpoints along the way, and passing through them adds money to the team total. Cash is given to players who finish the race, with the largest amount being given for 1st place. The entire team should run through the race to rack up the most cash.

Snatch: This objective differs considerably from the story mode activity of the same name. Teams fight to recruit prostitutes denoted by green shapes on the GPS. Stand by an unclaimed girl until the bar next to her portrait is completely full to recruit her. A girl may be accompanied by an armed pimp whom must be killed before she can be recruited. Bring the girl to the client when they appear on the GPS (denoted by a cyan marker) to earn some extra cash.

Theft: The objective here is to steal marked objects, pick them up, and then sell them to a fence ($2000 apiece). Valuable goods are denoted by green shapes on the GPS, and the fence is denoted by the cyan shape. The team that makes the most money selling stolen goods to the fence wins the round.

Multiplayer Badges

Badges are unlocked for meeting certain requirements in multiplayer matches. The requirements listed below are cumulative.

Arr... - Play and complete a multiplayer match on September 19th.
Assault and Battery - Get 10 melee kills.
Brain Surgeon - Get 100 headshots.
Burnout - Get 15 kills with fire.
Demo Demon - Drive your car around until it explodes (not due to gunfire).
Fully Loaded - Fill every inventory slots.
Leadfoot - Spend 2000 seconds in first place.
Mass Murder - Get 10 multi-kills.
No Questions Asked - Have 10 matches with 15 or more kills.
Nut Job - Get 100 nutshot kills.
Original Gangsta - Play 10 ranked matches.
Party Animal - Host and win 1 custom match.
Pimp - Play 20 matches.
Regulator - Win 5 matches with $30,000 scored.
Road Rage - Get 50 vehicle impact kills.
Saint Picasso - Take 100 tags.
Team Spirit - Get 10 kills with the Pimp Slap.
Track Star - Spend 3000 seconds sprinting.
Trigger Happy - Shoot 100,000 times.
Wrecking Crew - Deal $50,000 worth of Mayhem and Demolition Derby damage.

Multiplayer Ranks

Earn the approximate amount of money listed below to rank up. A new badge is unlocked with each rank.

New Jack -$0
Thug - $2,500
Killa - $10,000
Gangsta - $25,000
Soldier - $55,000
Assassin - $105,000
Enforcer - $187,500
Dominator - $310,000
Terminator - $501,250
Executioner - $776,250
Kingpin - $1,198,125
King of Kingpins - $2,198,125

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Dec 9th 2013 Guest
Anyone know what rank you must get to to unlock suits?
ID #327398
Dec 12th 2012 Guest
i love it so much[colo

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Apr 15th 2012 Guest
i love saints row2 but they need more stuff
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Jul 18th 2011 Guest

ID #58986
Jun 25th 2011 Guest
you cant play offline co-op the only way to play is another (xbox/ps3) and saints row 2 game another time to play together
ID #52213
Jun 23rd 2011 pteradactal
My bf and I wanted to play the offline co-op but couldn;t figure out howto get there. any ideas would be greatly appreciateed.
ID #51473